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Our “Do the Right Thing” training series, comprised of three editions linked to the P&G Principles of Respect, Integrity and Stewardship, enables continuous learning and reinforcement of P&G values for our employees. The series serves as the core training on the WBCM as P&G's code of conduct, covering specific ethics and compliance topics related to the given theme. In addition, we deploy supplemental awareness building training sessions based on organizational needs. In fiscal 2020-2021, the general training session was: “Doing the Right Thing — Stewardship at P&G,” and the supplemental awareness building training sessions concerned acceptable use of P&G technology and appropriate tools for work collaboration.

We also have a library of engaging, custom-built training courses, which are available to all employees as a resource and are further assigned based on role and location to maximize relevance and impact. These address conflicts of interest, preventing sexual harassment, stopping retaliation, opposing bribery, among other compliance and workplace conduct topics. We previously partnered with a renowned behavioral scientist and an award- winning documentary filmmaker to create a series of short films that spotlight clinical research on integrity and feature P&G leaders and employees reflecting on “doing the right thing.” This miniseries of five episodes has been hailed for its cinematic style, the genuine and unscripted participation by executive leadership, and its candid discussion of human vulnerability to the challenges, pressures and unseen psychological factors for which we all must be vigilant. We are also extending our well-received series of video vignettes that help employees learn from the ethical missteps of others. Based on actual events, these accounts are anonymized, digitally animated and presented in a compelling first-person style that conveys the wisdom of hindsight to humanize compliance.

Celebrating Our Do the Right Thing Culture

Every year, we celebrate our shared Purpose, Values and Principles foundation with the “Do the Right Thing Celebration.” Our locations around the world create their own employee engagement events tied to a global theme derived from our WBCM principles of Respect, Integrity and Stewardship. The 2020 celebration theme was “Stewardship. Always Right.” Events feature activities and contests to engage employees and raise awareness, leadership townhall discussions and inspiring videos from employees making a difference. Sites are recognized for the outstanding results in the areas of creativity, engagement, and passionate leadership. In spite of challenges presented by the pandemic, there was again extensive global participation this year as employees from more than 150 sites around the world joined in the celebration with live and virtual activities. Though we set high standards for all employees, those who personally demonstrate commitment to ethics and compliance can also be recognized by peers or managers with a special “PVP Champion” designation. Since its inception in 2016, over two thousand employees have been recognized as PVP Champions. In addition to these local activations, our 2020 celebration featured an inspirational account by Steve Bishop, P&G Health Care CEO, reflecting on the first P&G people he met when he interviewed with the Company and how their genuine commitment to doing the right thing influenced his decision to join and build his career here.

Doing the Right Thing with Our Consumers

Since 1837, we've built a rich heritage of positively impacting consumers' lives with brands that make each day a little better.

Earning Your Trust Through Product Safety and Transparency

At P&G, nothing is more important than ensuring our products are safe for people and the environment. Providing consumers the information they need to make more informed choices while continually improving our product portfolio with the product performance and ingredient preferences they seek remains a core focus for the Company. Throughout our history, P&G has provided products of superior value and performance. To make products of superior value and performance, we must have high quality, safe ingredients. These ingredients can be sourced from science or nature- so long as they are proven safe. Innovation with ingredients is an ever-evolving area where we invest many resources to develop new options and continually consider what is possible.

This year, we launched several new items which bring new ingredients or components for a superior consumer experience. For example:

Pampers Hybrid

Modern parents are changing the world with their choices and are committed to protecting the planet their babies will grow up in. That’s why we’ve created Pampers Pure Protection Hybrid: for parents who want a diaper with less waste*, but still seek the convenience and protection of a disposable diaper.

2020 Safer Choice Partner of the Year by the Environmental Protection Agency

2020 marked the second year in which P&G was named a Safer Choice Partner of the Year by the Environmental Protection Agency. Winners were recognized for their achievement in the design, manufacture, selection and use of products with safer chemicals that furthers outstanding or innovative source reduction.

P&G designed, formulated and manufactured their first complete Safer Choice-certified brand portfolio that is a collection of fabric and home care products. These products were designed specially to address cleaning issues in the many hard water regions of the U.S. Safer Choice commends P&G for their commitment to developing products that are safer for consumers and for the environment.

Not only are we innovating with product ingredients and sourcing choices, we are also sharing more about those choices. Our Brand websites and offer more information than ever before about our ingredients, making it easy to discover a product’s ingredients as well as what we simply won’t use.

P&G supports ingredient disclosure in North America with all formulated product ingredients listed in SmartLabel since 2018. In 2020, we delivered on our expanded transparency commitment in North America to share the ingredients in our fragrances down to 0.01%, and Always added their ingredient listings to SmartLabel®, the first period pad brand in North America to do so. In addition, you can learn more about our fragrance ingredients HERE as well as many other ingredients found in our products HERE.

Safe ingredients and products never go out of style- so we will continue innovating with ingredients to provide new solutions for life’s everyday demands. One example is the work on Herbal Essences who partners with the scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to ensure botanical materials- like Aloe- are Aloe active, Consistency, and Authenticity- ensuring ingredients are real and not counterfeit. Learn more about the importance of this authentic process for Aloe in recent publications co-authored by our scientific partnership.

We are committed to collaborating on the biggest ingredient and materials challenges to ensure we continue to be a force for good and a force for growth in all we do.

* Less waste than Pampers Pure Disposable Diapers Size 1-5