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Katrien Hellings in a white lab coat, holding out in front of her a dishwasher cleaning packet


P&G European Innovators Behind the Innovation: Meet the Scientist Improving Your Dish-Cleaning Routine

Meet Katrien Hellings, R&D Product Research Scientist Automatic Dishwashing Europe

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A black circle features a yellow illustration of a light bulb. White font above the light bulb says "innovation."


Unveiling Secret Science: P&G's Innovation in Dishwashing

Go behind the scenes to explore the innovation behind Fairy dishwashing products. Learn how they make dishwashing easier and more efficient.

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A white man in a grey business suit and white shirt stands on a stage. An illustrated of a brain, in the shape of a light bulb, and the white text that says "idea" are projected onto a large screen in the background.


2024 Cannes Lions: Finding Creativity in the Everyday

P&G joined the 71st Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to discuss the future of creativity in advertising.

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Carrier Summit 2024 Procter & Gamble


P&G’s North America Carrier Summit Honors Top Carriers and Carrier Drivers

Celebrating Partnerships and Recognizing Outstanding Carriers and Drivers in North America.

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P&G heritage and archive center connections map


The Power of P&G's History: Inspiring Innovation for Today and Tomorrow

From the original Swiffer prototype to groundbreaking insights, P&G's history fuels their commitment to improving lives every day.

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A white woman with short blonde hair, a white woman with long brown hair, and a white man with short brown hair pose together on a sidewalk in Cincinnati. They are all smiling as they face the camera.


Discover the Legacy of Multi-Generational Families at P&G: Meet the Sagel Family

Learn how generations of the Sagel family have helped shape P&G's history and culture.

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An Asian woman with shoulder length wears a white lab coat. She stands next to a washer and dryer, with four bottles of various laundry products lined across the top.


P&G Myth-Busting Series: Debunking Laundry Day Hacks

One of our P&G Laundry Experts shares tips to help level up your laundry game.

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A Black woman with light brown curly hair is wearing an orange blouse. She stands in front of a shopping cart as she looks down at her mobile phone.


Delivering Breakthrough Results with Data: How P&G Is Reaching Consumers More Effectively and Efficiently

From Traditional TV to Digital Channels: P&G's Innovative Approach to the Consumer Journey

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P&G is Reimagining Everyday Products: this year’s Circana New Product Pacesetters and Rising Stars.


Gain, Tide, Downy, Oral-B and Ninjamas Rank on Circana’s 2023 New Product Pacesetters List

For the fourth year in a row, P&G brands make the Top 25 list of the year’s most successful new product launches.

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P&G logo


P&G at the 2024 Deutsche Bank Global Consumer Conference

P&G Chief Operating Officer Shailesh Jejurikar and Chief Financial Officer Andre Schulten spoke with investors and analysts at the Deutsche Bank Global Consumer Conference.

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A blue and white P&G Signal 2024 logo. The words "Wednesday. July 17th. Cincinnati, OH" are displayed in white text. The words "driving market growth and value creation" are in purple and white. An image of an auditorium stage.


Signal 2024 | P&G’s Annual Innovation Summit Will Bring Together Visionary Leaders in Cincinnati

Industry leaders will share insights and strategies for driving market growth and value creation in today’s unpredictable global business environment.

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One female and two male P&G employees collaborating in P&G workspace. Female employee and P&G logo are at center of image and male employees are to each side.


The Secret Behind P&G Innovation? Unleashing the Power of People

P&G’s unique employee experience helps individuals thrive and business grow.

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A multicolored digital screen, with a white rectangle and black text that reads, “Can’t Cancel Pride.”


Reflecting on P&G’s Longstanding Commitment to Advancing LGBTQ+ Equality and Efforts to Better Serve the LGBTQ+ Community

This Pride Month, we’re recognizing the continued progress P&G has made to support the LGBTQ+ community through our brands, employees and partners.

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P&G employee Cecilia Colburn, her husband, son and daughter all smile at the camera with a dark backdrop behind them.


Innovation Series: Meet the plant manager running the largest family care site in the world

Innovators Behind the Innovation Series Continues with plant manager Cecilia Colburn

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A group of seventeen young black college women gather and smile in front a table displaying Tampax period products and packaging.


How 3 Strategic Partners Help Tampax “Flow It Forward”

Tampax’s “Flow It Forward” initiatives are rooted in P&G’s commitment to be a Force For Growth and a Force For Good.

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The P&G equality and inclusion logo is above the headline: "How P&G is building a more digitally accessible world." Below, an illustration shows a man with earbuds looking at his laptop, with an accessibility icon pointing to the screen.


Embracing Digital Accessibility: Empowering Everyone

Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day at P&G: Our commitment to digital inclusivity for a more accessible digital world.

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Brent Miller stands in a green tuxedo jacket beside GLAAD President and CEO Kate Ellis, who wears a black evening gown. Behind them, the words 35 GLAAD Media Awards are displayed onstage.


Forging a Strategic Partnership with GLAAD to Help Ensure Accurate and Inclusive LGBTQ+ Representation

Brent Miller, Senior Director for Global LGBTQ+ Engagement, reflects on P&G’s longstanding partnership with GLAAD to further LGBTQ+ visibility in the media

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Yeong Joo riding on the bus smiling


P&G Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month

Sustained actions continue to drive inclusion and impact for the AAPI community, from authentic storytelling to partnering with The Asian American Foundation.

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A young woman with long, brown curly hair and glasses smiles directly at the camera. She is wearing a black and white striped shirt and is holding a set of books.


Always Empowers Students with the Launch of Always Dreaming National Scholarship

Always introduces the Always Dreaming National Scholarship, providing $2,500 to 50 deserving students nationwide and inspiring dreams.

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Mental Wellbeing Month logo


From Struggles to Success: How P&G’s Culture and Benefits Support Employee Mental Wellbeing

Three colleagues reveal how P&G's support at crucial moments enabled them to thrive for their families and the company.

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Illustration of planet earth in the shape of a star. Text reads, "Sustainability stars. It's our home 2024."


2024 It’s Our Home Sustainability Awards

Celebrating employees whose significant contributions are making a difference, accelerating progress, and creating value while reducing environmental impact.

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A man and an elderly woman hold hands while they stand outside in front of a patch of long stemmed purple flowers. Numerous trees are lined up across the background.


People, Brands and Partners Doing Acts of Good to Help Communities Grow

Discover how P&G and our brands — like Always, Crest, Pampers and Tide — are making a positive impact across communities.

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Two round blue logos are side by side.


Key P&G Suppliers Honored with 2024 Partner of the Year Awards

P&G Partner of the Year Awards: celebrating suppliers' exceptional contributions and business value.

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A view of Earth from outer space. White text that is imposed over the planet says "Our blue world. A water odyssey."


Unlocking Solutions to Water Challenges in New “Our Blue World, A Water Odyssey” Documentary

Discover how P&G's partnerships and innovative solutions help address the global water crisis in the documentary "Our Blue World: A Water Odyssey."

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A man holds up a white square shaped swatch in one hand. With the other he is pinching and lifting white fibers from the swatch. The round yellow, orange and blue Tide logo is displayed on a bright blue backdrop.


Introducing Tide evo: A Leap Forward in Laundry

A decade of innovation culminates in revolutionary new laundry tile debuted at SXSW 2024.

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P&G It's our home logo


Made Better, Made to Save

New P&G survey reveals how everyday tasks add a physical and mental load to people’s already hectic days.

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P&G logo


P&G Announces Results for the Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2024

P&G reported results for the third quarter of Fiscal Year 2024.

