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P&G Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer Jon R. Moeller wearing a navy blue suit and red tie with stripes.

Jon R. Moeller

Chairman of the Board, President
and Chief Executive Officer

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DEAR STAKEHOLDERS,We have been talking about the importance of balance for some time in the context of needing to deliver balanced growth and value creation. While that will always be an imperative, the world needs more from P&G now. It is not just top- and bottom-line growth that must be delivered and balanced. We must also endeavor to deliver against the needs of an increasing number of constituents — consumers, retail customers, employees, society and our shareowners. The needs of each of these constituents must be met.

This is especially true of our Citizenship efforts in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) areas, where expectations among all stakeholders are growing.

People increasingly rely on us to deliver superior solutions that are sustainable. Our world requires that we do our part in this regard. This challenge is also an opportunity to extend our margin of superiority, further grow categories, and create more value. We are working across climate, waste, water and nature to improve our own environmental impact, enable consumers to reduce their footprint, and help society solve some of the most pressing global challenges.

We are committed to an equal, diverse and inclusive organization and culture; one which brings forth the best ideas and innovations needed to win with consumers and customers and for each other. We do this best when we have a pipeline of outstanding and diverse talent at every level and an environment that supports each of us in being our full and authentic selves. Externally, we support equality and inclusion efforts with our business partners and in our communities because it is not only the right thing to do, but because it also can improve income and wealth equity for more people, creating more purchasing power, which drives market growth.

The work we do in communities around the world to support people in difficult times is one of the most tangible ways we have immediate positive impact as a company. By providing clean water and donations of P&G products, time and financial resources to those in need, we help to improve lives. These actions, as well the rest of our Citizenship efforts, are also part of what employees are proud of and value in P&G, helping us attract and retain the best talent.

For 185 years, our foundation has been our Purpose, Values and Principles. They set a high standard for each P&G person and require that we hold ourselves and each other accountable for results and, equally important, for how we achieve those results. Last year, we added an ESG factor to our annual incentive compensation program for our senior executives as a demonstration of our commitment to near-term progress toward our long-term ESG goals. You can stay updated on our latest ESG data and reports via our portal at

In the ever more complex world we live in, it’s not just top- and bottom-line that must be balanced. We must endeavor to balance the needs of consumers, customers, employees, society and shareowners. Serving and balancing these needs will not be easy, but it is necessary — and those that do it best, as I expect we will, should thrive.

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Jon R. Moeller

Chairman of the Board,
President and Chief Executive Officer


Our citizenship efforts reflect the contributions of employees across the Company. Our programs help ensure P&G people are inspired, feel valued and rewarded, and continue to grow while they build the business and help improve lives in the communities where we live and work. Learn more.

“At P&G, I have enjoyed tremendous opportunity to leverage my expertise and passion to impact innovation strategies and our journey toward achieving our Ambition 2030 Environmental and Net Zero by 2040 goals.”


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