P&G Myth-Busting Series: The Science Behind Braun's New IPL Hair Removal System

Braun launches new IPL hair removal system that auto-adjusts to user during treatment.

The white and beige Braun Skin i-expert handheld hair removal device stands upright. To the left of the device, a smartphone screen displays an image of the device, with instructional text and prompts.

Long-lasting hair removal just got easier with Braun’s new intense pulsed light (IPL) tool, the Braun Skin i·expert IPL. Braun Senior Director Stefania Angelino has been with P&G for 22 years and says Braun’s new IPL hair removal system is a game-changing innovation!

“This device can eliminate the need to remove hair for months — that's truly life-changing! This is a benefit many people spend lots of money on for expensive treatments, but we’re making it available right in your own home,” said Angelino.

In this P&G Myth-Busting Series Angelino explains how Braun’s latest technology works and debunks common misconceptions around IPL hair removal systems.

What’s the science behind IPL hair removal systems?
“The light is absorbed by the dark pigment present in the hair, melanin, and as a result the follicle heats up to about 60 degrees Celsius. At that temperature the protein in the follicles stops growing hair. In this demo with two balloons, I can illustrate how the energy in the device is only absorbed by the dark material while going through the skin. It does take a few applications — usually 3 to 12 treatments, once per week — but then you are free from hair for months!”

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How does Braun’s new Skin i·expert IPL hair removal system work?
“It’s an electric device that flashes a strong light when touching the skin, and the light impacts the follicles, reducing hair regrowth. What makes Braun’s IPL hair removal system unique is that it adapts to different skin tones across your body — for example, the skin in your armpit is different from the skin on your legs. So, if you’re using the IPL hair removal system in those areas, it will auto-adjust to the location and skin you’re treating.”

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What sets the Braun Skin i·expert IPL hair removal system apart from similar devices?
“The science! It flashes more frequently than our competitors — up to 125 times per minute, with less chance of missing spots. It also adapts to your skin tone on the various parts of your body, automatically (while other IPL hair removal systems require manual adjustment). There’s a sensor on this device that measures skin tone at a rate of 80 times per second. For example, your armpit skin is different than the skin in your bikini area. That measurement will automatically adjust the strength of the light, so the energy of the flash is in safe range.”

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What makes the Braun Skin i·expert IPL hair removal system easy to use?
“It connects to an app, which guides the user at every step to ensure the best usage to get the fastest results. With the app, you really can use Braun’s IPL hair removal system without any worries of doing it wrong.”

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You can purchase the Braun Skin i-expert IPL here.

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