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Dr. Maiysha Jones


P&G Myth-Busters Series: Body Odor happens but you don’t have to smell

Meet one of the Innovators behind whole body deodorant: Dr. Maiysha Jones

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The blue P&G logo is next to a blue, green and brown illustration of Earth. Next to both images is blue and green text that reads, "It's our home."


Unlocking Sustainability Through 3 Levels of Impact

Earth Month is a time to reflect on the part all of us can play in reducing our environmental impact.

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An Asian woman with shoulder-length black hair wears a dark suede jacket and a string of pearls. She smiles as she looks off in the distance. The image is black and white.


Dear Younger Self: 3 Lessons From a P&G Executive

Fama Francisco, P&G CEO of Global Baby, Feminine, and Family Care, shares personal learnings from her 35 years in the company.

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Two mean in dark blue business suits sit together on a stage while having a discussion. A purple digital background also displays a white text logo that reads, "Shoptalk."


Shailesh Jejurikar Talks About Unlocking Market Growth

P&G’s Chief Operating Officer Shailesh Jejurikar sat down with Yahoo! Finance Executive Editor Brian Sozzi to discuss how companies can drive growth and unlock opportunities for all stakeholders.

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Two women face each other as they engage in conversation. They are standing at the end of a hallway, in front of a digital display of a blue, white and pink logo.


Personal Growth, Purpose and Making a Difference for Employees at P&G

P&G + Me = Mutual Success | 7 P&G Employees Share Their P&G Stories

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A young woman in a white blouse and blue pants smiles as she speaks to a man in dark sweater and pants. They are standing inside the P&G heritage and archives center.


From Failure to Launch: How P&G’s Heritage Inspires Innovation

For more than 187 years, P&G has been improving lives with industry-leading products. Understanding our rich history is key to meeting consumer needs.

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A staggered line-up of Native personal care products sit on top blue square tiles. The white bottles include the brand's logo and product information in various colors.


4 P&G Brands Delivering on Superior Innovation

Learn more about how these latest innovations demonstrate P&G’s ongoing commitment to irresistible superiority.

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Over a dozen men and women smile as they march together in an evening parade. They are wearing matching outfits of blue shorts and shirts, pink feathered scarves and battery lit necklaces and crowns.


P&G Recognizes LGBTQ+ Cultural Moments in the UK and Australia During February

P&G Australia Supports Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, while P&G UK recognizes the importance of LGBTQ+ History Month.

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An illustrated circular formation of arrows, words and illustrations of a detergent bottle, recycling can, a round circular symbol and the silhouette of a factory. Their respective words are Make, Collect, Sort and Recycle.


See P&G’s Actions to Reduce, Reuse, Replace and Recycle at the Sink and in the Shower and Laundry Room

Product packaging delivers better experience for people with reduced environmental impact.

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Several white women in uniforms are working in a Tampax factory during world war two. The image is in black and white.


Honoring Women’s History Month Across Generations

Discover how P&G’s brands keep innovating to support women through life’s stages.

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P&G logo


A Focus on Balanced Growth and Value Creation

Highlights from P&G’s Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) Conference 2024.

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Three pink Febreze air freshener products are displayed. Two plug-in fragrances and one aerosol spray bottle. The background is pink and sparkly.


Febreze Innovates to Bring People Closer Together

Febreze releases its third “fragrance of the year,” Romance & Desire, formulated to inspire connection.

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A black woman with long, dark straight hair wears a black blouse and large gold earrings as she smiles at the camera.


Black History Month: Meet the Innovators Behind P&G’s Everyday Innovations

Throughout Black History Month P&G is celebrating our innovators and the innovation behind the products they make and that help make the lives of our consumers better every day.

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P&G logo


P&G's Awards and Recognitions: Shaping Careers, Inclusion and Consumer Impact

Unveiling Procter & Gamble's prestigious honors and commitment to excellence in all aspects.

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Two white men in white shirts and dark pants and one white woman in a white shirt and a dark skirt stand inside an industrial laboratory. In the black and white photo, they are surrounded by lab flasks and other materials.


How Women and Girls Inspire Superior Innovation by Our Brands

Learn how women and girls inspire P&G’s history and future of inclusive innovation as we celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

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A white box top with blue text displays "Tampax." Another brown box top includes colored text and an illustration of a woman in a blue skirt suit. Both boxes are historical versions of Tampax packaging. A full page magazine clip sits on the right.


For a Better Way to Period, Just Add Tampax

Tampax survey finds nearly 70% of Gen Z women and girls receive little or no period education.

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Black consumers experience innovative brands at My Black Is Beautiful, Olay and Bevel stations during the HBCYOU Tour. In the inset, a Black man is seated in a chair and receives a haircut from a barber.


P&G Honors Black History Month 2024

Discover the impact of Black creativity as P&G celebrates Black creatives, innovators, cultural institutions and media companies during Black History Month.

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12 logos are featured against a black backdrop. The brands received P&G's Best of Brand Award in 2023, including Aussie, Pepto Bismol, Puffs, Ariel, Metamucil, Tide, Downy & Lenor, Old Spice, Native, Vicks, Dawn/Salvo/Fairy and Pampers.


Celebrating 2023 Brand Mastery Society Inductees and Best of Brands Who Raise the Brand-Building Bar

P&G’s annual Brand Mastery Awards spotlighted five brand mastery leaders and 12 brands for achieving strong growth results.

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P&G logo


P&G Announces Results for the Second Quarter of Fiscal Year 2024

P&G reported results for the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2024, with a strong quarter driven by the continued excellent execution of our integrated strategy.

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P&G employees


The Art of Leadership: Uncovering Three P&G Secrets to People Development

Find out what’s behind P&G’s long-standing reputation as an academy for future CEOs.

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A man with short blonde hair wears a pink buttoned shirt. He smiles as he holds up a plastic molecular model.


Meet the P&G Innovator Doing Laundry in Space

P&G Innovator Mark Sivik works on Tide Infinity, helping astronauts do laundry in space.

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The white and beige Braun Skin i-expert handheld hair removal device stands upright. To the left of the device, a smartphone screen displays an image of the device, with instructional text and prompts.


P&G Myth-Busting Series: The Science Behind Braun's New IPL Hair Removal System

Braun launches new IPL hair removal system that auto-adjusts to user during treatment.

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A woman with short, brown hair sits at her desk in a laboratory. She holds a small camera as she films the features of a handheld hair removal device.


Meet the Innovator Behind Braun’s New IPL Hair Removal System

P&G Scientist: “Hair removal innovation makes getting ready easier.”

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Five P&G employees in matching blue shirts smile and stand on the street under a bridge decorated with rainbow colors.


P&G Receives Perfect Score on HRC Equality Index for 10th Consecutive Year

Recognizing P&G’s policies, practices and benefits that create an inclusive workforce.

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Illustration of water droplets placed in a circular shape with text below: Water Positive Future It's Our Home and P&G logo.


Diving Into Action: Supporting New Water Restoration Projects in California

We kicked off four water restoration projects with on-the-ground partners in California, as part of P&G’s water positive future strategy.

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Creating Workspaces that Work for Everyone

Take a sneak peek inside some of our offices to see how we’re making P&G workspaces around the globe more accessible and inclusive.

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Ilaria Ambrogio, Director Principal Scientist


Meet the European Summit Innovators

Learn more about our European scientists that are driving product innovation with sustainability in mind.

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Here We Grow logo


Disability Confident: P&G’s Inclusive Workplace Grows Innovation, Careers and Business

Learn more about Procter & Gamble’s efforts to remove the barriers that inhibit access within society for people with disabilities, through inclusive representation and accessible design.

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King C Gillette brand experience at Rock the Bells Festival featuring a display of grooming products


Three Ways Widen The Screen Is Widening Our View As We Serve Black Consumers.

