Meet P&G Signal Innovators: Katie Kelly and Cem Canikoglu

Meet the P&G innovators who were featured at the Signal 2023 Summit.

Katie Kelly, Director of North America Sales Talent, and Cem Canikoglu, Senior HR Director, P&G North America, are on a mission to reinvent the new hire experience at P&G.

At Signal 2023, Kelly and Canikoglu shared the value of employee connectedness and retention and how it fosters innovation. Previously, some new hires had inconsistent onboarding, with experiences varying from manager to manager and lacked a sense of connectedness and belonging. After seeing the disconnect between what the team thought was being done well versus what team members perceived, Kelly and Canikoglu got to work.

They created the New Hire Summit in 2022 and focused on supporting new hires, managers and peers. They brought to life a consistent onboarding experience to help new employees feel more connected and supported from Day 1.


Their work has extended well beyond that original summit and is delivering on the P&G’s commitment of a superior employee experience, which we call P&G + Me = Mutual Success.

“We have room to grow,” Canikoglu said. “But, I feel more confident now that the new hires we are bringing in will have a better chance of succeeding in this company and feeling this amazing experience that they were looking for.”



Meet P&G Signal Innovator: Jasmine Turner

Meet the P&G innovators who were featured at the Signal 2023 Summit.

Jasmine Turner, Senior Strategic Media Planner

Innovator Jasmine Turner, Senior Strategic Media Planner, and her team, helped bring media planning in-house at P&G. Through a pilot program with Amazon, called Audience Modeler, the team were able to increase return-on-ad spend for the company.

Audience Modeler offers a way for the media planning team to identify and engage with consumers who are interested in P&G’s products. The team uses historical data from Amazon — looking to see how many consumers have used their platform to look for P&G products — then uses those insights to build ads for interested consumers.