Colleagues Share Inspiring ‘P&G + Me’ Stories

Hear in their own words why these team members say P&G is an unbeatable place to build a career.

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At Procter & Gamble, we celebrate the uniqueness of each employee’s journey because we know that loyalty and success stem from the times when people feel inspired to make a difference, have equal opportunity and multiple ways to continue growing, feel pride in making an impact and know they’re being valued and rewarded for their contributions to their team’s and our Company’s success.
There is no single equation for success at P&G because no two P&G people or careers are alike. Just as we strive to deliver a superior consumer experience, we aim to deliver a superior employee value equation as well.

We’re introducing you to a few employees who are sharing why they love working at P&G.

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‘P&G’s Unique and Supportive Culture is Unparalleled’
Shawna Martinez, Global Service Senior Manager, Information Technology

“After I started at P&G in 2019, my role quickly transitioned to 100% remote work due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. While this period during my career posed challenges, my manager, mentor and leadership team helped structure my work plan based on prioritization and helped me find ways to work in a sustainable manner.

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During challenging and emotional times in my personal and professional life, I found support from P&G’s African Ancestry affinity group, our Employee Assistance Program, and support programs, which were all sponsored and encouraged by P&G. I found support and guidance from colleagues and leaders. I truly felt valued and rewarded throughout the pandemic and beyond. P&G supported me and helped me grow – personally and professionally – through challenging times, and they continue to do so today. P&G’s unique and supportive culture is unparalleled.”

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‘P&G Is An Unbeatable Place for a Career’
Ian Green, Senior Growth Analyst

“As a college student watching TV, I witnessed the profound P&G commercial ‘The Talk.’" Until that moment, I had never seen a commercial, let alone one from a company the size of P&G, elevate the story of my community in such an authentic way... not to sell a product, but rather to sell the importance of a discussion. It was inspirational to see a company already a leader in the Equality & Inclusion space look inward and completely evolve its strategic vision to set a new standard of how a Fortune 500 company can be a champion for Equality and Inclusion.

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Since Day 1, I have received a plethora of exposure opportunities to higher leadership that have in return led to the development of powerful mentor relationships. These connections have helped me gain instant feedback on strategic business pathways I would like to pursue. I feel inspired knowing the impact that my work decisions make on my family, friends and overall community. It is motivating to see your work come to life in the real world, for real people with a real impact.

P&G is an unbeatable place for a career because of the company's ability to recruit highly collaborative leaders, provide a safe incubation for innovation and create a culture that allows one to bring their full, authentic self to work. I stay at P&G because of the company's commitment to successfully intertwining my personal and professional aspirations. It has become quite evident that when you commit to the company, P&G tirelessly strives to reciprocate.”

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‘I Feel Inspired in My Work’
Adriana Guerrero, Senior Account Executive

“I started my career at P&G as an intern in 2019 and was inspired by the amount of time and energy leadership invested in my internship and how dedicated they were to my success. Due to this extremely positive experience, I decided to return to P&G as a full-time employee the following year.

P&G is the best place for a career. There are various career paths you can take, and you truly own your career development. Throughout my time at P&G, I have witnessed that no one career is the same. I am consistently provided the opportunity to develop specific skillsets that enable me to be successful in the career path I decide to craft.

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I have developed incredible relationships with my co-workers and managers that have motivated me to stay at P&G. I always wanted to work in an environment where I not only love what I do but also enjoy who I do it with. I feel inspired in my work at P&G because I am constantly surrounded by a diverse and high caliber team that pushes me to think differently about business problems and find creative solutions. Every day I show up to work, I am inspired by my team members to think outside of the box. Working with highly intelligent team members inspires me to continue learning, developing and enhancing my skills.

During my time at P&G, I constantly feel valued and rewarded by my team members and leadership. P&G has a phenomenal culture of recognition, whether it be simple emails from co-workers recognizing me for my performance or an award at our year-end celebration for my accomplishments from that fiscal year. My co-workers and managers constantly give verbal and written words of affirmation to make me feel valued.”

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‘It Was Evident P&G Wanted Me to Succeed’
Scott Keating, Project Manager, Information Technology

Scott Keating, Project Manager, Information Technology

“Prior to joining P&G in 2019, I spent over 20 years in the telecommunications industry. When I started at P&G, I thoroughly enjoyed my role. But, after some time, I realized that I didn’t feel like I was the best fit for that particular role anymore. In conversations with my leaders, I was able to express my concerns. They listened and helped me find new ways to make an impact in that role, which helped me further develop my skills and gain new ones. With their guidance, I articulated the work I was passionate about, and they connected me with other employees to build my network. Through networking and connecting with others, I landed in a role that I am passionate about and enjoy the work I get to do each day.

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P&G has taken a well-rounded approach to developing its employees regardless of their backgrounds or pre-conceived, self-imposed boundaries. From my very first interview, day visit and my Day 1 experience, there was a genuine interest in not only the skills and experience I had, but also in me as a person. It was evident from the beginning that P&G wanted me to succeed. I am confident that the company culture is supporting P&G’s Employee Value Equation, and I feel that there is ample opportunity for me to build more skills, take on more responsibility and have a larger impact on the business and those I work with. I am proud to say I work at P&G. This company saw value in me and offered me the opportunity to bring my skills and experience to a new place and to start a new chapter in my career. I am trusted and given the space to leverage my experiences and skills. P&G allows me to have multiple careers within a career.”

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