Meet the Hispanic Innovators Behind the Innovation

Our Innovation Series showcases the amazing brand and product developments powered by P&G employees, and we bring you stories about the Innovators Behind the Innovation.

At P&G, we’re problem solvers. And our work is never truly done. Our employees are always learning – always innovating. They turn everyday consumer problems into opportunities that keep pushing the bar. More importantly, they work with others to innovate and find new solutions that help make people’s lives better.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re highlighting several impressive Hispanic and Latinx innovators whose passions, cultural values and diverse perspectives help drive the way we develop and innovate irresistibly superior, category-leading products for generations.

Meet our Innovators!

Widalys DeSoto-Burt, Global Oral Care, R&D Process and Formulation Director

Widalys DeSoto-Burt, Global Oral Care, R&D Process and Formulation Director

As part of her 17 years at P&G, Widalys has been responsible for spearheading winning formulas for oral brands Crest and Oral-B, delivering superior performance, while driving their sustainability profiles. She also holds the title of R&D Dean for the Hispanic new hire onboarding program that provides Hispanic new hires with the necessary tools to create a positive impact from the beginning.

“As a manager, nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing my employees develop and grow in ways that help them perform at their best and reach their potential and career goals,” she says. “I love being part of their journey.”

Outside of P&G, Widalys is an author, recently winning the Editor’s Choice Award for her fiction book Global Time Zone. She is passionate about her writing and finds ways to connect her creativity to new technologies.

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