Global Recycling Day: P&G Accelerates Towards 2030 Plastic Reduction Goals

On Global Recycling Day, P&G is progressing toward our commitments by reducing plastic waste, accelerating sustainable packaging, and partnering to improve recycling systems. We believe we can help unlock more worth from the materials we use every day, long after their first use. Instead of throwing away used plastic, we can design it to be used over and over again so that it doesn’t become waste — part of a circular economy. For a circular economy to work properly, it must be a collective effort. Our brands, suppliers and partners continue to collaborate on a range of sustainable solutions so that more plastic is collected, recycled and reused.

Our Progress
Our operations across the world send zero manufacturing waste to landfill.

Zero manufacturing waste to landfill

That means, 100+ of our manufacturing sites across 35+ countries send zero-manufacturing waste to landfill.

Recycling comparison to Eiffel Tower

Each year, we are using more recycled content in our packaging, and we’re designing more packaging to be recyclable or reusable.

Our goal is to design all our consumer packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2030. As we accelerate progress, we are actively inventing and scaling new recycling solutions, using alternative materials and partnering externally through waste management infrastructure to improve access to collection — keeping plastic in use and out of nature.

In 2023, P&G is on track and making progress toward our 2030 packaging goals:

Recycling day progress
Recycled plastic usage

Recycling adds up

Recycling progress graphics

Recycling is a complex global challenge that requires a global effort. That’s why P&G is partnering with nonprofits, suppliers and material recovery facilities to also help create new recycling solutions so less plastic is wasted. These partnerships help enable innovation to sort and recycle more types of plastics into new uses and help improve access to plastic collection within communities — in turn, making it easier for more people to recycle at home.

For more information about our packaging and waste sustainability program, progress and goals, please visit our 2022 Citizenship Report Environmental Sustainability section.