Procter & Gamble Brands Step Up on Sustainability

Ariel, Charmin, Puffs, Bounty, Tide, and Herbal Essences Are Among P&G’s Brands Partnering with Leading Global Nonprofits on Sustainability Efforts

Ambition 2030 is our global commitment to environmental sustainability. In 2018, we took a hard look and refocused our energy toward 2030, with a new set of goals and an embrace of new practices intended not just to reduce our footprint and conserve precious resources, but to help restore the world — ultimately leaving it better than we found it.

Here’s how six of our Procter & Gamble brands are making a positive impact toward our Ambition 2030 goals.

Herbal Essences - renew the forest

Herbal Essences Partners to “Renew the Forest”

Herbal Essences, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and TerraCycle, launched the “Renew the Forest” program, calling upon Walmart customers to take on the planet’s biggest problems and protect the world’s natural wonders.

In support of The Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees program, Herbal Essences will plant one tree in the U.S. for every purchase of two select bio:renew shampoo and conditioner products from Walmart and Walmart.com during April 2021. Additionally, the brand will donate twenty benches made by TerraCycle from the recycled hair care packaging collected through the Herbal Essences Recycling Program to three TNC nature preserves to encourage people to get outdoors and appreciate nature.

For more details on the program, visit https://herbalessences.com/en-us/renew-the-forest/.

Tide laundry process pamphlet

What if every Tide load of laundry did a load of good?

Tide is reinventing clean on its journey to decarbonize laundry at every step — from design, manufacturing and distribution to consumer use and end of life. In 2020,Tide reduced absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its direct manufacturing by more than 75 percent annually versus a decade ago and has set a new goal to cut GHG emissions in half at its direct manufacturing plants by 2030.

For more information about Tide Ambition, visit https://herbalessences.com/en-us/renew-the-forest/.


Ariel Invites Us on a Journey to Decarbonize Laundry

Ariel laundry detergent brand will announce an expanded 2030 Brand Ambition focused on “reinventing clean to decarbonize laundry across its entire value chain.”

The first milestone in this journey is the roll out of Ariel’s pan-European consumer engagement campaign, “Every Degree Makes a Difference” in content partnership with National Geographic Creative Works, to demonstrate that through turning down our washing cycle temperature we can together reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To find out how every degree is making a difference, visit https://www.nationalgeographic.com/ariel-every-degree-makes-a-difference/.

Pine Needles

P&G Family Care Accelerates Forest Conservation Efforts

P&G's Family Care brands, including Charmin, Puffs, and Bounty, are raising the bar further on forest certification and conservation, transparency and accountability — bringing to life P&G's Ambition 2030 goal of protecting and enhancing forests.

For more details, read the whole story on our blog: https://us.pg.com/blogs/forest-conservation-efforts/.