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We are working in four areas to further improve the execution of our integrated strategy.

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The first is supply. We are further upgrading our world class supply chain to one that enables even greater agility, flexibility, scalability, transparency, and resilience for a new reality and a new age. We call this Supply 3.0—an end-to-end synchronized, sustainable, and resilient supply chain, amplified by data and analytics and enabled by an organization that is at the leading edge of transformation, mastery and leadership.

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Second, environmental sustainability has been integrated into each of our businesses and processes with a mindset of ‘no trade offs’—continuing to deliver and improve the irresistible performance of our products and packages, while improving their sustainability. An example is Ariel PODS ECOCLIC. Ariel PODS, our leading European laundry brand, provides consumers superior cold-water cleaning performance that enables energy cost savings and improves sustainability by allowing consumers to reduce the energy required to heat water in the laundry process. Additionally, the Ariel ECOCLIC packaging is made from 70% recycled fibers and is recyclable, saving up to 6,500 tons of plastic annually in Europe if all Ariel PODS users switch to ECOCLIC packaging.

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Third, digital acumen—to drive consumer and customer preference, reduce cost and enable rapid and efficient decision making across the entire value chain—how we engage with consumers, how we innovate, how we go to market, and how we operate our business. Through this, we are able to put more focus on the highest order work—work that serves consumers, customers, employees, society and shareowners.

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Fourth, a superior employee value equation for all employees, inclusive of all genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages and abilities—for all roles—to ensure we continue to attract, retain and develop the best talent. We are focusing on four vectors, ensuring employees have the opportunity to make an impact daily; have the ability to grow their skills and capabilities; feel valued and rewarded; and are inspired to serve consumers better than competition—to grow markets, build the business, and be part of a Company that is a force for growth and a force for good.

These four areas—supply, environmental sustainability, digital acumen and a superior employee value equation—are not new or separate strategies. They are necessary elements in continuing to build superiority, in reducing cost to enable investment and value creation, and in strengthening our organization. They are part of the constructive disruption we must continue to lead.


These are further strengthening the execution of our integrated growth strategy.

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