P&G’s Signal Summit Reset the Bar on Innovation and Creativity

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More than 5,500 people attended the 12th annual #PGSignal Summit for a day of inspiration and learning. P&G employees and partners listened to dynamic speakers from across the advertising and sales industry, who shared their expertise on what it means to change the game and “reset the bar” on superior performance and irresistible innovation.
Two mean dressed in business suits sit on a stage for a conversation. A digital image in the background includes the blue and white Procter and Gamble logo and the Signal 2023 typeface logo.

Here are some highlights from last week’s Signal event:

Creativity rests at the heart of resetting the bar for irresistible innovation and superiority.

When you talk about irresistible superiority, you won’t achieve it without big ideas.

— Arthur Sadoun,

CEO of Publicis Groupe

Two mean wearing business suits sit on a stage for a conversation.

Those big ideas — ones with enough gravity to pull innovators and consumers in — were central to many of the conversations at Signal.

Just ask Jo Shoesmith, Global Chief Creative Officer at Amazon, who knows that big ideas aren’t going anywhere. “We are still looking for those great human truths, but where and how we execute is different.”

For Morgan Flatley, Global CMO and Head of New Business Ventures at McDonald’s, creative executions rely on data and consumer insights. She touched on McDonald’s recent campaign to bring back characters like Grimace, and how the social media response — and resulting TikTok challenge — helped the brand connect with consumers.

The power of creativity and consumer insight has been a point of difference in driving business results. There is a power in saying ‘yes.’ When you start to say ‘yes,’ the amount of momentum that gets you is incredible. But the idea still has to be grounded in insight and relevant to the brand.

— Morgan Flatley,

Global CMO and Head of New Business Ventures at McDonald’s

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Data and insights also inform executions for NotCo — the company that uses a custom AI solution they call Giuseppe to analyze the taste, texture and smell of animal products and replicate them only using plant-based ingredients.

Founder and CEO, Fernando Machado, shared that NotCo’s use of AI is propelling their creativity and product creation to places they never dreamed. “When I was a kid, I used to try and think of a color that didn’t exist. For obvious reasons this is not possible, but AI is helping us do things like this.” It’s kind of like magic, but not.

That same sense of wonder, that kernel of creativity, is the propelling force that ultimately guides P&G to not only meet the bar but to reset it entirely when a larger transformation is needed.

P&G CEO, Jon Moeller, knows this and shared with all in attendance, “The world demands more from us now. We need to delight consumers, customers, each other, society and shareowners all at the same time. I know we are capable of amazing things.”

Two mean wearing business suits sit together on a stage for a conversation.

Thank you to everyone who attended as well as our brilliant partners who took time to join us on stage and share their insights about the future of industry and to challenge us as we mutually learn and grow.

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