Native American Heritage Month: Collaborating on Water Conservation Initiatives

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We recognize the start of Native American Heritage Month, a time to acknowledge and honor the rich history, vibrant cultures and contributions of Native people across the United States.

This month, we’re highlighting the work we’re doing to help build a Water Positive Future in partnership with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) and Native American communities who have a deep knowledge of local challenges. We’re working on meaningful solutions to protect ecosystems, replenish groundwater supplies, reduce the amount of water diverted from essential bodies of water and improve water quality for the communities and wildlife that depend on it.

Restoring Water in Arizona

Helping Bolster Declining Water Levels in Lake Mead

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Together with the Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT) System Conservation Project, we are helping to conserve 150,000 acre-feet of water in Arizona.

In partnership with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, CRIT and the Arizona Department of Water Resources, this project represents the largest collaborative funding effort of its kind and will help to directly bolster declining water levels in Lake Mead, a crucial water source for the American Southwest. This project will secure long-term water supply benefits for the region, ensuring the sustainability of this vital resource for years to come.

Additionally, this initiative will compensate the CRIT for the conservation of their Colorado River water rights, supporting their long-term endeavors to modernize irrigation systems and conserve water.

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Enhancing Irrigation Efficiency

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With our Cascade brand, we’re also supporting the CRIT System Conservation Project to enhance irrigation efficiency. We’re supporting them on their journey to modernize irrigation systems, which not only conserves critical water but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient agricultural future.


Restoring Habitat in Idaho: The Wuda Ogwa Water & Habitat Eco-Restoration Project

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The Wuda Ogwa (Bear River) Water and Habitat Eco-Restoration Project goes beyond restoring water. With our partners at the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, this project aims to create a more natural stream channel, which will enhance a mile of habitat along the existing waterway.

Anticipated outcomes include the recovery of vital habitat along Battle Creek, improved hydrologic conditions in the floodplain, wetlands and riparian areas, and boosted instream flows for better water quality and habitat.

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