P&G Reaffirmed as a Gartner 2018 Supply Chain Master

P&G’s supply chain excellence has been externally recognized by Gartner, a leading industry consulting firm, with the release of its 2018 Supply Chain Top 25 rankings. Gartner named P&G as one of four supply chain Masters—a separate class to recognize long-term consistent excellence.

Gartner has been publishing the Supply Chain Top 25 annual ranking for 15 years, highlighting large manufacturers, retailers and distributors that demonstrate supply chain leadership in customer-driven partnerships, advanced analytics and corporate social responsibility.

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Accepting on P&G’s Behalf: Oguzhan Orucoglu, James McCall, Jessica Fong, Beth Scheid, Andrew Byer, Matt Crabtree, Sonya Sieveking and Tracy Zhao.

Master criteria includes being ranked among the top five for at least seven of past 10 years. P&G, Apple, Amazon and McDonald’s are the only companies in the Master category. Masters are excluded from the Supply Chain Top 25 rankings, which are comprised of a balance of financial, corporate social responsibility and opinion-based components. In other words, Gartner recognizes Masters as the perennial elites in supply chains.

In describing P&G’s merit in being a Master, Gartner cited P&G’s supply chain innovation and excellence including our end-to-end synchronization focus, digitization across the supply chain, and high levels of citizenship in the supply chain.

P&G's Global Product Supply Officer Yannis Skoufalos had this to say about the recognition: “This is the fourth year that P&G has been named a Supply Chain Master. This is further evidence of the superior work of the men and women of Product Supply, as well as our external business partners and agencies. I thank you all for making P&G’s supply network one of the best in the world, and I humbly thank Gartner for this recognition.”

From procuring raw materials, manufacturing P&G’s brands, inspecting them for quality, and distributing them to our retail customers, P&G’s end-to-end supply chain continues to be transformed so that P&G, and our suppliers, can rapidly meet consumer demand.

Our objective remains to create a synchronized supply network where retail customers, P&G, and suppliers efficiently operate in a seamless manner, delivering P&G brands from the point of manufacture to the store shelf in less than 24 hours, 80% of the time.

To learn more, read the 2018 Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 news release.