Mapping Our Impact

Learn more about our Company, brand projects and partnerships that are reducing our environmental footprint, conserving precious resources, and helping ensure a healthy planet for present and future generations. The interactive map below details our activities on how we are helping make our home better across forestry, plastic packaging, water and climate.


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Keeping Forests as Forests – Now and for Generations to Come

Forests are critical to supporting life on earth and protecting them is essential to the people and wildlife that call them home. We are committed to zero deforestation in our supply chain. For example, we require our wood pulp in products be third-party certified - for every tree we use at least one is regrown. Learn more at We are helping protect and restore nature through partnerships and projects around the world and are committed to a regenerative approach. We are planting more than a million trees through partnerships to protect and restore forests that touch 35 countries and are committed to the long-term health of natural ecosystems that are essential to people, wildlife and the planet.
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Latest initiatives


Herbal Essences partners with Eastman Chemical


Eastman Chemical Company


Kingsport, Tennessee

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Herbal Essences partners with Eastman Chemical to support recycling 1 ton of plastic waste in the process of making 2 tons of its bio:renew shampoo bottles. Eastman's Renew process breaks down a range of waste plastic to be re-used in manufacturing. This advanced recycling technology complements traditional recycling to expand the types and amounts of plastics that can be recycled, extending their useful life. Without this technology, waste plastic that could be recycled would end up in the landfill.

Herbal Essences wants to support the use of recycled content and increase the recyclability of the brand's bio:renew bottles. To do this, Herbal Essences has expanded recycled content sourcing strategy to include certified mass balanced molecular recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) made via Eastman's molecular recycling technologies. The Eastman Renew uses waste plastic that, without this technology, would end up in landfills. These advanced recycling technologies complement traditional recycling, expanding the types and amounts of plastics that can be recycled. This gives materials an extended useful life and diverts plastic waste from landfills or the environment.


The right partnership - and material - can make all the difference in the pursuit of circular packaging goals. Herbal Essences and Eastman are a prime example of how molecular recycling can help divert plastic waste from the landfill.


1 ton of plastic waste is recycled in the process of making 2 tons of Herbal Essences bottles.