4 P&G Brands Delivering on Superior Innovation

A staggered line-up of Native personal care products sit on top blue square tiles. The white bottles include the brand's logo and product information in various colors.

Learn more about how these latest innovations demonstrate P&G’s ongoing commitment to irresistible superiority.

Since P&G 1837, we’ve transformed from a local soap and candle company to a global organization with a diverse portfolio of innovative, daily-use products for which performance drives brand choice.

We have an ongoing commitment to irresistible superiority — innovating and investing in performance. What does this mean for consumers? When they buy P&G products for their everyday needs, they can trust those products will get the job done well the first time.

The heart of innovation at P&G is solving real problems that real consumers face when caring for themselves, their families and their homes.

We're committed to delivering superior innovation that are driven by deep consumer insights — investing about $2 billion annually in research and development to provide products that are irresistibly superior across product, package, brand communication, retail execution and value.

Every day around the world, consumers trust our brands to deliver superior performance for superior value. Here are four examples of brand innovation that demonstrate P&G’s commitment to irresistible superiority.

A staggered line-up of Native personal care products sit on top blue square tiles. The white bottles include the brand's logo and product information in various colors.


Acquired six years ago as a direct-to-consumer-only deodorant brand, Native has been enabled by our innovation and go-to-market capabilities to expand into new retailers and categories, including body wash and hair, sun and skin care.

In its newest innovation and category extension, Native launched Whole Body Deodorant, a line of classic deodorant sticks and deodorant sprays with clinically proven, 72-hour odor protection that deliver fresh ways to fight odor from your pits to your toes.

A hand squeezes a light green Head & Shoulders shampoo bottle while another hand catches the white liquid as it pours out of the spout. Blue text reads, "0% sulfates, silicones, dyes."

Head & Shoulders

A new kind of dandruff shampoo made with only nine ingredients, Head & Shoulders BARE is sulfate free, silicone free and dye free, giving you effective Head & Shoulders dandruff protection with the BARE minimum.

BARE is the result of more than two years and over 100 formulation attempts to create this new approach to caring for your scalp. The brand's lightweight recyclable bottle is the first that you can roll up to use every drop of shampoo.

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A blue package of toilet paper features an animated bear holding a roll of toilet paper in one hand and a square of toilet paper in the other to her face. Blue and white text provides additional product information.


Charmin Ultra Soft Smooth Tear with scalloped-edge perforations is a standout example of consumer insights driving innovation to improve the in-use experience. Consumers often get frustrated when they’re unable to get a clean tear, resulting in additional toilet paper usage and potential waste. Charmin reinvented the square by replacing the traditional perforation line with a wavy edge to provide a better, smoother tear, and launched Smooth Tear as part of the Ultra Soft category to offer a more enjoyable go.

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A green cardboard box features a multi-colored laundry detergent pod in the center. White, red and dark blue font reads "New. Cardboard box. Let's reduce plastic. Eco clic box. Ariel all in one pods."


Ariel Platinum PODS offer superior product performance and improve sustainability by enabling great wash results, even in cold water — and extend packaging superiority with a more attractive and more sustainable cardboard box.