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Our objective is balanced top- and bottom-line growth, but in the ever more complex world we live in, balance also requires serving the needs of all stakeholders—consumers, customers, employees, society and shareowners. This is particularly important when it comes to environmental, social and governance areas.

Our efforts in Environmental Sustainability are important to create value while improving P&G’s environmental impact, enabling consumers to reduce their footprint, and helping society solve some of the most pressing challenges. We start where we have the most control—our operations. Then, we look at how we can innovate to extend our level of superiority in a way that allows consumers to reduce their own footprint without making tradeoffs between performance and sustainability. Finally, we help industry reduce its footprint by making innovative technologies available broadly for application.


To learn more about our work beyond this Annual Report, visit our ESG for Investors website at and read our latest Citizenship Report at

Citizenship: Community Impact, Equality & Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability, and Ethics & Corporate Responsibility

In our Community Impact work, we support people in need around the world through our brands and products that help restore normalcy in uncertain times. With our partners, we also provide clean drinking water with our Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program to support people who lack access to clean water daily.

We serve billions of consumers all over the world. Our ability to do this most effectively is enabled by a workforce and culture that understands, respects and reflects the uniqueness of all the consumers we serve—inclusive of all genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages and abilities. As of the end of the fiscal year, 41% of our global employees and 50% of our global management employees are women. Thirty percent of our U.S. employees are multicultural. Our current Board is 46% women and 38% multicultural leaders. More balanced and representative leadership, and diversity throughout our organization, is helping to drive balanced and sustainable growth as we serve an increasingly diverse set of consumers.

P&G was founded on uncompromising beliefs that our products should be of the highest quality and value and that the only way to run a business is with honest and fair dealings. These beliefs come to life today in P&G’s Purpose, Values and Principles, which set high standards that we hold ourselves and each other accountable for, and create a strong culture focused on winning the right way.

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