Meet the Innovator Behind Braun’s New IPL Hair Removal System

P&G Scientist: “Hair removal innovation makes getting ready easier.”

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P&G Senior Scientist Stefania Angelino calls the Braun Skin i·expert IPL (intense pulsed light) device a gamechanger.

“It changed my life! I don’t need to shave anymore, and that’s so freeing to me,” said Angelino who has spent the last 12 years of her career in P&G Grooming across brands, including Gillette, Venus and Braun.

She says what makes her most proud about the new Braun Skin i·expert IPL innovation is that it’s smart and easy to use, and the long-lasting results mean that she can get ready faster in the morning.

How does Braun’s new Skin i·expert IPL work?
Braun’s Skin i·expert IPL is the world’s first truly connected smart IPL system that learns use after use and provides personalized feedback for fast and long-lasting hair removal results at home. It’s an electric device that flashes a strong light when touching the skin, and the light impacts the follicles, reducing hair regrowth.

What makes Braun’s IPL stand out is that it has sensor technology that measures your skin tone and continuously adapts the energy level to it, to ensure the optimal amount of power is always used to protect the skin. This matters because skin tone can vary across your body; for example, the skin tone in your armpit may be darker than that on your legs, and it will absorb more energy. So, when treating the armpit, the Braun IPL will auto-adjust the energy to a lower level to ensure it is comfortable.


Angelino is a PhD who currently resides in Frankfurt, Germany, but was born and raised in Italy. As a child, her family frequently traveled abroad, instilling a passion and curiosity for how people live around the globe.

“Science is the most international of all languages. When I went to China for the first time, I realized I was not able to read anything but could understand numbers and the periodic table!’ she says. ‘I decided that I wanted to learn science to understand the principles of how things work and to speak a global language.”

A woman with short, brown hair sits at her desk in a laboratory. She holds a small camera as she films the features of a handheld hair removal device.

What does innovation mean to you?
Innovation to me is about inventing new and better ways to solve big and small problems that impact people's lives. I truly love innovating how people take care of themselves to feel clean, attractive and ready for the day. It sounds like a small thing, but it has a big impact! When we feel good about ourselves, we are more confident, we have better social interactions, and we have a better quality of life.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I like to travel! The world’s diversity is such a great source of inspiration for innovation! When I was obtaining my PhD, I spent a summer at a university in the United Kingdom, living in a residence for foreign students from India, Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Japan and other regions. We all shared a big kitchen and living room. It was a life-changing experience to see what and how people cooked and how they spent their after-school time, from braiding hair to folding very complex origami.

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