PG Ventures Builds Brand with Buzz

The Smithsonian Institution estimates that insects outnumber humans 200 million-to-1. Across much of the US in 2020, consumers have been feeling it. People are spending more time at home due to COVID-19 and pest pressure is up across the country due to a warm Winter and wet Spring. This all adds up to more bugs and more chances to notice them scrambling or flying around the home.

They’re smart too…Terrifyingly smart. Roaches can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes in drainpipes. Spiders can map our home in 3 dimensions. Ants can communicate with their friends through chemical signals and lead them to crumbs on the kitchen floor.

But our Zevo brand, with their line of Bug Killer Sprays and Flying insect traps, are helping consumers be Way Smarter Than Bugs! – and people are starting to take note.

Hundreds of thousands of people have tried Zevo products since P&G Ventures, a startup arm of P&G, introduced limited quantities in 2017. It’s now one of the fastest growing brands in what was a sleepy home insecticide category. P&G Ventures has grown Zevo by leaps and bounds in 2019 and 2020, expanding distribution to Home Depot and Target stores nationwide and selling direct at zevoinsect.com.

“Partnership is an integral part of the Brand’s success,” says John Scarchilli, Communications Director for P&G Ventures. “Formulation and innovative technology development expertise at Envance Technologies of NC and P&G’s strong retailer relationships have enabled both speed-to-market and scale.”

So what’s all the buzz about Zevo? This innovative line of products kills bugs without harsh chemicals - so people can handle those bug encounters and feel great about the products they’re using in their home. Zevo products are based on a deep understanding of bug biology and behavior. Zevo knows what makes bugs tick… and the BioSelective TechnologyTM in Zevo products is the reason they’re so effective. Zevo’s bug killer sprays use active essential oils that target nerve receptors vital to insects – and they’re safe to use around people and pets when used as directed. Zevo Flying Insect Traps use a unique combination of light and heat to trap winged pests in a replaceable cartridge – so people never have to touch a dead bug.

Zevo product lineup

Figuring out the right marketing strategy is critical. As P&G’s first entry into the home insecticide category, Zevo’s team took a test-and-learn approach, using contemporary tactics to hone the message. The brand started off selling direct-to-consumer, which enabled rapid learning on both the creative brand assets and its target audience.

“This was so important because it helped shape the approach for all of our brand communication, whether digital, TV and ultimately in-store,” adds Mike Droessler, Zevo’s Marketing Director.

As Zevo’s business has grown, so has its capacity to help the communities it serves. In 2019 and 2020, Zevo partnered with Matthew 25: Ministries to provide thousands of spray bottles for disaster relief efforts following floods and hurricanes - when conditions are ripe for bugs. They also give back to their community through sponsorship of SPCA-Cincinnati, supporting the great work they do for animals in their hometown.

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