Innovators Series: Meet the Innovator Making Laundry Day Easier

There’s real science in your laundry regimen.

Laundry day should be easy. You should never have to rewash those smelly gym clothes or that stained top from last night’s dinner, especially if you’re using the right products that promise to get the job done the first time.

P&G Laundry Scientist Jack English has spent his entire 25-year career perfecting the technology within our products. He’s one of our laundry scientists behind the recent launch of Downy RINSE & REFRESH.

“Downy RINSE & REFRESH is a new product that people add to the rinse drawer of their machine, and it enables people to get better odor removal and cleaning than they've ever had before in a detergent,” said English.

Bottle of Downy Rinse & Refresh

Downy RINSE & REFRESH takes your laundry day to a different level. Think of it as a security blanket (pun intended) for things you didn’t even know existed. The technology works in such a way that it not only helps remove built up odors but also removes stains, helps keep machines clean and even keeps laundry fresh if you forgot a load in the washer overnight.

“Many times, odors can’t be seen, so you don’t even know they are there until they come back after you’re wearing them. Also, one of the great benefits of Downy RINSE & REFRESH is if you forget your laundry in the machine, it won’t stink for up to 24 hours.”

English says he has the best job in the company and loves understanding what makes consumers tick so that he can find solutions. He’s passionate about helping people outside of work, too. English is a devoted father of four, is a former youth athletics coach and serves as a minister and motivational speaker for at-risk youth.

Jack English with his wife and kids

People who work with English describe him as a guiding light who makes everyone laugh. We can’t wait to see what he does next!

Jack English in a lab

“I have the best job in the company. It pays me to be the best consumer scientist in the world, and I have no idea what that looks like. But the journey to figure it out is so fun. I can’t tell you how much joy I have exploring that, and I’m so grateful that the company gives me the latitude to try to be that because they don’t know what it looks like either, but they’re willing to play with me.”

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