Woman enters front door of house while holding brown paper grocery bag containing Tide detergent and Head & Shoulders shampoo

We continue to raise the bar on all aspects of superiority—to win with the consumers we serve—in all price tiers where we compete.

With innovation-driven superior products, packages, brand communication, retail execution and value, we aim to be a disproportionate contributor to market growth—creating business by growing markets and P&G’s share in them through new solutions, better and more delightful experiences, adding usage occasions and building regimens.

We are committed to continue to invest to strengthen the superiority of our brands to deliver superior value for consumers, which requires ongoing productivity.

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Products so good, consumers recognize the difference. Superior products raise expectations for performance in the category.

Infographic showing attributes of Pampers Swaddlers diapers, and Pampers Swaddlers brand logo in a heart shape.

Pampers Swaddlers

Superiority is helping us delight consumers and drive category growth with Pampers Swaddlers in North America. We have invested to drive superiority across all five vectors, including the product itself, with superior comfort, ultra-soft absorbent layers and up to 100% leakproof skin protection. In fiscal 2023 Pampers delivered mid-single digit organic sales growth and contributed to market growth of the category in North America.

Oral-B iO Series 10 and Series, 3, 4 and 5 electric toothbrushes

Oral-B iO

Brushing with power removes 100% more plaque than a manual brush for healthier gums. In fiscal 2023, we innovated with superiority across the Oral-B iO portfolio, including Series 10 with iO Sense, our most advanced coaching brush yet, and Series 3, 4, and 5, which expand distribution across more channels and price points. New brush heads include a variant with targeted cleaning for people with orthodontic work, a frequent request from our dental professional partners. Since launch, Oral-B iO has contributed 70% of category growth with about 30% of iO users trading up from a manual brush.

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Packaging that attracts consumers, conveys brand equity, helps consumers select the best product for their needs and delights consumers during use.

One package each of Ariel All in 1 PODS and Lenor Unstoppables scent beads, both in recyclable paper packaging

Ariel & Lenor

In Europe, Fabric Care is driving strong demand and consumer value with a superior product in superior packaging. Ariel PODS ECOCLIC packaging is made from 70% recycled fibers and is recyclable. We introduced a similar recyclable cardboard package for Lenor Unstoppables scent boosters. The new packaging is consumer preferred, helps reduce use of plastic in line with P&G’s packaging goals, and contributed to high single digit organic sales growth in Europe Fabric Care in fiscal 2023.

Four packages of hand dish detergent – one each of Fairy Power Spray, Dawn Powerwash, Dawn EZSqueeze and Fairy MaxPower


Dawn has delivered outstanding results behind innovation that drives product and packaging superiority and enables more sustainable dishwashing habits. Dawn PowerWash and Fairy Power Spray are designed to clean dishes using 50% less water and help consumers get dishes done faster—just spray, wipe and rinse. Dawn EZSqueeze and Fairy Max Power have a reusable, no flip, no mess cap that makes the product easy and fast to use from the first squeeze to the last. The Dawn/Fairy brand delivered mid-teens organic sales growth in fiscal 2023 and reached record market share globally. Importantly, Dawn/Fairy contributed 60% of the global market growth.

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Advertising that reaches consumers and communicates the superiority of the brand’s product and packaging benefits—attracting consumers to the brand and driving brand and category growth.

Advertisement for Vicks DayQuil and NyQuil Honey liquid cold medicines with the caption “Max Strength Relief + Honey-Licious Flavor Day or Night”


Vicks, the #1 OTC cough, cold and flu brand in the world, is an example of enduring irresistible superiority that we have continued to build upon with innovations like NyQuil and DayQuil Honey. Superior communication like the print advertising seen here, which highlights the products’ great tasting formula and powerful relief, has helped Vicks become the preferred choice by millions. Vicks grew organic sales more than 25% in fiscal 2023 and contributed to double-digit growth of the category globally.

Display of several packages of different kinds of Pantene conditioner & Woman shown from the back applying Pantene conditioner to her long hair


Our consumer insights provide increased consumer delight through brand communication that helps support better product performance—for example, using the right amount of product, using products more consistently, or applying them correctly. In Latin America, superior communication for Pantene ProV Miracles called “Un Pelo Nutrido lo puede todo” (“Nourished Hair can do it all”) led to increased usage and helped deliver over 20% organic sales growth for Latin America Pantene in fiscal 2023.

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In-store: with the right store coverage, product forms, sizes, price points, shelving and merchandising. Online: with the right content, assortment, ratings, reviews, search and subscription offerings.

Store display for Always Discreet showing product and text “Complete protection – Incredible discretion” and “Absorbs heavy leaks in seconds”.

Always Discreet

Always Discreet has disrupted traditional ideas of the adult incontinence category, focusing on superior protection with thinner, more discreet products and beautiful, feminine retail displays—making a meaningful change in consumers’ quality of life and driving strong business results. With superior retail execution Always Discreet delivered low teens organic sales growth in fiscal 2023 and drove 1.5 times our fair share of the adult incontinence category growth.

Store display of Gillette shaving products


Superior retail execution is vital for the Grooming business, where 80% of sales are in traditional stores. Investments in superior retail execution—including our House of Grooming shelving, more quality displays and increased presence at checkouts—help prompt purchase, increase basket sizes and ensure noticeably superior innovation like GilletteLabs is unmissable. In fiscal 2023, this has helped us increase retailer support and grow P&G value share by one point with mid-single digit organic sales growth.

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For consumers: all these elements presented in a clear and shoppable way at a compelling price. For customers: margin, penny profit, trip generation, basket size and category growth.

Packages of Safeguard Detox Body Wash in various scents, against a white tiled background


Sold in China for more than 30 years, Safeguard is the country’s #1 personal cleansing brand. Consumers appreciate the value of innovations such as Safeguard Detox Body Wash, which provides deep cleansing with a superior usage experience of a luxurious, creamy foam. Safeguard Detox Body Wash sales nearly doubled in fiscal 2023, leading the China body wash category up more than 10%—great value for consumers and category value growth for P&G and our retail partners.

Advertisement for Bounty paper towels with the text “More Absorbent So You Can Use Less” and a package of Charmin toilet tissue with the text “longer lasting rolls”

Bounty & Charmin

Communicating the superior value of our brands is important to delight consumers and grow categories for P&G and our retail customers. Charmin’s current campaign, “Test Labs,” shows that consumers can use less due to Charmin’s superior absorbency. Bounty communicates value by demonstrating how one sheet of Bounty can pick up a mess that two sheets from a leading competitor brand fail to absorb. This has supported Charmin organic sales growth of mid-single digits in fiscal 2023 and has helped Bounty maintain share leadership in the category.

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