P&G Expands Widen The Screen’s Impact by Widening Our View of Black Life and Culture.

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Water Positive Future logo


P&G and World Resources Institute on the Importance of Setting Downstream Water Targets

P&G worked closely with the World Resources Institute Water Program to align with the best science and emerging target-setting practices.

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African American woman turning on the Febreze Airia Smart Scent Diffuser


Febreze Draws on Unlikely Inspiration for New Innovation

P&G scientists created the AIRIA Smart Scent Diffuser with inspiration from thermal ink-jet printer cartridge technology.

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Woman with dark curly hair, stands holding her youngest son, while her husband on the right holds another son who is looking up at him. Their oldest boy stands between them. All are wearing blue plaid shirts and smiling.


Building a Family: Celebrating the Beauty of Adoption

For National Adoption Day, learn how P&G supports employees during the parenthood journey.

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Building a circular future


P&G Introduces Digital Watermarking Test in France for Enhanced Recycling

Through partnership and innovation, this is a step toward ensuring more waste is collected and recycled.

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A large group of Hispanic Procter & Gamble employees pose, with many sitting on the floor and others standing in the background. They are waving and smiling. The group is predominantly female.


P&G Costa Rica Opens Doors for Women in Information Technology

P&G Costa Rica Empowers Women in IT: Boosting Female STEM Careers with Support & Inspiring Initiatives.

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Water positive future it's our home


Native American Heritage Month: Collaborating on Three Water Sustainability Initiatives

P&G collaborates with brands, partners and Native tribes for long-term water sustainability.

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A girl with short, brown curly hair smiling


Unlocking Peak Performance: How P&G Prioritizes Total Employee Wellbeing

How P&G supports the physical, mental, financial and work-life wellbeing of employees throughout their career journeys.

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Signal 2023 logo


Meet the 2023 P&G Signal Innovators

Meet the P&G innovators who were featured at the Signal 2023 Summit.

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The illustrated Charmin brand logo is designed in the shape of a cloud. It's dark blue with a light blue border. The Charmin name is placed in the center and written in white letters.


For the First Time in 100 years, Charmin is Reinventing the Square for a Smoother Tear

P&G CEO Jon Moeller credits “a great team of innovators.”

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A baby boy with light skin, blond hair, and blue eyes looks surprised beside the Pampers Swaddlers logo and 'Don't Fear Blowouts' text. It highlights the diaper's Blowout Barrier for leak and blowout prevention.


Pampers Innovates to Help Prevent One of Parents’ Worst Diaper Fears

Pampers’ newest innovation, the Blowout Barrier, keeps babies dry and puts parents’ fears to rest.

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An adult male with short dark hair wears black glasses and a dark striped shirt. He smiles and poses for a headshot.


Empowering Employee ‘P&G + Me’ Stories

Hear in their own words why these team members say P&G is the best place to build a career.

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A blue and white box with a blue Clearblue logo and product name. The box features the image of a digital menopause test and text indicating its results help you understand your menopause journey.


P&G Innovates for Any Age and Every Stage of Life

Reflecting on World Menopause Day: how P&G helps deliver products that make consumers lives easier, no matter what stage of life they’re in.

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P&G logo


P&G Announces Results for the First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2024

P&G reported results for the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2024, and our integrated strategy continued to support strong results.

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HACR logo


How Two P&G Hispanic Leaders Drive Their Career Growth from a Cultural Perspective

P&G employees share their experiences with HACR’s Young Hispanic Corporate Achievers Program.

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P&G's 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

P&G held our 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

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Graphic from CARE. The organization's logo is in the bottom right. A young Black girl in blue smiles brightly with the words “Take the Mic” and “Happy International Day of the Girl!” displayed.


Four Ways We’re Working Together to Create More Opportunities for Girls to Lead

P&G and our brands recognize International Day of the Girl.

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A black and white photo of P&G’s first blind employee, Jane Dotson, who was hired in January 1950 and worked in the transcribing department at the General Offices. She sits at a desk, typing on a typewriter amongst other women transcribers.


Three Ways We Grow Our Disability Confident Culture

P&G recognizes National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

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A young Hispanic man in a red shirt laughs as he interacts with a group of four young children at a local Boys and Girls Club.


Twenty Olympic and Paralympic Athletes Get an Early “Win” for Their Community Impact Partners

Ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, P&G awards 20 athletes with a $24,000 USD grant for their charities to further their work.

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Eight different Procter and Gamble household products are positioned directly in a circular shape around the blue and white company logo. Above is the white and teal 2023 good housekeeping award logo.


P&G Products Receive Good Housekeeping’s 2023 Best Cleaning & Organizing Award Recognition

10 P&G products are recognized as part of Good Housekeeping’s 2023 Best Cleaning & Organizing Awards Recognition

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Bontle Madiselle and kids dancing


P&G and Always Unite with Period Heroes to #EndPeriodPoverty

Global Citizen Festival Sets the Stage for Action

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Integrated Strategy Series


2023 Annual Report – Integrated Strategy Series

Procter & Gamble shares additional insights into its integrated strategy, following the release of the company’s 2023 Annual Report.

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 Two men and a woman, dressed in business casual wear, sit around a small circular table while smiling at the camera. A microphone sits in front of them as they prepare to record a podcast interview.


Innovation Expo Live Podcast Uncovers P&G's Science-Based Innovation

Procter & Gamble leaders share how we are resetting the bar for superiority and meeting consumer demands.

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An adult woman, adult man, and two young girls pose together in the Space 220 Restaurant at the Walt Disney World Resort. The restaurant windows simulate a panoramic view of Earth from outer space.


Hispanic Heritage Month: Meet the Innovators Behind P&G’s Everyday Innovations

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re introducing some of P&G’s Hispanic innovators behind the everyday products your family loves.

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HHM logo


P&G Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Diligente! Hispanics Powering Progress.

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An African American woman and a white non-Hispanic woman, dressed in business attire, sit together at a conference table.


Kroger Queen City Championship Presented by P&G Returns to Cincinnati Uplifting Women in Sports, Business and Education

Year two of the Queen City Gamechangers program and scholarships continue to support female advancement into executive leadership roles.

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OLAY Super Serum


P&G Myth-Busting Series: OLAY Scientist Shares Skin Care “Dos and Don’ts”

OLAY Launches New “Super” Product | P&G Myth-Busting Series

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P&G logo


P&G Releases 2023 Annual Report

P&G released its 2023 Annual Report, highlighting for shareholders that we delivered another strong year in fiscal 2023.

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A woman with dark hair holds up her young son with short, curly dark hair. They're both smiling, indicating an expression of joy. The tagline "Lead With Care" is written in white text in the upper left corner.


P&G India Launches “Lead With Care” Program

Procter & Gamble launches a new caregiving support program for employees in India with children who have disabilities and special needs.

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A rabbit with a light brown coat sits in the middle of a field of grass


Ending Animal Testing — Together

P&G scientists and animal welfare leaders step forward to end animal testing.

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Two women with long dark hair, dressed in business casual attire, post with a red, human-size bear mascot for the P&G brand Charmin.


Top Recruits Find a Place They Can ‘Standout’ at P&G

Our annual Standout Emerging Leaders Camp gives college sophomores the opportunity to visit our headquarters and learn what it’s like to work at P&G.

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P&G Water Positive Future logo


World Water Week: P&G Progresses Toward its Goals to Help Build a Water Positive Future

During World Water Week, we’re excited to share more about our water strategy and progress against it.

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A woman's left hand holds a round olay super serum bottle between her thumb and index finger, as a small amount of iridescent serum is displayed on the side of her hand. Her right hand hovers above her left hand as it holds the bottle's dropper.


