Pampers Innovates to Help Prevent one of Parents’ Worst Diaper Fears

A baby boy with light skin, blond hair, and blue eyes looks surprised beside the Pampers Swaddlers logo and 'Don't Fear Blowouts' text. It highlights the diaper's Blowout Barrier for leak and blowout prevention.

Diaper blowouts have the power to strike fear in the heart of even the most experienced parent or caregiver. A recent survey found that 13 million diaper blowouts happen to parents every week in the U.S.1 Furthermore, six in ten parents fear potential blowouts2, and more than a third of parents (35%) live in constant fear of blowouts happening at any time.3

That’s why Pampers created Pampers Swaddlers with the new Blowout Barrier that helps prevent up to 100% of leaks, even blowouts — giving parents one less thing to fear.


Pampers Swaddlers diaper on teal backdrop highlights 'BreatheFree Liner' for skin dryness, 'Wrap & Protect system' for leak prevention, and 'ultrasoft absorbent layers' for gentle baby skin care.

Designed with comfort and health in mind, the new diapers feature key innovations to keep babies and parents at ease:

  • Dual Leak-Guard Barriers are along the leg cuff where leaks happen most often
  • LockAway Channels help absorb wetness and lock it away from baby’s skin
  • Soft Flexi-Sides help keep the diaper in place while flexing with baby’s every move

The Blowout Barrier is Pampers’ biggest innovation since 2018. The Blowout Barrier is currently available in Pampers Swaddlers products and will be integrated into other diapers within the Pampers portfolio offerings on a rolling basis beginning in 2024.