Women Deliver 2023 | Together We All Lead

Inspired by today’s generation of action & impact.

Through passion, energy and vision, women across all generations have been history’s changemakers, and today’s women and girls are again leading the way on many global issues including gender equality.

A young black woman, with straight hair, addresses a small group of young black school girls dressed in white school uniforms.

At P&G and in the communities we serve, we want to create an inclusive environment with equal voice, representation and opportunity for all. When we unlock the potential of women and girls through access to education, business investment and leadership opportunities, we can see families thrive, communities flourish and economies grow.

As a part of our commitment to advancing gender equality, we partner with organizations, changemakers and women leaders from all generations who are creating positive impact. We admire our longstanding partners, including CARE, Girl Up, Save the Children, Vital Voices and many others, as well as the young people they support who are leading the way.

Meet the women changemakers transforming their communities:

A black woman, with long dark braids, dances with a happy expression on her face. She guides a large group of black adolescent school girls in dark red school uniforms.

Bontle Modiselle

Bontle Modiselle is a Guinness World Record holding entertainer, dancer, choreographer and advocate for #KeepingGirlsInSchools. Partnering with Always in South Africa, Bontle uses dance to tackle stigma around periods and inspire a movement of sisterhood. Most recently, Bontle led a nationally-recognized dance at a local high school to the Blood Sisters soundtrack with Always Keeping Girls in School beneficiaries for Menstrual Hygiene Month.

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A woman wearing a black head scarf, pink long sleeved shirt and black pants, drives a scooter with a bright red cargo attachment.

Nora Salem

Nora Salem is a graduate from the United Nation’s Women’s ‘Stimulating Equal Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs’ who has become a successful business owner. Overcoming a long-held belief that a woman’s role is in the home and the stigma as a single mother, Nora showed her community what’s possible when you give women opportunities. She’s inspiring her daughter and generations of girls who follow her to believe they can have financial independence and reach their dreams.

Be inspired by the "Not Only a Mom" documentary and learn more about the program’s barrier breaking and business building impact.

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A young black girl with long, dark braids and round light-colored glasses smiles and poses for a headshot.

Sarah Kapesa

Sarah Kapesa — as a Girl Up Teen Advisor, Sarah demonstrates to other girls the power of raising their voices to create impact in their communities. She works with Girl Up by supporting decision-making and advising on strategy to advance global gender justice. Her passion for gender and racial equality inspired Sarah to participate in a project to find sponsors for the education of 32 inspiring young girls in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Get started with more details the Teen Advisors’ Program.

A young black women with dark straight hair, black and white pearl jewelry and a grey and white blazer smiles and poses for a headshot.

Zuriel Oduwole

Zuriel Oduwole is an education advocate, founder of Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up and an Advisory Board Member of CARE, who has inspired more than 50,000 young girls across 21 countries to believe in the power of their dreams. Zuriel was a youth activist in 2015 when she first partnered with Always to help make its iconic #LikeAGirl campaign, which helped educate girls about puberty. She wrote, narrated and produced the video Unstoppable Like A Girl and continues to be just that...unstoppable!

Watch Zuriel announce P&G’s latest news on the company’s campaigns to create more equality in the world at the Global Citizen Festival.

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Katherine Batzin, María Teresa Torrez and Valery Quintero are alumni of the Vital Voices Voces Que Inspiran Program (Voices That Inspire), which empowers a generation to bring creative solutions to today’s biggest problems. Since graduating the program, each of them has launched an organization with important impact in their communities:

A young Hispanic woman with long dark hair and a red long-sleeved sweater smiles and poses for a headshot.

Katherine Batzin

Katherine was motivated to start the Brave Guatemala (Voces que Florecen) project, which provides comprehensive and sustainable support to girls between the ages of 14 and 18 who are institutionalized in public and private orphanages in Guatemala. The project aims to increase their hope and ability to fully integrate into society.

A young Hispanic women with long dark hair, green earrings and a black sleeveless sweater smiles and poses for a headshot.

María Teresa

María Teresa started the Nan Gana Project in Panama, which educates mothers, or caregivers in vulnerable conditions, about study methodologies, soft skills, and technology so that they can be mentors in their children's learning and to acquire knowledge and skills that serve them for their lives.

A young Hispanic woman with long dark hair, long white earrings and a brightly colored patterned blouse smiles and poses in an outdoor setting for a headshot.

Valery Quintero

Valery Quintero believes that "with small actions, great changes are achieved, and the main change begins with you." She founded Actívate to promote mental health by conducting workshops that foster emotional intelligence and soft skills in children and young people in Panama.

Learn more about our partner program Voices That Inspire.

All these young leaders will join us at Women Deliver 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda, where there will be space and support to connect and create the impact that they know is possible. Together we can unlock the innovation, creativity, and impact of this entire generation of change makers to help move us towards an equal future.