OLAY is Putting the ‘Super’ in Super Serum

Innovation helped create OLAY’s newest Super Serum with super-powered ingredient — activated niacinamide.

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Crest + Oral-B #ClosingAmericasSmileGap


Closing America's Smile Gap: Partnering for Better Oral Health Access, Education and Representation for Kids in the U.S.

Crest and Oral-B Team up with Jesse Williams to discuss the importance of oral care supplies for Back-to-School 2023.

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Queen Latifah takes the stage and performs during the 2023 Rock the Bells Festival in Queens, New York.


Hip Hop Music Turns 50!

P&G Celebrates How Music Widens Our Views and Our World.

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African American woman with long, thin braids and long-sleeve grey sweater poses for a headshot. Casual diner is in the background.


New Grads Find Opportunity and Support at P&G

New employees share how P&G’s development culture and supportive colleagues are helping deliver on our promise of a superior employee experience.

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Close up image of short-haired Asian woman


How Much Do You Know About the Global Water Crisis?

To spread awareness about the global water crisis, P&G and Cascade partnered with The Guardian US to hit the streets and see how much people know.

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P&G logo


P&G Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2023 Results

P&G reported results for the fourth quarter and full 2023 fiscal year, and our integrated strategy continued to support strong results.

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Marc S. Pritchard keynote speaker at Signal 2023 panel


P&G’s Signal Summit 2023 Reset the Bar on Innovation and Creativity

This year’s P&G Signal Summit brought together industry leaders to discuss what it means to change the game and “reset the bar” on superior performance and irresistible innovation.

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Close-up photo of black women


Women Deliver 2023 | Together We All Lead

Inspired by today’s generation of action & impact. Meet the women changemakers transforming their communities.

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The next reset logo


The Next Reset: Creativity That Grows Markets

P&G highlights from the 2023 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity including how to unlock the next great creative expansion.

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Group photo of three men


Three Ways Our People Make Our Impact Possible

Our employees around the globe bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the brands you know and love.

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Portrait of Shailesh Jejurikar


3 Leadership Tips From P&G’s Chief Operating Officer

Shailesh Jejurikar, P&G COO, offers new employees three ideas to consider as they create their own career path.

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Victor Aguilar, Chief Research, Development & Innovation Officer, Reflects on Inspiring Market Visits and the Drive for Irresistible Superiority

P&G employees around the globe are creating breakthroughs.

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Kathleen Grover, director of Global Business Services, Consumer & Brand Services at P&G


ReLaunching Careers with Confidence

P&G program pairs talented professionals with training and support to restart careers.

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Person using Swiffer PowerMop


P&G Myth-Busting Series: The Innovation Behind the New Swiffer PowerMop

The new Swiffer PowerMop is an all-in-one cleaning system that helps us all clean smarter, not harder!

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Celebration of Juneteenth


P&G's Commitment to Empowering Communities and Commemorating Juneteenth

Three Years of Taking on Race in Support of Communities of Color

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P&G logo


Downy, Dawn, Crest and Others Receive Top Rankings on Circana’s Pacesetters List

Seven P&G products are recognized in the top 25 of Circana’s 2022 New Product Pacesetters

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Head & Shoulders BARE bottles


Innovation Series | How Head & Shoulders Delivers on Dandruff Protection and Sustainable Packaging

Innovation helped create Head & Shoulders’ new 9-ingredient, low-waste H&S BARE product line.

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Actress, dancer, singer and content creator, JoJo Siwa joins P&G employees to help kick off Pride.


A Force for Growth, Good and Hope | How P&G is Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community with Pride

P&G leads another year of Can’t Cancel Pride in support of the LGBTQ+ community and organizations that help create a more inclusive and equal world.

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Freestore foodbank


P&G’s North America Fem Care Team Brings Purpose to Life

P&G’s North American Fem Care organization packed 15,000 period care kits containing Always and Tampax for local school-aged girls.

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P&G logo


P&G at the 2023 Deutsche Bank Global Consumer Conference

Highlights from P&G Chairman, President and CEO Jon Moeller and Chief Financial Officer Andre Schulten’s experience at the Deutsche Bank Global Consumer Conference in Paris.

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P&G Shiksha Making the #InvisibleGap Visible


P&G Shiksha Launches a Nationwide Movement in India to Make the #InvisibleGap Visible

In a first-of-its-kind thought-provoking film, P&G Shiksha aims to create awareness and urge meaningful action to bridge the invisible learning gap in India.

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P&G logo


P&G Earns Ninth Consecutive Gartner Supply Chain Mastery Award

Gartner named P&G as one of four supply chain ‘Masters’ – the ninth consecutive year P&G has earned this distinction.

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Always period heroes group shot


Always, International Paper, and Period Heroes Team Up to Help #EndPeriodPoverty in the U.S.

Always heads to Washington D.C. to recommit to the brand’s mission to help #EndPeriodPoverty.

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P&G Signal 23 logo


Signal 2023 | P&G’s Annual Innovation Summit Draws Top Industry Minds to Cincinnati

P&G’s 12th Annual Signal Summit will Inspire Innovators to Rethink Success.

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Picture of Palawan oceanfront


P&G and Conservation International: Partners to Protect and Restore Biodiversity

Through a five-year partnership with Conservation International, we’re working to restore and protect one of the most biodiverse regions on Earth.

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Be At My Best logo


Celebrating P&G Fathers Around the World.

Extended paternity leave policy making a difference for P&Gers and their families.

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A picture of Ariel's new Ecoclic Box. The box is green and white and shows a large laundry pod in the middle. The packaging encourages users to cut plastic and wash clothes with cold water.


Creating a More Digitally Accessible World

People with Disabilities Belong at P&G.

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Doing Acts of Good Helps Our Communities Grow

P&G highlights partners doing Acts of Good and the 2023 Acts of Good Award winners.

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Amy Wiford with her son Theo


When Love Comes Early: A Pampers’ NICU Nurse Becomes a NICU Mother

NICU nurse Amy Wiford shares a piece of her motherhood journey – going from working in the NICU to being the mother of a patient in the NICU.

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Zuriel Oduwole joining Global Citizen NOW


Creating Impact at Global Citizen NOW and Beyond

Spotlighting the Global Menstrual Equity Accelerator and Work of Young Leaders to #EndPeriodPoverty and More Challenges.

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Asian american girl holding drawing of her name


One Year After ‘The Name,’ P&G Continues Momentum to Support the AAPI Community

Procter & Gamble is continuing efforts to drive impact and belonging in support of the AAPI community.

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Mental health awareness month


Cultivating a Culture of Wellbeing at P&G

By providing wellness resources for employees to be their best selves, we’re delivering on our promise to provide a superior experience for employees and, ultimately, consumers.

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Gregg Weaver with new Bounty


P&G Myth-Busting Series: Bounty on a Roll with New Innovation

P&G Scientist Gregg Weaver shares how cleaning up messes is easier than before with the Quicker Picker Upper.

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Damon Jones, Chief Communications Officer


Global Inclusion: If the Systems Don’t Change, Change the Systems

Chief Communications Officer Damon Jones outlines how multicultural and inclusive marketing are fundamental to brand building.

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P&G logo


P&G Announces Third Quarter FY’23 Results

Today P&G reported results for the third quarter of the 2023 fiscal year, and our integrated strategies supported strong results.

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P&G Volunteers


P&G Employees Give Back to Help Our Communities Grow

In celebration of National Volunteer Month, we share Acts of Good that our employees are doing, alongside our partners, to help their communities grow.

