2030 Environmental Goals

Since we were founded more than 180 years ago, P&G has been committed to improving consumers’ lives, and we know this also means caring for the world in which we live. We think of this as being a force for good, and a force for growth.

In 2010, we established our 2020 environmental goals. We’ve made great progress including reducing absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 16% since 2010, reducing water use in manufacturing facilities by 27% and achieving zero manufacturing waste to landfill for more than 80% of manufacturing sites. We will continue to drive progress against our 2020 goals and you can find the latest update here.

We are committed to making a positive impact, but we cannot do it alone so in April 2018, we announced “Ambition 2030”, our 2030 environmental sustainability goals that embody our commitment to enabling and inspiring a positive impact in the world while creating value for consumers, partners and the Company.

We will focus on our brands, supply chain, society and our employees.

Focus  areas


  • 100% of our leadership brands will enable and inspire responsible consumption.
  • 100% of our packaging will be recyclable or reusable.
  • We will build even greater trust through transparency, ingredient innovation and sharing our safety science.

Supply Chain:

  • We will reduce our footprint and strive for circular solutions.
  • We will protect and enhance the forests we depend upon.
  • We will improve the livelihood of palm smallholders by increasing yields from existing lands.


  • We will find solutions so no P&G packaging will find its way to the ocean.
  • We will protect water for people and nature in priority basins.
  • We will advance recycling solutions for Absorbent Hygiene Products.


  • We will integrate social and environmental sustainability as a key strategy in our business plans.
  • We will educate employees across all levels.
  • We will reward progress and integrate recognition in the individual’s performance assessment.

We have the opportunity to partner with the five billion people we serve to make a positive difference for the environment. We also want to collaborate with industry, governments, civil society groups, and academics because together, we can make an even greater impact.

For more detailed information check out our Interactive version of Ambition 2030.