Mapping Our Impact

Learn more about our Company, brand projects and partnerships that are reducing our environmental footprint, conserving precious resources, and helping ensure a healthy planet for present and future generations. The interactive map below details our activities on how we are helping make our home better across forestry.


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Keeping Forests as Forests – Now and for Generations to Come

Forests are critical to supporting life on earth and protecting them is essential to the people and wildlife that call them home. We are committed to zero deforestation in our supply chain. For example, we require our wood pulp in products be third-party certified - for every tree we use at least one is regrown. Learn more at We are helping protect and restore nature through partnerships and projects around the world and are committed to a regenerative approach. We are planting more than a million trees through partnerships to protect and restore forests that touch 35 countries and are committed to the long-term health of natural ecosystems that are essential to people, wildlife and the planet.
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Latest initiatives


California Wildfire Restoration Project


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The Arbor Day Foundation



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What started with forest fire restoration has grown into a commitment to plant more than a million trees. Phase 1: 2018 was a record year for forest fires across California. Between July and December, an estimated 8,000 fires burned across California affecting more than 1.8 million acres of forestland. The Arbor Day Foundation set an ambitious goal of helping impacted families recover from wildfires, by replanting two million trees. P&G, along with Bounty, Charmin and Puffs, was the first to step up and partner with an initial commitment of 300,000 trees. This kickstarted the program and encouraged other companies to join. Earlier this year, we added another 100,000 trees, helping the Arbor Day Foundation successfully complete their promise to replant more than two million trees across these communities. Phase 2: Building off the successful partnership in California, Bounty, Charmin and Puffs have committed to plant an additional 100,000 trees a year for the next five years across the U.S. In total, these one million trees will help the families and communities we serve recover and restore local ecosystems.


We are planting more than one million trees. 500,000 trees in California to specifically help with wildfire recovery and another 500,000 trees over the next five years to support forests in need across the U.S.

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