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Photo of Edwin L. Artzt, former P&G CEO


In Memoriam — Edwin L. Artzt

Remembering our former CEO for his visionary leadership, competitive spirit and commitment to P&G people.

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Zuriel at TIME WOTY


Creating a Workplace Culture Where Everyone Belongs

Read about the actions we have taken with our employees, through our brands, and with our partners to serve communities this month.

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EC3O Laundry detergent


Spring Cleaning with P&G Innovation

Our P&G experts share how our innovative products keep your home fresh all season long.

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P&G logo


A Long History of Misspelling Our Company’s Name

Search P&G online and you’ll find endless variations of the spelling of Procter & Gamble — but we haven't always gotten the name quite right ourselves!

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An adult white male and two young girls pose in raincoats as they smile directly at the camera. Additional pedestrians and a city landscape are in the background.


Meet the Innovators Behind P&G’s Sustainability Efforts

Meet the innovators that help create products and processes that help drive P&G’s sustainability goals.

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E&I Awards logo


World Autism Awareness Day: Neurodiversity Confidence Grows at P&G

Celebrating the Contributions of Our Neurodivergent Talent.

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Secret logo


Secret Deodorant Commits to Empowering 1 Million Young Women in their Financial Journey

To kick off Financial Literacy Month, Secret Deodorant is launching a new financial empowerment initiative, aiming to provide 1 million young women with educational resources

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From left to right: UC President Pinto, P&G Senior VP of Corporate R&D, Lee Ellen Drechsler, UC Vice President Ryan Hays


P&G and The University of Cincinnati Expand Collaboration and Celebrate 15-Year Partnership with Digital Accelerator

Partnership continues to bring students real experience while solving business challenges with newly-renamed P&G Digital Accelerator @ the University of Cincinnati.

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P&G Water Positive Future logo


P&G Helps to Build a Water Positive Future

World Water Day is grounded in collaboration and unlocking new approaches to solve water challenges, and P&G continues to help advance everyday solutions.

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Zero manufacturing waste to landfill


Global Recycling Day: P&G Accelerates Towards 2030 Plastic Reduction Goals

For Global Recycling Day, P&G is progressing toward its commitment to reducing plastic waste, accelerating sustainable packaging and partnering to improve recycling systems.

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Two women holding glasses of purified water


The Power of Innovation and Partnerships: Transforming Lives through Clean Water

For World Water Day 2023 P&G is highlighting the power of partnership in helping to accelerate efforts to solve the water and sanitation crisis.

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World pride vehicle


Sydney WorldPride 2023: P&G Australia “Leads with Love”

P&G celebrates Sydney WorldPride with our largest ever Pride partnership.

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workplaces that CARE, United Way logo


How We Make P&G a “Workplace That Cares”

The United Way of Greater Cincinnati recently named Procter & Gamble a 2023 Workplace That Cares.

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P&G COO Shailesh Jejurikar presents on Enterprise Markets at Investor Day 2022.


Improving Lives with Superior Brands

P&G leaders brought to life our focus on superiority at Investor Day 2022.

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Sumaira Latif, Company Accessibility Leader at Procter & Gamble


Four P&G Brands Raise the Bar with Accessible and Sustainable Packaging

Ariel, Gillette, Herbal Essences and Lenor Recognized for inclusive design that drives sustainability.

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Time Women of the Year


See Equal. Act Equal. Lead Equal.

P&G is uniting with changemakers and spotlighting young female leaders.

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Vicki Jung, Director Surface Care Packaging


Women’s History Month: Meet the P&G Innovators Behind the Innovation

Throughout Women’s History Month, we’re introducing some of Procter & Gamble’s innovators behind our everyday product innovations.

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PAC Awards group shot


Six Award-Winning Packaging Designs Inspire Sustainability At Home

Learn about the innovation behind these sustainable packaging designs.

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P&G LGBTQ Lead with Love logo


LGBTQ+ History Month: Learning from Personal Stories

P&G is a company that values diversity and strives to create a world free from bias – both inside our organisation and in wider society.

#TheFutureMakers lobby


Work Is Changing; Workspaces Are, Too

At P&G, we’re making sure our offices are engaging workspaces that support the way people work today and are ready for the future.

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P&G + me logo


Colleagues Share Inspiring ‘P&G + Me’ Stories

Hear in their own words why these team members say P&G is an unbeatable place to build a career.

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Queen Latifah and six Queen Collective filmmakers


Celebrating Black Creative Excellence at the 54th NAACP Image Awards

New Queen Collective Films Premiere on BET during NAACP Image Awards Weekend

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A Focus on Balanced Growth and Value Creation


CAGNY 2023: A Focus on Balanced Growth and Value Creation

At CAGNY, P&G CEO Jon Moeller shared our integrated strategic choices and why Procter & Gamble’s strategy remains the right one to drive balanced growth and value creation.

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Black History Month, moments to movements


P&G Celebrates Black History Month 2023

We recognize and celebrate Black History Month by acknowledging the unparalleled impact the Black community has had on the United States throughout history.

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Inventors day museum


#InventorsDay: How Our Past Shapes Our Future

As we celebrate Inventors Day, Shane Meeker, our corporate storyteller and historian, sat down to talk with PR Week to share how understanding our past can help shape the future of our company.

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Girls in STEM


P&G Believes We Can All Lead Gender Equality

P&G and its partners take action to inspire the leaders of tomorrow on International Day of Women & Girls In STEM.

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Gillette Fusion 5


Procter & Gamble Innovates to Create Products That Are Both Sustainable and Accessible

Through inclusive and sustainable design, we’re also helping consumers live more sustainably.

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Sundance Queen Collective


P&G Brings Representative and Equitable Storytelling to the 2023 Sundance Film Festival

Queen Collective and other partner films screen at Sundance to help create more spaces for under-represented voices and untold stories.

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Home Equity, Close the Chore Gap


From Home Ec to Home Eq[uity]: P&G Helps Close the Chore Gap Before It Starts.

P&G’s Dawn & Swiffer brands partner with Hello Sunshine’s Fair Play to close the “Chore Gap” by rolling out a special “Home Eq[uity]” curriculum.

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CES 2023 C&D Panel


AI, Space Tech, and Metaverse, Of Course: Our Week at CES 2023

CES may be over, but we’re still energized and excited by what we learned as we look ahead at the rest of 2023.

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P&G Announces Second Quarter FY’23 Results

Our integrated strategies continued to yield good results in the second quarter of the Company’s 2023 fiscal year.

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Dr. Phil Souter, Senior Director, Laundry Research and Development


Dr. Phil Souter, Senior Director, Laundry Research and Development, receives an OBE for services to Medical Research

We are extremely proud of Dr Phil Souter, a Senior Director working in our Laundry Research and Development (R&D) team at our Innovation Centre in Newcastle, who has received an OBE for his services to Medical Research.

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Eberhard in dish lab


P&G Myth-Busting Series: You’re Probably Cleaning Your Dishes Wrong. Our Dish Expert Explains

Procter & Gamble’s Dish Cleaning Myth-Busting Series.

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Chief Human Resources Officer Bala Purushothaman


P&G + Me = Mutual Success: Delivering a Superior Employee Value Equation

Employees have a lot of choices, and we know there is always more work to do to attract, develop and retain the best talent.

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EC30 logo


Innovation Series: EC30 Earns Top Endorsements

Join P&G’s Journey to Carbon Neutral

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Jack English in a lab


Innovators Series: Meet the Innovator Making Laundry Day Easier

There’s real science in your laundry regimen.

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2021 Progress Highlights


A Closer Look – P&G’s First Year Progress Toward Net Zero 2040

On the journey to Net Zero, we’re addressing climate change and making a difference in our home, your home and the planet we call home.

