Engage, Act, and make an Impact

E&I Awards Key Visual

Employees, Brands, Partners and Communities Connect Through P&G’s Equality and Inclusion Commitments

Whether we’re celebrating the first female line leaders in our Saudi Arabia operations, the team behind our #WidenTheScreen initiative to increase the visibility of Black creators, or the internal work our teams are doing to advance Disability Confidence or support women in STEM return to work, we’re honored to work alongside each of these barrier breakers.

Our Equality and Inclusion strategy builds on the progress we have made toward diversity and inclusion. We recognize that equality and inclusion set a higher standard, delivers a bigger impact, and is an accelerator for progress—providing a focus on the outcomes that build our business.

On August 12, P&G held the annual Global E&I Awards celebration where we honored P&G employees across the globe that show us their commitment to equality and inclusion every day.

We are committed to honoring the employees who engaged in advancing equality and inclusion, those who chose to act by diving into our company or community work, speaking up, or intentionally making lasting impact and those who led and enabled extraordinary impact to grow our business and support the communities we live in. Here are just a few of this year’s winners, who are breaking down barriers both inside and outside of P&G.

Employees Who Act

First Female Line Leaders

Malak Mously and Rawan Baik are the first two women leaders on manufacturing lines in P&G’s Saudi Arabia operations. These first female line leaders struck down cultural barriers in the work environment.

Brands Stepping Forward

Widen the Screen

The Widen the Screen Team focused on empowering Black creators and telling richer stories of the Black experience. To learn more about this initiative, visit https://us.pg.com/widen-the-screen/.

Partners Engaged in Action

Hyderabad Baby Care

The team located at the Hyderabad Baby Care was chosen a pilot site where P&G partnered with service provider KDL specifically pushing for gender equity, helping to create a more gender-neutral workspace and increase the hiring of female contractors.

Communities Enabling Impact

Pampers Love the Change

The Pampers LOVE THE CHANGE Team sought to celebrate and shine a light on hands-on dads, while also providing dads with practical help to take the best care of their babies – including installing changing tables in 5,000 men’s restrooms across North America – with Pampers Love the Change.

We will continue to be a force for good and a force for growth in the world around us by building equality and inclusion into the core of our business. To learn more about our commitment to Equality and Inclusion, visit https://us.pg.com/equality-and-inclusion/.