Three Ways We Grow Disability Confidence

Two P&G employees sitting at a desk smiling and looking at a laptop in one of P&G's meeting spaces.

P&G Celebrates Disability Pride Month

Every July, Disability Pride Month is celebrated to honor the history, achievements, and experiences of people with disabilities (PwD). It is a time to also reaffirm our commitment to a more inclusive and accessible world.

Building a Disability Confident Culture in the Workplace

Our commitment to advancing disability inclusion is reflected in our inclusive hiring practices and accessibility accommodations. P&Gers with disabilities are important contributors to our company’s culture and are courageous leaders sparking innovation. We work together to create a workplace where everyone can reach their full potential, every day. Our culture of belonging for all employees allows genuine connections to form and in turn inspires a better understanding of all the consumers we serve.

Affinity Networks or Employee Resource Groups play a pivotal role in both attracting and retaining talent and providing a platform for employees to feel seen and valued, as well as make contributions to our business. Over 1000 employees participate in one of P&G’s eight PwD Employee Support Groups. From groups focusing on chronic pain to mental health, these Support Groups not only bring colleagues together in support of one another, they benefit the entire company. Their activities help cultivate a sense of community and mutual support, allowing for professional development, mentorship, leadership opportunities, and sharing of unique perspectives that help drive innovation and creativity, further contributing to the growth and success of P&G.

Across campuses and plants throughout the world, P&G also creates a disability confident culture and meets the needs of our employees through our digital and physical accessibility programs. Our Universal Design approach is creating workspaces that work for everyone. Whether it’s automatic sliding doors and ramps that make our buildings more accessible for anyone with mobility impairments, or designing and developing websites, apps, and other digital content in a way that enables people with disabilities to perceive, understand, navigate and interact with them effectively, we’re ensuring employees feel valued, welcomed and comfortable being themselves in the workplace.

You can thrive at P&G. Join us.

Three P&G employees, one of which is in a wheelchair, sit before a wall of windows in one of P&G's meeting spaces.

Growing Disability Confidence with Innovative Products

The positive impact we are making to support people with disabilities comes through in our brands. We build many of the world’s most trusted and valued brands by understanding and designing for a wide range of consumers and their unique needs, which broadens our reach and also helps to drive market growth.

We recently saw the impact of our innovation when our brands showed up to celebrate and help make the senior prom extra special for students from Perkins School for the Blind. P&G brands Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, and Olay provided products and grooming services so the students could look and feel their best. The students also experienced packaging features like tactile symbols, which allow blind and low-vision users to easily identify their hair and body care products by touch.

Watch as students from Perkins have fun with our brands preparing for prom.

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Such simple yet significant product innovations mean that students can independently manage their personal care routines—some for the first time in their lives—boosting their confidence and sense of autonomy. It’s this understanding and innovation that helps us meet the unique needs of all our consumers.

Maximizing Impact with Partners Working in Communities

Through partnerships like the Perkins School for the Blind we are making a meaningful impact. Partnerships enable us to expand our efforts by joining with other organizations to help achieve equal access and opportunities for everyone in our communities.

We partner with organizations like Disability: IN, and the Valuable 500, which brings over 500 companies and partners together for disability inclusion.

As our brands reach and serve more consumers, with our partners we are creating sustained impact to enrich the communities in which we live and work, which also helps create growth for our employees and our business.

Learn more about our commitment to accessibility and inclusion.