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P&G Best of Brands winners


Celebrating Brand Mastery Society Inductees and 2022 Best of Brand Awards

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, hosted P&G’s Brand Awards annual event, spotlighting the best of our brands and leaders.

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2022 Citizenship Report


Building Citizenship Into How We Do Business

P&G Releases 2022 Citizenship Report

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Vittorio Cretella


Digital — The Secret to Solving Consumer Problems

Guest Author: Vittorio Cretella, Chief Information Officer

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First P&G store


Doing the Right Thing: A Business Built on Trust

Purpose, Values, Principles provide foundation for P&G’s unique culture.

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Helias Virginie


The Sustainability Sweet Spot — Delighting Consumers with No Trade Offs

Guest Authors: Virginie Helias, Chief Sustainability Officer, and Alex Keith, CEO P&G Beauty

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Victor Aguilar


Four Ways P&G is Raising the Bar on Innovation

Guest Author: Victor Aguilar, Chief Research, Development, and Innovation Officer

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Investing in Black Owned and Operated Media

Our passionate Black Owned and Operated Media Team is leading the industry with equitable actions to #WidenTheScreen.

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Bounty packages


Innovation Series: Behind P&G’s Bounty

There’s more to the Quicker Picker Upper than you think.

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Seven Habits for Market Growth

To be a Force for Growth, P&G is adopting these seven habits for multicultural marketing.

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P&G logo


P&G Holds 2022 Investor Day

P&G executives provide a review of our integrated business strategy and how it is being further strengthened through four focus areas.

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Pampers preemie


Committed to Premature Babies, Their Families and Their Caretakers

This World Prematurity Day, Pampers and P&G continue to help raise awareness of preterm birth and the concerns of preterm babies and their families worldwide.

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AALN logo


Powering Forward for the Next Generation of Leaders

Celebrating the bold, brilliant and breakthrough leadership of our African Ancestry employees and champions.

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P&G Supplier Sustainability Award - International Flavors and Fragrances 2022


2022 Partner of the Year Awards: P&G Honors External Business Partners for Delivering Sustained Value

P&G recognized 11 companies this year, and for the first time, recognized six partners with the P&G Supply Sustainability Award.

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Valuing Veterans at P&G


Valuing Veterans at P&G

P&G’s military veterans programs help service members transition to civilian life.

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AIPLA Group Shot


P&G Recognized by American Intellectual Property Association for Supporting Women Inventors

Julie Setser shares insights on why it’s important for P&G to include and encourage women innovators.

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Group photo


Native American Network: Leading with Love through Truth and Reconciliation

Native American Network members from across the U.S. bring Truth and Reconciliation Day to life at P&G sites.

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Gillette Venus


Can Equality & Inclusion be a Force for Growth?

The business case for embedding Equality and Inclusion into brand building.

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NAHM Group Shot


Native American Heritage Month: Connecting Our Heritage with Our Commitments

We’re sharing the impact of our Native American and Indigenous employees, and how our Brands are stepping up to support communities.

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Brent Miller accepting the SAGE Award


2022 SAGE Awards: Celebrating the Inspirational Leadership That Is Transforming Our World

P&G celebrates Brent Miller for receiving the Jack Watters Corporate Advocate Award at the 2022 SAGE Awards & Gala.

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A Feeding America volunteer distributes food donations to alleviate food insecurity.


P&G Celebrates 40 Years of Partnership with Feeding America®

Together we’re advancing change and ensuring access to nutritious food and essential products.

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Raymond Lynch


A Road Less Traveled

P&G Global Ambassador, Employees with Disabilities and Medical Conditions, Raymond Lynch’s Journey Advances the Disability Community

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P&G logo


P&G Announces First Quarter FY’23 Results

Execution of our integrated strategies continued to yield good results in the first quarter provided a solid start to FY 2023.

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GABLE Group Shot


LGBTQ+ History Is Our History

P&G honors the legacy of leaders in this community who’ve inspired changes within our company and engendered a greater sense of beauty and equity throughout the world.

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Sun Valley Project Leaders inspecting panels


P&G and ENGIE Collaborate to Reduce Emissions with New Renewable Energy Project

P&G and energy industry supplier ENGIE announce partnership for a Power Purchase Agreement from ENGIE’s Sun Valley Solar project.

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Olay HA24


New OLAY Regenerist Hyaluronic + Peptide24 Collection Delivers Consistently Radiant Skin in Increasingly Inconsistent Environments

OLAY launches new Hyaluronic + Peptide24 collection, the most hydrating launch yet.

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P&G logo


P&G's 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

P&G held our 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

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Bennet Sisters at GC


Uplifting Changemakers on International Day of the Girl

On the 10th anniversary of the International Day of the Girl we’re uplifting the voices and actions of change makers, individuals and organizations alike who are supporting girls in achieving their full potential.

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Myles Whitmore


From Virtual Interns to Full-Time Employees

Procter & Gamble employees share how post-pandemic they collaborate to create an ideal work environment in a virtual and hybrid workplace.

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Peter Roman


Meet the Hispanic Designer Behind the Creative for Some of P&G’s Iconic Brands

Peter Roman leads creative design and multicultural inclusivity for Personal Care and Beauty brands.

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Blog Thumbnail - E&I LGBTQ Gender Equality People With Disabilities


Gold Series by Pantene and Royal Oils by Head & Shoulders Announce Awardees of #RootedinScience Scholarship

P&G Hair Care Brands Gold Series by Pantene and Royal Oils by Head & Shoulders sustain commitment to future Black STEM-focused innovators.

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Capitanes del Futuro logo


P&G and Hispanic Star Launch Youth Leadership Initiative Capitanes del Futuro

P&G, Major League Soccer and Hispanic Star support the progress of Hispanic youth.

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P&G deaf program logo


The Language of Inclusion: P&G Recognizes International Day of Sign Languages

P&G’s honors the D/deaf community and hard of hearing consumers by taking action to ensure we create an inclusive environment that enables us to uniquely see the people we serve and uniquely serve the people we see.

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P&G black and white logo


P&G Joins 10th Anniversary Global Citizen Festival to Step Up for Girls, for the Planet We Call Home and to Defeat Poverty

P&G is joining together with Global Citizen for their 10th anniversary Global Citizen Festival.

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Widalys DeSoto-Burt, Global Oral Care, R&D Process and Formulation Director


Meet the Hispanic Innovators Behind the Innovation

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month we’re introducing several of P&G’s Hispanic and Latinx innovators.

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Procter & Gamble: Protecting Forests for Generations to Come


Procter & Gamble: Protecting Forests for Generations to Come

Working with leading environmental and forestry groups, P&G continues to make progress on our commitment to keep forests as forests for generations to come.

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Together we Progress


P&G Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

Together We Progress. Our Brands. Our People. Our Communities.

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EEO 30 years


Our Pride, Our Legacy

P&G Celebrates Our 30-Year Commitment to LGBTQ+ Visibility, Equality & Inclusion

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Gerard Baillelly is awarded the Henry F. Whalen, Jr. Award of Excellence for his contributions to business within chemical enterprise.


Meet the Innovative R&D Senior Vice President Honored by the American Chemical Society

Gerard Baillelly is awarded the Henry F. Whalen, Jr. Award of Excellence for his contributions to business within chemical enterprise.

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Woman with dark curly hair standing in front of Tide shelf, holding Tide product in her hands and smiling.


P&G Myth-Busting Series: You’re Probably Doing Your Laundry Wrong. P&G’s Laundry Experts Explain

Procter & Gamble’s Fabric 101 Myth-Busting Series

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P&G E&I Awards logo


Uniquely Inclusive and United for Growth

Recognizing P&G Change Makers Fueling a Culture of Equality & Inclusion.

