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Organization and Culture

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Our willingness to change is best demonstrated by the organization structure changes we implemented in July 2019. Today, we operate P&G through industrybased sector business units that manage our 10 product categories, with a differentiated approach in Focus Markets and Enterprise Markets, and a very small corporate group with best-in-class functional expertise.

As a result, we now have a more empowered, agile and accountable organization with little overlap or redundancy, flowing to new demands, and seamlessly supporting each other to deliver our strategic choices around the world. This new design is working well, especially during the pandemic as people are closer to the consumers and customers they serve.


Operating through five industry-based Sector Business Units in Focus and Enterprise Markets

We continue to evolve our structure and will be moving from six sector business units to five, combining Baby Care, Feminine Care and Family Care into one sector business unit to better take advantage of synergies in talent and shared competition.

P&G’s culture is strong. P&G people are committed, driven and highly engaged, and we see that clearly in our annual employee survey results, which, despite the pandemic, remain high. Our foundational Purpose, Values and Principles continue to be a primary source of strength and pride, and we have record high scores in confidence in leadership and direction. Our employees also value our strong culture of Equality & Inclusion.

P&G’s organization is well prepared for the future. This includes a diverse group of senior leaders with significant depth and experience across our business and operations, with the right mix of skills and capabilities needed to drive the Company forward.

A More Empowered, Agile and
Accountable Organization



Responding to rapidly changing consumer needs and behaviors, the increased agility of our North America Fabric Care team helped us accelerate e-commerce investment, launch more larger sizes as consumers minimized store trips, and respond to emerging needs with new innovations like Tide Hygienic Clean Power PODS (as laundry became part of hygiene practices), Bounce Pet (as pet adoptions increased) and Downy Intense liquid fabric enhancer and Downy Infusions scent beads (as consumers wanted mood enhancing scent at home) — all underpinned by the exceptional resiliency and responsiveness of our Product Supply organization.



P&G’s Enterprise Markets execute within predefined strategies to deliver the plans set by the categories, and if they’re on track, have the freedom to make executional changes without engaging category leadership. This flexibility was of increased importance in fiscal 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic as decisions could be made quickly to deal with unexpected market closures or currency volatility — and Enterprise Markets grew organic sales 5% in fiscal 2021.

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We’re making changes to workplace flexibility, taking what we’ve learned during the pandemic and applying this knowledge to how we work — whether at sites, remotely or hybrid — in a way that will enable us to build the business, increase innovation and productivity, and strengthen our culture, all while ensuring employees’ continued development, wellness, engagement and inclusion.

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