OLAY is Putting the ‘Super’ in Super Serum

A light pink, iridescent Olay super serum bottle on a white background, with "Olay Super Serum" written on it. A dropper rests on the top right, releasing a serum drop. An "innovation" illustration with a light bulb is in the top left corner.

OLAY is introducing its latest technological breakthrough: OLAY Super Serum, a superpowered skin care innovation that includes activated niacinamide, as well as vitamin C, collagen peptide, vitamin E and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) — all working together to deliver an unparalleled skin transformation.

As the industry leader in niacinamide research and publication, OLAY made a breakthrough discovery: activated niacinamide. OLAY scientists in the U.S. and Singapore explored the development of a new skin care formulation with low-pH activate niacinamide, unlocking its supercharged power. With activated niacinamide, the formula works more effectively with skin and offers best-in-class even skin tone efficacy and is proven to improve skin texture.

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“For years we’ve known how effective niacinamide is at achieving hydrated, even skin. But at OLAY we’re tirelessly looking to discover the next breakthrough in skin care actives,” said Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson, Principal Scientist, OLAY North America. “Our groundbreaking discovery of low-pH niacinamide and its subsequent use in the new OLAY Super Serum formula offers users all of the benefits of niacinamide, with improved results in less time.”

A woman's left hand holds a round olay super serum bottle between her thumb and index finger, as a small amount of iridescent serum is displayed on the side of her hand. Her right hand hovers above her left hand as it holds the bottle's dropper.

But how does the OLAY team really measure how effective these ingredients are?

For years, skincare researchers have struggled to truly understand the efficacy of products, because there was no direct way to measure the entropy — or irregularities — of skin. When you take a super-powered image of young skin, it’s smooth. Over time, that skin becomes more irregular — or chaotic —due to age and exposure to UV rays and pollutants. Thanks to OLAY’s groundbreaking clinical study that used 3-D Visia imaging technology on 200 test subjects over two months, the world now has a new measurement called “chaosity” that shows how chaotic skin is. OLAY’s clinical trial results showed that incorporating Super Serum into a skin care routine reduced skin’s chaosity and lowered levels of micro inflammation.

With an irresistible visual application experience, the serum’s purple iridescence transforms and becomes clear upon application — to indicate that the product has fully absorbed into the skin. The unique formulation offers five-in-one benefits that help:

  • Improve skin texture
  • Even skin tone
  • Firm skin
  • Smooth visible lines
  • Provide long-lasting hydration