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Olay Vitamin C


Innovation Series: August Brand Roundup

A monthly roundup of the latest news in P&G brand innovations.

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Family holding P&G purified water and purifying packets


Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program Reaches 20 Billion Liter Milestone

In collaboration with our partners, we announced that we delivered 20 billion liters of clean drinking water to families around the globe.

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P&G Design Logo


P&G Design Brings Creative Spark to Cincinnati Festival

The P&G Design Team is the official Creative Sponsor of this year’s BLINK Parade in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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OralB iADH Logo


Oral-B Partners to Make Oral Care More Inclusive

Oral-B Europe is partnering with the International Association of Disability and Oral Health to make oral care more inclusive and accessible for People with Disabilities.

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Ann Schulte


School of P&G: Where Learning & Development Take Center Stage

P&G’s unwavering commitment to leadership development puts learning, growth and ownership front and center.

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Focus in on Shanon


World Water Week: Metrics That Matter for Water

P&G Global Water Stewardship Leader Shannon Quinn dives into how we're protecting water for people and nature.

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Iterations of the Zevo Flying Insect Trap.


Innovation Series: Meet the P&G Scientist Helping Rid Your Home of Bugs

P&G Scientist Chris Smith Helps Develop a Safe, Set-And-Forget Product to Help with Household Bugs

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P&G Logo


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Matter: A Son’s Perspective

A First-Person Perspective from John M. Lipchitz, Director and Assistant General Counsel, The Gillette Company

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P&G Releases 2022 Annual Report

P&G released its 2022 Annual Report highlighting all that’s been accomplished in the fiscal year.

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Shannon Quinn Thumbnail


Innovation Series: P&G Trailblazer Helps Bring Water Positive Future to Life

Shannon Quinn spearheaded 2030 strategy enabling P&G to help address the global water crisis.

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Aaron in a restaurant - thumbnail


Innovation Series: Meet the Engineer Behind the Oral B Connect App

P&G engineer discusses the advantages of working on a diverse team.

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Alexandria team posing


P&G’s Native American Affinity Group Connects Community & Culture

Local Alexandria team leads in strong and sustained employee engagement.

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Tide Pods


Tide’s #TurnToCold Highlights the Benefits of Cold Water Washing

Tide’s latest fabric care innovations delivers superiority for both your clothes and wallet.

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P&G Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2022 Results

Consumers continue to prefer P&G brands and the superior performance they provide as inflation continues to impact household budgets.

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Jennifer Gustin


Innovation Series: Meet the P&G Principal Scientist Leading Pampers Research

Technical curiosity leads to creating innovations that cater to infant needs.

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Jessica Lu, Corporate Communications Intern


P&G Interns Learning, Growing from Day 1

This summer’s hybrid P&G intern experience earns high marks for collaboration, culture and support.

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Celebrating Creativity with Cannes Lions 2022


Celebrating Creativity with Cannes Lions 2022

P&G champions creativity for growth and for good with wins at annual Cannes Festival.

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Arvind Venkataraman


Innovation Series: Meet the Scientist Who Helped Launch P&G’s Newest Nerve Care Product

In our Innovator Behind the Innovation series, Arvind Venkataraman shares how his work at P&G is all about innovating for the greater good.

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Group of people in the workplace


Superior Employee Experience Starts with Dialogue

P&G strives to deliver a superior consumer experience & a superior employee experience to our team members around the globe.

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PG Signal Recap Thumbnail


P&G’s Signal Summit Helps Solve Problems of Tomorrow

More than 3,000 people attended the eleventh annual #PGSignal Summit for a day of innovation & inspiration.

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Portrait of Çağlayan Arkan


Microsoft’s Çağlayan Arkan On Digital Innovation & Industry Transformation Through P&G Collaboration

P&G and Microsoft partnership breaks barriers in digital manufacturing.

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ISS NATIONAL LAB 2022 - Tide Logo


Tide Stain Remover Products to Launch into Space July 14

Tide To Go products take off this summer to further development of low-resource cleaning solutions.

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Align Probiotic


Innovation Series: Meet the P&G Scientist Behind Align’s Wellness Innovations

P&G scientists set out develop a product that can support the delicate balance of healthy bacteria in women’s bodies.

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Malcolm Jenkins


Old Spice's School of Swagger: Back In Session with Malcolm Jenkins

Old Spice has always championed confidence for young people. And building confidence also involves having access to academic resources and a community of support.

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P&G logo


Strengthening Access to Healthcare

Procter & Gamble shared this letter with our U.S. employees.

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Blog Thumbnail - Brands


P&G Brands Work for “Fair Play”

Procter & Gamble steps up globally to drive equality at home.

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Olay FAS Event Panel


Olay Body’s Fearless Artist Series Elevates Women of Color in Art and Science

New body care collection and strategic partnership provide access and resources to women of color artists.

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Queen Latifah with Flavor Unit Entertainment


P&G Accelerates Action to Widen the Screen for Diverse Storytelling

Year two efforts set to build a pipeline of diverse talent, reach underrepresented audiences and drive inclusive growth in the media industry.

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P&G Celebrates Dads


Celebrate Dads

From our consumers to our colleagues, this Father’s Day P&G is taking a moment to thank every father and father figure around the world.

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Olympic Gold medalist and mother, Allyson Felix, teamed up with Pampers to help raise awareness of the ongoing Black maternal health crisis and the urgent need to raise the quality of care for Black moms.


Pampers and Olympian Allyson Felix Help Drive Systemic Change for Black Moms

New $250k Commitment to Partnership with the National Birth Equity Collaborative to Raise the Quality of Care for Black Mothers

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Juneeteenth - June 19


P&G Honors Juneteenth By Continuing Our Commitment To Lasting Change

Deepening existing programs and establishing new partnerships, P&G’s sustained action is advancing equity and driving impact.

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Come Clean to close the Chore Gap


New Documentary Film FAIR PLAY Reimagines Gender Roles

Fair Play, Hello Sunshine and P&G come together to show gender equality begins at home.

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Female shopper


Microban 24, Dawn Platinum Powerwash, Tide Hygienic Clean and Others Receive Top Rankings on IRI’s 2021 New Product Pacesetters List

P&G products are recognized in IRI’s list of the year’s most successful new product launches.

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A girl making hair for another girl


Pantene Collaborates with Getty Images and Dresscode Project to Launch #StyleWithPride Campaign

Pantene’s new collaboration sets to create an accessible gallery of authentic representation across all LGBTQ+ spectrums.

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LGBTQ+ North America


P&G’s North America Consumers Show Pride Through P&G Good Everyday

P&G Consumers in North America can support Can’t Cancel Pride through P&G Good Everyday.

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LGBTQ+ Olay Regenerist


OLAY Supports the Trevor Project

Olay supports Can’t Cancel Pride with Limited-Edition Jar

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Kamala Khan


P&G Teams Up with Marvel to Unleash Superpowers Behind “The Name”

Marvel Studio and P&G raise awareness about representation with historic release of “Ms. Marvel.”

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P&G Water Positive Future logo


A Closer Look at P&G’s New Strategy to Help Address Global Water Crisis

A closer look at P&Gs recently announced strategy to help build a water positive future that includes new 2030 water goals.

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P&G Water Positive Future logo


P&G Unveils New Strategy to Help Address Global Water Crisis

A comprehensive strategy that includes a first-of-its-kind goal to restore more water than is consumed during use of P&G products in two high water-stressed areas.

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P&G Responsible Beauty product portfolio


A P&G First: Shampoo and Conditioning Bars

P&G beauty team meets consumer demand for sustainable products.

