It’s Our Home: P&G Announces New Climate Commitment

Our Ambition 2030: Carbon neutral for the decade

It's Our Home

While P&G has had a longstanding commitment to addressing climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharper focus just how much our own health depends on the health of the planet, and vice versa. Today, we announced an acceleration of our climate actions through “It’s Our Home,” our newest climate commitment – to be carbon neutral for the decade.

To achieve this goal, we will reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions across our operations and, in close collaboration with Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund and Arbor Day Foundation, advance a portfolio of natural climate solutions that leverage the power of nature to tackle climate change.

Key Facts:

  • We will halve our direct and indirect operational emissions by increasing energy efficiency and purchasing 100% renewable electricity globally.
  • Today, 70% of our global operating sites are purchasing 100% renewable electricity. We are pursuing additional wind, solar and geothermal projects to further accelerate the transition to renewables.
  • We will also address the greenhouse gas emissions we cannot eliminate – an estimated 30 million metric tons over the next decade – by supporting natural climate solutions. This means working with Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund and other partners to fund projects that protect, improve and restore critical ecosystems where irrecoverable carbon is stored, while supporting local communities and economic recovery.
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The next decade represents a crucial window for us to protect our shared home through collective action. Failure to do so could have drastic impacts, including increased drought and wildfires, stress on water resources, extreme weather events, rising sea levels and forced migrations. When we protect nature, nature protects us. [Source.]

Natural climate solutions are an essential part of addressing climate change while enabling people and our planet to thrive. Specific forests, mangroves, wetlands and peatlands around the world store massive amounts of carbon. We will fund a range of projects that protect, improve and restore these essential carbon reserves.

In addition to these efforts, P&G brands are continuing to give the five billion people we touch the power to reduce their own carbon footprints by using products that can help save energy, water and natural resources, including:

  • More than 60% of a laundry detergent’s footprint is in the consumer use phase, mostly related to the energy used to heat the water. Ariel and Tide have been optimizing detergent formulas for high efficiency in low-temperature washing and inspiring positive “Turn to 30” and “Cold Water Wash” laundry behaviors. The goal is to have 70% of machine loads be low-energy cycle loads, and major progress has been achieved by educating consumers in the US over the last ten years on the benefits of low-energy wash cycles. P&G estimates that since 2015, the avoided emissions from consumers increasing their use of low-energy laundry cycles has been roughly 15MM tons of CO2, which is equivalent to taking three million cars off the road.
  • Busting a popular myth, Cascade is showing consumers how the dishwasher is designed to be more water and energy-efficient than washing in the sink. Cascade and Fairy Automatic Dish Washing Tablets allow consumers to skip pre-wash and save water and the energy needed to heat the water. Fairy and Dawn Dish Washing Liquid’s grease-cutting power enables water and energy savings: by reducing the water temperature 20°C (36°F), consumers can save up to 50% CO2 of the total footprint every wash.
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We will accelerate our efforts to be A Force for Good and A Force for Growth by leveraging our brands to help make a lower emission economy and lifestyle possible, affordable and desirable while ensuring ongoing collaboration with our value chain partners. These next ten years are critical and together, we can and will take action to ensure a healthy planet for generations to come. It’s Our Planet. Our Home. And our window is now.

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