Our Employees

Every year, we survey all employees globally — from plant technicians to our office population — via the P&G Survey. Employee feedback is extremely valuable in assessing what we do well as a Company and where we can improve. We develop and execute actions plans in response. When we compare our results against our external benchmarking group, we find P&G scoring higher than the average of our peer group on the majority of our benchmarking questions — showing that we remain an Employer of Choice versus competition. Every year, the P&G Survey proves how ingrained our PVPs are in the organization by continuing to be the highest scoring category in the Annual Survey. Also, continuing to uphold and safeguard our PVPs consistently is the top response to "What should not change about P&G?"

Quotes from the Employee Survey

“We should never move away from our PVPs ... our desire to enable our employees to be their best.”

“P&G is honestly the best company!! I have worked for P&G for over 30 years now, and I am very proud to be a P&G employee. I value and share the same PVPs, and I would not want to see them change. I truly believe the company cares for each and every one of us and would never want to see that change either.”

“Strong PVP. I am proud to be part of a company that embodies good values. It is also fascinating that it is able to develop employees and leaders with the same strength of principles.”

“The company looks out for its employees and the PVPs continue to be the reason I love working for P&G. Especially in unprecedented times with the pandemic and the social injustice happening around our country, P&G continues to use its voice (and actions) for good.”

Speaking Up

Our employees hold themselves and one another accountable for operating with trust and integrity and for stepping up as leaders and owners of the business. We are committed to creating a work environment that fosters open communication and supports employees in reporting potential violations of Company policies or the law. Employees and individuals in our operations or extended supply chain can report violations at the Worldwide Business Conduct Helpline, which is staffed by an independent third party 24 hours a day, seven days a week and includes, where permitted by local law, an anonymous way to report concerns. We are committed to reviewing all allegations of wrongdoing with trained teams who ensure thorough, impartial and fact-based investigations. Proper investigation is essential to promoting a culture of integrity, reducing the likelihood of incidents occurring and increasing willingness to proactively raise concerns. It is an important part of our commitment to prevent and detect wrongdoing. Retaliation for raising concerns in good faith is inconsistent with our Values of Integrity and Trust and simply will not be tolerated.


Compensation and Benefits

P&G supports paying employees competitive total compensation, as benchmarked against other leading companies. Consistent with our principle of valuing personal contribution, impact and mastery, we provide employees the opportunity to develop their skills and capabilities to enhance their abilities to succeed in their careers consistent with the needs of the business. The Company is a recognized leader in employee benefits, which have been developed to help protect the financial security of employees and meet their personal needs at different life stages. While offerings vary depending on each country's market practices, they typically include benefits like comprehensive coverage for health care, a competitive pension scheme, vacation and holiday time, and other work/family balance benefits, including flextime and less-than-full-time schedules, all subject to local requirements.

We are also committed to recognizing and rewarding individual and team performance that reflects behaviors consistent with our PVPs and PEAK Performance Factors (Lead with Courage, Innovate for Growth, Champion Productivity, Execute with Excellence and Bring Out Our Best). Recognition helps confirm achievements, contribute to employees feeling valued and encourages them to give their very best. It provides evidence that others believe in what we do and that we are doing the right things to help us succeed.

Employee and Labor Relations

At P&G, we believe an engaged, diverse and capable workforce is critical to the Company's success. A key strategy to winning in the marketplace is to create a highly-skilled, agile and flexible workforce that delivers business initiatives — better than our competition. We offer an expansive array of skill-building programs that allow employees to grow their individual skills, leading to better business results and career advancement. These programs help to ensure a strong and highly-skilled labor workforce that benefits the Company, as well as the communities in which we operate.

We regularly assess employee and labor relations through standard Company tools like our Corporate Employee Engagement Survey and the Labor Relations Compliance & Health Assessment Tool. These assessments allow us to proactively identify and address any individual or employee group concerns that may potentially impact employee engagement, company policies or compliance with local laws or regulations.