Women’s History Month: Meet the P&G Innovators Behind the Innovation

Throughout Women’s History Month, we’re introducing some of Procter & Gamble’s innovators behind our everyday product innovations.

Throughout Women’s History month, P&G is spotlighting our women innovators, their career journeys and accomplishments, and the contributions that they make to their work, the innovation behind the products we make and that help make the lives of our consumers better every day.

Laura Goodman, P&G Scientific Communications Director

Laura Goodman, P&G Scientific Communications Director

P&G Scientific Communications Director, Laura Goodman, was an essential team member in communicating the launch of Pampers Preemie Swaddlers.

Working directly with healthcare professionals, Laura educates them on the new benefits and features of the product and explains how the technology can help improve outcomes for the world’s tiniest babies.

The innovation behind the diaper is a result of collaboration with more than 200 nurses and therapists, 50 hours of interviews, and over 10,000 hours of research. Speaking with healthcare professionals and parents to learn about the challenges premature babies and caregivers face, helped P&G refine products to better meet their needs. By incorporating feedback from neonatal health care professionals, Pampers created a diaper that supports the long-term neurodevelopment of the most fragile infants.

Premature baby skin has a poor epidermal barrier, putting infants at increased risk of infection. Swaddlers technology includes an Absorb Away Liner™ with over 900 funnel-like micropores that quickly pull urine and stool away from the body. The updated design supports the unique needs of babies in the NICU including a flexible, contoured core which compresses for proper leg and hip positioning and an umbilical cord notch on both ends of the diaper for flexibility during the diaper change. Stretchy, re-attachable tabs can be completely removed and refastened at any angle for diapering around obstacles and soft wraparound sides support baby’s delicate skin while protecting against leaks.

Laura Goodman, P&G Scientific Communications Director

Laura feels passionately about the work done in hospital NICUs. Her own son was born a little over two weeks early and seemed so small to her until she saw the other premature babies in the NICU. She knew then the great courage of the parents and the NICU staff taking care of such tiny babies.

Years later when an opportunity arose on Pampers, she joined the team, bringing a deep personal connection of emotion and empathy.

“It is a privilege to support these little fighters, their families, and their healthcare providers with passion and commitment, so they can have the best possible start in life,” says Laura.

Daniela Rios, Government Relations & Public Policy Director

Daniela Rios, Government Relations & Public Policy Director

As the rise of period poverty became prominent in the U.S and Brazil, Daniela Rios knew she had to push for change — for her community and for her own daughter.

With her Always brand team, Daniela toured Brazil, addressing Congress and decision-makers on the issue at hand and how they can solve it. After months of Daniela’s influence, Brazil passed legislation that requires the country to provide free pad distribution in school.

This is exactly the impact Daniela planned to make when she joined P&G 10 years ago. “I am passionate about public policy because I think it is a way to change lives and it’s really connected to the mission of the company and to my personal mission.”

Daniela is making a difference in her community by being a voice for millions of girls so they can all have the same opportunities. “I tried to explain [to my daughter] that I wanted to make the world better, not just for her, but for society as well.”

Basak Aydin, Senior Director, Product Supply, Gebze Plant Manager

Lucy Yuan, Senior Director, Tianjin Plant Manager, Global Bar Platform Leaders

Basak Aydin is passionate about providing customers with the best-quality products. As a Senior Director, Basak also manages the P&G plant in Gebze, Turkey, overseeing operations for Fabric, Home, Baby and Feminine Care production.

“I feel valued every day to be a part of the solution to deliver P&G’s commitment, despite ever increasing complexity,” she says.

Over her 24-year career with P&G, Basak has also been devoted to uplifting her team and helping people with their individual career development. Among her direct reports, she has contributed to the promotion of more than 40 people to director and 4 people to the senior director level.

Basak Aydin, Senior Director, Product Supply, Gebze Plant Manager

Outside of work, Basak is passionate about watercolor painting. She draws parallels between her hobby and engineering as a laser focus on detail, mastery of techniques and the trial-and-error process are important in both.

“In manufacturing, we concentrate on operational excellence, and trial-error without fear of failure is in our DNA,” she says.

Lucy Yuan, Senior Director, Tianjin Plant Manager, Global Bar Platform Leaders

Lucy Yuan, Senior Director, Tianjin Plant Manager, Global Bar Platform Leaders

For the last 18 years, Lucy Yuan’s priority at P&G has worked to achieve plant operation excellence. She has been dedicated to superior product innovation and superior employee value equation at the Tianjin plant in China.

Lucy’s official title — Senior Director, Tianjin Plant Manager, Global Bar Platform Leader — reflects her commitment to transforming Tianjin plant to an Intelligent Manufacturing site using digital automation and intelligent technology.

P&G Tianjin group photo

Science and technology innovation is a key driver to social progress,” Lucy says. “I’m passionate about driving true innovations, especially in a technological way, which I believe is the long-term solution to making superior products that improve consumers’ lives.”

Outside of work, Lucy finds innovation inspiration from reading and learning to code.

“I really enjoy the beauty of learning new things and the beauty of technology innovation,” she says.

Vicki Jung, Director Surface Care Packaging

Vicki Jung, Director Surface Care Packaging

Vicki Jung has dedicated 14 years to innovation at P&G.

As Director for the Surface Care Packaging team, Vicki builds packaging innovation plans for Swiffer, Mr. Clean and Microban. She enjoys seeing the products she’s worked on hit the shelves and hearing consumers’ reactions. When first launching Mr. Clean Clean Freak, Vicki read a customer review about how easy it is to clean a big surface without having to spray multiple times.

“That really made me proud that consumers get the product and package benefits that I’ve worked on.”

This kind of innovative work led her to be recognized as one of Waste 360’s 40 under 40!

Vicki Jung, Director Surface Care Packaging

At home, Vicki practices sustainability by using cold water when she does laundry and using her dishwasher instead of handwashing dishes to save water.

“If making a small change now can help the future, I would like to be a part of it to improve the quality of life for current and future generations,” says Vicki.