P&G Products Receive Good Housekeeping’s 2023 Best Cleaning & Organizing Award Recognition

Eight different P&G household products in a circular shape around the blue and white company logo. Above is the white and teal 2023 good housekeeping award logo. To the right of these logos and images is the tagline "reimagining everyday products".

P&G Innovation is about making our products work harder, so consumers don’t have to.

Our scientists innovate to create formulas that get your clothes cleaner, laundry fresher, floors shinier and so much more. We rigorously test our products to ensure they meet the highest standards for quality, efficacy and safety. We also recognize the value of independent ratings and reviews, which provide additional external validation from trusted experts like those at Good Housekeeping.

The Good Housekeeping Lab employes over 250 experts and consumers to test top household products for four months. Of the more than 1,000 products tested, ten P&G products were recognized. These include:

  • Spotless Kitchen: Cascade Platinum Plus Dishwasher Detergent and Dawn Ultra Platinum EZ Squeeze Dish Liquid
  • Cleanest Clothing: Tide Power Pods Febreze Odor Eliminators + Sport Odor Defense Laundry Detergent
  • Fabulous Floors + Carpets: Swiffer Power Mop Starter Kit
  • Brilliant Bathroom: Mr. Clean Clean Freak Multi-Purpose Cleaner and EC30 Toilet Cleaner
  • Knockout Germ Killers: Microban 24 Hour Sanitizing Spray
  • Expert Odor Eliminators: Febreze Air Mist

Read on to learn what Good Housekeeping says about our product innovations and why they topped the list!

A tall tub prominently displays the red typeface logo for Cascade and lists "platinum plus" as the product name. It also includes the image of a square dishwasher detergent pod that contains various pockets for powder and multicolored liquids.

Cascade Platinum Plus Dishwasher Detergent
GH LAB RESULTS: Nothing we dished out stumped this Cascade. More enzymes and grease-cutters boost cleaning and help items dry better. Say goodbye to the little pools of water in the bottom of your cups and glasses. Take it from one tester who said, “Even after the messiest meal, it cleaned every last speck."

A clear, tall plastic bottle of Dawn E-Z squeeze dish soap contains blue liquid. A silver label displays product benefits, details and weight. A white cap is placed on the bottom of the bottle, indicating that users can directly squeeze out soap.

Dawn Ultra Platinum EZ Squeeze Dish Liquid
GH LAB RESULTS: GH Seal Star Dawn continues to set the standard for grease-cutting performance and long-lasting suds in our Lab and in consumer tests. And not a drop escaped through the secure valve on this bottle.

A large round and orange plastic container features the blue, yellow and orange Tide logo on the label. The label also features an enlarged image of a detergent pod with blue and white liquids, plus a black woman running in a green sweater.

Tide Power Pods Febreze Odor Eliminators + Sport Odor Defense Laundry Detergent
GH LAB RESULTS: Our set-in spaghetti sauce, chocolate syrup and coffee stains were history. A tester said, “It removes bad odors way better than what I was using."

A tall and narrow product box displays a partial image of the swiffer power mop. Bright purple and pink circles decorate the background, as well as white typeface listing product details.

Swiffer Power Mop Starter Kit
GH LAB RESULTS: Like other Swiffer mops, the PowerMop is battery-operated and works with its own cleaner. Super convenient and easy to maneuver, it cleaned our test floors fast, even the grout.

Spray bottle with a purple background and flowers, indicating the lavender scent. The bottle cap and squeeze lever are white. An illustration of a bald man wearing a white t-shirt represents the brand's mascot, Mr. Clean.

Mr. Clean Clean Freak Multi-Purpose Cleaner
GH LAB RESULTS: This GH Seal Star is the most convenient, effective and versatile multipurpose cleaner we have ever tested. It cuts through soil quickly, isn’t runny and wipes away easily without the need for extra rinsing or buffing. The lavender scent is EPA Safer Choice certified too. We think Mr. Clean is a rock star!

A brown cardboard box features the blue EC30 typeface logo and text with product details for the brand's new toilet cleaner swatches. Three white, rectangular swatches lean against the box.

EC30 Toilet Cleaner
GH LAB RESULTS: We’re sold! Neat and easy to use and store, the pouches were more effective than any other new toilet cleaning tools we tested, and there are no plastic bottles to dispose of.

A bright green cylinder shaped bottle displays the dark blue typeface logo for Microban. White and dark blue text is featured throughout the label indicates the product is a sanitizing spray in a fresh scent.

Microban 24 Hour Sanitizing Spray
GH LAB RESULTS: We like the idea of handles, doorknobs and more staying sanitized longer. It’s EPA-registered and a GH Seal star.

A light blue cylinder shaped bottle features an image of clean sheets hanging to dry in front of white clouds. The round blue typeface logo of Febreze is placed near the top of the bottle.

Febreze Air Mist
GH LAB RESULTS: Febreze not only zapped cooking odors fast but also kept them away. The scent was lovely and long-lasting, but not overpowering. We like how well the fine mist gets dispersed.

Want to see the full list of products? Check out the Good Housekeeping 2023 Best Cleaning & Organizing Awards Page.