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We are committed to being a positive force for beauty in the world, to create a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient future for all.

We believe in a future where beauty products offer superior value to people and are sustainable; where no one should have to make trade-offs between products that are good for themselves, for society, or for the planet.

P&G Responsible Beauty is not a separate thing we do on the side — it’s how we do business every day around the world.

– Alex Keith,
CEO, P&G Beauty

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Our Partners

P&G Beauty established the P&G Responsible Beauty Advisory Council (RBAC) consisting of six NGOs, each selected for their expertise in nature, health, and human rights. RBAC members inform the P&G Beauty team about latest research, best practices, and new technologies that help advance the Responsible Beauty Action Plan.

Responsible Beauty Advisory Council Members

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Guide for Assessing the Safe use of Botanicals in Beauty Products


As part of P&G Responsible Beauty we are committed to help inspire others, advance progress, and speed positive change by making technologies, programs, and processes publicly available.

Our first such contribution is a comprehensive guide for assessing the safe use of botanicals in beauty products, with historical case examples, practical tools and background knowledge, incorporating learnings from over a decade of published research including more than 40 published manuscripts in respected journals and more than 50 abstracts, posters and presentations submitted to professional scientific congresses and meetings.

Safe use of botanicals in beauty products

Our Five Interconnected Guiding Principles

Action is urgent and innovation is critical. We must think and do things differently, to enable the people we serve to make positive choices for their lives and the health of the planet. To make meaningful progress we need a total systems approach and avoid “problem switching”—solving one issue but creating another down the road.

For beauty, this means going beyond environmental practices to address the interdependence of all aspects of product development and corporate behavior—all activities that matter to you when choosing a beauty product and the world in which we live.

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Quality and performance

It all starts with understanding the diverse beauty needs and desires of women and men all over the world. Our products deliver outstanding and noticeable benefits. We use high-quality ingredients from both science and nature, and our product testing goes far beyond industry standards.

Our Partners

Long-term collaboration and partnerships are instrumental to being future-fit and taking responsible growth to the next level. We are proud to partner and collaborate with many of the world’s top experts in diverse fields, from biodiversity to responsible sourcing, packaging sustainability and skin safety as part of our P&G Responsible Beauty Advisory Council (RBAC).

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Rainforest Alliance

"Rainforest Alliance is all about changing the way the world produces, sources and consumes, and we recognize strong partnerships are key to realizing this change. Through the RBAC, P&G Beauty is leveraging the power of partnerships to brainstorm innovative solutions and explore opportunities in sustainability."
—Samantha Morrissey, Sector Lead, Forest Products

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Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

"Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew partnership with P&G has been scientifically very productive, bringing together the energy of scientists from different disciplines with a common aim of unlocking the chemistry of plants to provide effective beauty products—with added importance that these plants must be sustainability supplied and help support the lives of the communities that care for them."
—Monique Simmonds, PhD, Deputy Director of Science

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World Wildlife Fund

"World Wildlife Fund has had a longstanding, wide-ranging partnership with P&G, valuing innovation, trust, and transparency. The RBAC brings together diverse thought leadership to build a responsible global supply chain. When the challenges to protect our planet are so complex, solutions are also inherently complex. The RBAC offers a proactive approach to knowledge seeking and knowledge sharing."
—Mary Ta, Program Officer, Sustainability R&D

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Skin Health Alliance

“Consumers’ well-being and the environmental impact of the products they use lie at the very core of the Skin Health Alliance’s ethos. Our relationship with P&G Beauty stretches back over a decade, during which time P&G has consistently proven their rigorous health and environmental standards are aligned with our own.”
—Matthew Patey OBE, Managing Director at the Skin Health Alliance

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Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials is proud to be a technical partner of P&G, providing advice and guidance related to the sourcing of materials. The RBAC, a diverse partnership of organizations, brings together an invaluable knowledge base that will enable decisions to be made based on the whole spectrum of sustainability aspects.”
—Nicola Noponen, Global Technical Advisor