Empowering Employee ‘P&G + Me’ Stories

Hear in their own words why these team members say P&G is the best place to build a career.

Just as we strive to deliver a superior consumer experience, we aim to deliver a superior employee value equation as well.

We’re introducing you to a few employees who are sharing why they love working at P&G.

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Arthur Bitencourt Dreger – Corporate Sales, Sao Paulo, Brazil
“I am motivated by being part of something bigger than myself. P&G allows me to find myself and better myself. I believe that to GROW, we first need to LEARN. P&G supports this through training, constructive sessions, growth plans and many other platforms and spaces. The Company provides its employees with tools to better themselves and grow both personally and professionally. I feel my personal growth here.

P&G gives me and so many others a chance to make the difference by allowing my voice to be heard and my thoughts to be expressed. I can truly be myself while helping to develop our business. I do not have to be someone else to grow at P&G. Who I am is enough to be successful. P&G makes time and space to listen to employees, making sure our strengths are used and our difficulties are met with new training and encouragement.”


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Christopher Vaught-Hall – Human Resources Business Partner, Cincinnati, United States
“I am inspired by the P&G team around me. Employees continually show me compassion, empathy and excitement. This was inspirational ... not only was my family growing at home, but also my work family was growing through support and sincere interest to know me as I began my career at P&G. Now when there is an opportunity to step in for co-workers who have a want/need to utilize our company’s leave policies, I truly feel inspired to help enable others.

I am passionate about the work I do at P&G not just because of what we stand for or what products we produce, but for the people we are. I am passionate about changing lives one interaction at a time. P&G fuels my passion. My favorite aspect about working at P&G is the people I work with. The level of expertise and maturity of our employees is truly a catalyst for growth and change in the world. P&G is the best place for a career because you can make a difference from day one. There are projects, people and network connections that can happen daily that will empower you to make a difference. There is always an opportunity to take on new work or move to another part of the business to grow and learn. P&G not only provides a career within a career, but also a community within the community. There are so many people that authentically are ready to connect and see you succeed. P&G has helped me connect my passion with my purpose in life.”

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Katia Cocca – Senior Manager, Commercial/Data Analyst, IT, Rome, Italy
“The reason why I'm still at P&G after so many years is because every day is different from the other, and every day I learn something new. I have the opportunity to grow everyday thanks to the interactions with the great professionals and young talents I work with, I can make my skills and knowledge available to others both in my daily work and in more formal occasions such as training.

At work I can be myself. I have established relationships of trust and even friendship with my colleagues who are often a source of inspiration for me. With my work I can impact the organization. I can make decisions and drive changes to touch and serve millions of consumers. I feel valued and receive recognition for the contribution I bring, and I am supported to innovate to find new ways to support the business.”

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Risham Najeeb – Senior Brand Manager, Pampers, Toronto, Canada
“My favorite aspect of working at P&G is being able to work with really smart but also empathetic and genuine people. Even the most difficult times on the business are easier to get through when you’re working with great people! Additionally, I love that P&G encourages continuous learning and being both a Force for Food and a Force for Growth.

In my time at P&G, I’ve had the opportunity to continuously learn by moving across roles in different functions. I’ve also been able to work as part of different affinity networks and projects that allow me to link work I’m doing on the business to work that creates a positive impact for the community.”

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