Three Ways Our People Make Our Impact Possible

Equality & Inclusion Strengthens P&G’s Culture of Innovation

Have you ever wanted to work somewhere you can harness the power of your authentic self to create true impact? At P&G, we create and value a global community of belonging, one in which employees can show up as 100% themselves 100% of the time. The thousands of employees around the globe who make up P&G bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the brands you know and love.

A diverse and unique workforce creates an inclusive community where friendships thrive, careers grow, and most importantly, the workplace reflects the billions of consumers we serve. Through the creation of inclusively designed products and campaigns that represent all people, we help bring our brands to more people and grow communities where we live and work. Here’s how our employees drive impact:

1. Our People Innovate Inclusive Products

Our diverse employees from around the world leverage their experiences and abilities to help create the innovative and superior products and services people use and love. That's why we aim to create spaces to share our unique lived experiences, inspire a culture of allyship and bring together people with different talents.

Those unique perspectives help to create new solutions. The Ariel team was recognized for their innovation — the Ariel SECURECLIC®, which is uniquely designed to be accessible for all, including those living with dexterity, visual or cognitive impairments.

Similarly, the talents and experiences of leaders like Omar Goff, who has worked at P&G for 19 years and currently serves as president of Mielle Organics, helped to reshape one of our most beloved brands.

Omar applied his lived experiences as a Black man to his work with his former marketing team at Old Spice to bring the brand to underrepresented audiences in new ways. This included redesigning the products to be inclusive of all skin care and shaving needs, and ensuring the stories of Black men on screen were authentic and accurate in their portrayals.

2. Our People Inspire Conversations

We recognize that inclusion enables us to understand and serve billions of consumers around the world. With our employees and key programs, we create images and stories that reflect the vast, multifaceted audiences who use our products.

Through initiatives like Widen The Screen we amplify the joy, beauty and vastness of Black life by supporting Black directors, storytellers and Black owned and operated media. We also partner with influencers and media on Can’t Cancel Pride, now in its fourth year, to share stories that drive visibility and support of LGBTQ+ employees and communities around the world that help to ensure they are seen and heard.

A young Asian girl with long hair and a blue shirt sits at the dinner table with her family holding a drawing of her name “Yeong Joo.”

In response to the increase in violence against Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, we leveraged voices in the industry by releasing our award-winning film “The Name” with the hope of inspiring conversations about an issue very relevant to many AAPI communities: creating belonging, starting with a name.

3. Our People Create a Workplace Where Everyone Thrives

We believe that the equality and inclusion inside our company shapes and creates meaningful impact outside its walls and has the power to positively impact not only P&G’s workplace culture but also the communities where we live and work.

We’ve been building this culture for generations — since we first started breaking barriers in our hiring and advertising — uplifting women scientists and creating visibility for the underrepresented communities in industry changing ads.

A Black woman with shoulder length hair stands in a labcoat that reads Olay holds a molecular structure with Olay signage in the background.

Today we continue to create change in our workplace, through our supply chain, on the screen and across our industry. This not only grows our employees and our business, but also moves our communities forward. Here are examples of how we continue to drive change:

  • We’ve committed to increasing the representation of women leaders — currently, women make up 50% of P&G’s managers.
  • Through diverse leadership we initiate gender policies that enable all P&G families to Share The Care of new family members.
  • Together with young leaders around the world, our brands Always and Tampax and partners like Global Citizen NOW work together to act for Gender Equality on issues like menstrual equity and period poverty.

The impact we are making stems from our values of diversity, equality and inclusion. Our commitment to those values and our people enables us to continue making products for all people and that meet the needs of the diverse consumers we serve around the world.

Join us to grow your career and our community impact: https://www.pgcareers.com/.