Waves of Change: P&G Teams Up with Circulate Capital to Combat Ocean Plastic Pollution

P&G’s global commitment to be a force for good and a force for growth includes our environmental commitments such as reducing our carbon footprint, using sustainable technology, and doing our part to stop the flow of plastic into our oceans. That’s why we’re joining forces with other leading organizations to amplify the ocean conservation efforts of Circulate Capital.

Circulate Capital is an investment management firm dedicated to incubating and financing companies, programs, and infrastructure that prevent ocean plastic. Circulate Capital and Ocean Conservancy, a leading ocean conservation nonprofit, recognized the support of P&G and other consumer packaged goods and chemical companies during the Our Ocean Conference in Bali, Indonesia, earlier this week.

"P&G remains committed to doing our part to help stop the flow of plastic to the ocean and we know it will take partnerships and collaboration to make meaningful progress,” says Virginie Helias, P&G’s Vice President of Global Sustainability. “We're proud to join our fellow investors and the Circulate Capital team in working together to generate the innovation and investment needed to solve this critical global issue."

As a result of P&G and its fellow founding investors’ support, Circulate Capital will be able to design and establish waste management infrastructures to reduce the mass of plastic pollution into the oceans, especially in critical areas such as the South and Southeast Asia regions.

“Circulate Capital’s comprehensive strategy addresses the critical gaps in capital needed to create an ecosystem of innovation, investment, entrepreneurship and partnerships,” says Steve Sikra, Associate Director of Corporate R&D for P&G’s Global Product Stewardship. “We’re excited to work together and make real progress on our shared goal of combating ocean plastic pollution.”

Steve Sikra P&G

As part of our commitment to prevent plastic pollution, P&G is working towards our commitment to have 100% of our packaging be recyclable or reusable by the year 2030, as outlined in our new environmental sustainability goals, which we call Ambition 2030.

Additionally, we are proud to have produced the world’s first recyclable shampoo bottle made from up to 25% recycled beach plastic through our Head & Shoulders brand; additionally, we’ve launched the Fairy Ocean Plastic bottle made completely from post-consumer recycled plastic and ocean plastic.

P&G’s global reach, our understanding of the five billion consumers we serve, and our innovation capabilities give us a unique ability to make a positive difference. But we know we can’t do it alone. By honoring our environmental commitments and continuing to work with organizations like Circulate Capital, we can help build a better world for all of us.