2021 U.S. Effie Awards Names P&G Among Most Effective Marketers

Effie Awards logo

Multiple P&G Brands Recognized for Best-in-Class Campaigns

At P&G, we’re committed to advancing our brand building efforts and reimagining creativity to create superior products and experiences to better serve our five billion consumers around the world.

Throughout the past year, P&G and our brands have doubled down on this commitment to reinvent brand building. That’s why it’s humbling to have our collective marketing and brand building efforts receive multiple accolades at this year’s U.S. Effie Awards.

The Effie Awards are unique in the way they recognize and celebrate some of the most effective marketing efforts of the year. Selected winners represent best-in-class examples of brands that effectively solved a marketing challenge, connected with their target audience, and achieved the results to prove it worked.

Febreze, Tide, Tampax and All Good Diapers were among the P&G brands selected for individual awards. And P&G ranked second on this year’s Effie Awards list of Most Effective Marketers.

See below for the full list of award-winning work:

Peyton Manning at an NFL press conference to announce ‘Laundry Night’ campaign with Tide
Screenshot of Tiktok influencer Charli D’Amelio dancing the #DistanceDance
Baby holding package of All Good Diapers

All Good Diapers, Diapers that Make a Difference

Bathroom setting with odors w/ green coloring

Febreze, “Flush Fling”

Advertisement for Tide’s Clean Jersey Swap campaign

Tide, Clean Jersey Swap

Amy Schumer wearing costume with text reads “from Clueless Vagina Owner to Tampon Guru”

Tampax, From Clueless Vagina Owner to Tampon Guru