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P&G Factory


P&G & Microsoft are Accelerating Digital Manufacturing

P&G and Microsoft announce partnership to build the future of P&G’s digital manufacturing.

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VÖOST Vitamin Boost


VÖOST Vitamin Boost Brand Launches in Retailers Nationwide

VÖOST supports daily wellness and allows consumers to curate a personalized daily routine in an effizzing new way.

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Signal 2022 poster - Learn, Lead, Build


Signal 2022 Underscores That ‘Innovation’ Isn’t Just a Buzzword at P&G

Dive in with us during this year’s Signal conference as we explore innovations of tomorrow and beyond.

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Can't Cancel Pride logo


Be Seen, Be Heard — Can’t Cancel Pride

Meet the People and Organizations Driving Visibility and Making Impact Toward Equality & Inclusion During Pride Month

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P&G Lifelab Connect with P&G


Designing for the Future: How the Metaverse is Changing Consumer Engagement

Global Design Officer Phil Duncan shares P&G’s commitment to experimenting and learning in the metaverse.

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Thibault Trancart


Meet Thibault Trancart: A True Accessibility Champion at P&G

Cancer led to his loss of sight. “It was the most beautiful thing that happened to me.”

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Mental Health Awareness month poster


P&G Keeping Mental Health & Well-Being A Priority

“We simply can’t be at our best unless our people are at their best.”

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Mother's day, Celebrate moms


Celebrate Moms

Take a moment this Mother’s Day to thank the moms in your life.

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Sesame Street poster


P&G Honors Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month — Through Action

As part of P&G’s ongoing advocacy for equality and inclusion, we are stepping up for the AAPI community by taking meaningful action.

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9 Elements Dish Spray Lemon2


9 Elements Adds Foaming Dish Spray to its Vinegar-Powered Cleaning Line-Up

Easy to use vinegar-powered dish spray from P&G brand also comes in refill model.

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CES on the Hill - Tide product display


Next Stop: Tide Infinity Heads to the Hill

Tide representatives met with leaders to discuss innovations that will drive forward the cleaning solutions of tomorrow for Earth and space.

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P&G Announces Results for Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2022

Consumers continue to prefer P&G brands and the superior performance they provide. And our superiority strategy continues to drive both strong market growth and share growth for P&G.

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Durk I. Jager


In Memoriam - Durk I. Jager

Remembering our former CEO for his entrepreneurial spirit and courageous leadership during a time of unrelenting change.

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Guar farmers


Responsible Beauty: How P&G is Using Guar

P&G Beauty announced it will double the global supply of sustainably farmed guar in India.

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P&G Ukraine Relief Logo


P&G Relief Efforts for Ukraine

The scale of the humanitarian crisis brought on by this war is extraordinary, and P&G is committed to help.

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Juan José Sibaja


P&G Recruits and Supports Neurodivergent People

From Costa Rica to Ireland, from the United Kingdom to Singapore, learn how we are creating a disability-confident culture.

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Discover ZzzQuil's Guide to Better Sleep


Sleep Tips & Sleep Myths: Join ZzzQuil’s Guide to Better Sleep in 1-2-Zzz

For National Sleep Awareness Month, ZzzQuil busts sleep myths and shares tips for better sleep.

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Child holding P&G Purifier of Water packet


P&G Innovation Generates Billions of Liters of Clean Water

Since 1993, the United Nations has observed World Water Day to raise awareness of the more than 770 million people who live without access to clean water.

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Happy International Women's Day!


Breaking the Bias This International Women’s Day

As our thoughts are with the women and children affected by the war in Ukraine and conflicts elsewhere around the world, it’s important to support the hard-working organizations that continue to step up and step forward to create progress for women and girls.

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Update on P&G's European Operations

Letter to P&G employees on European Operations, from Jon Moeller, P&G’s President and CEO.

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Leveraging Technology to Improve The Lives of P&G Consumers

Data and technology allow us to continue to improve P&G products and experiences.

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A Focus on Balanced Growth

Jon Moeller, President and Chief Executive Officer; Andre Schulten, Chief Financial Officer; and Jennifer Davis, President – Feminine Care of P&G were featured speakers at the 2022 Consumer Analyst Group of New York Virtual Conference, discussing P&G’s strategic choices and why we believe P&G is well positioned for the future – with a special focus on how our superiority strategy is brought to life in Feminine Care.

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Superiority & Innovation Result in the P&G Products You Love

At P&G, when innovation and superiority mix, you get products that make your life easier.

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Kishore Karuppan


Meet the P&G Innovator Who Disrupted the 60-Year-Old Coupon Industry

Meet the P&G Innovator who created a solution to the long-time issue of coupon fraud.

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OLAY Announces Second $1 Million Commitment to Closing the Gender Gap in STEM

OLAY enters year two of the brand’s 10-year program to help double the number of women in STEM

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Haircare STEM team


P&G’s Head & Shoulders and Pantene Aim to Help Close the Racial Gap in STEM

Following its first successful year, P&G haircare brands open the second round of the Rooted in Science Scholarship.

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Women in STEM


P&G Female Scientists Share Passion for STEM

Women at P&G reflect on the importance of early role models and opportunities to pursue STEM careers

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P&G’s Film Coded Brings Legendary Illustrator’s Story to Life

Award-winning film is the latest in P&G’s efforts to authentically portray LGBTQ+ people in its media and advertising.

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Boys of color


Celebrating Black History—In the Making

During Black History Month, we’re sharing the stories of a new generation of makers, moments and movements.

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Chloe Kim - U.S. Olympic Snowboarder


Celebrating Athletes and their Families at the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

Today, fans around the world will turn their attention to cheering on their favorite athletes at the Olympic Winter Games, celebrating the hard work and dedication these athletes have endured on the path to achieve their dreams.

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Ioana Matei with VR headset


P&G Trailblazer Leads P&G into the Metaverse

For P&G Trailblazer Ioana Matei, creating virtual experiences like PGLifeLab has been a lifelong passion.

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Celebrating P&G’s Latest Brand Masters and Best of Brand Honorees

Our annual Best of Brand Awards recognizes the leaders and brands that are constantly raising the bar to deliver a superior consumer experience.

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Pampers Bright Beginnings


Educating New Generations, Igniting Inclusive Change

On International Day Of Education, we’re sharing how our brands Pampers, Olay, and Old Spice among others— from New Delhi to New York City—are stepping up to inspire new generations to succeed, with our partners and in the communities we serve.

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P&G Certified As ‘Great Place to Work’

Consumers continue to prefer P&G brands and the superior performance they provide. And our superiority strategy continues to drive both strong market growth and share growth for P&G.

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P&G Announces Results for Second Quarter of Fiscal Year 2022

Consumers continue to prefer P&G brands and the superior performance they provide. And our superiority strategy continues to drive both strong market growth and share growth for P&G.

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Welcome Back to the Metaverse

The 2022 P&G LifeLab added even more experiences designed to increase opportunities for visitors to explore the Company’s approach to innovation in a truly immersive way.

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P&G Showcases Leading-Edge Product and Experience Innovations for the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show

Here at P&G, we are relentless in our pursuit of innovation that improves the lives of consumers around the world. Learn more about our presence at CES 2022.

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Meredith Hasler


STEM Professionals Are ReLaunching Careers With P&G

Our ReLaunch Program Offers Flexibility, Support to Professionals Who Paused Their Careers.

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Tide is Headed to Space!

Tide will take its first step towards a viable laundry detergent solution for space-faring astronauts for many decades to come.

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P&G Science Lifts Off With NASA

Check out how P&G and our brands are using space-age discoveries to benefit our consumers here on Planet Earth.

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Haimy Assefa


P&G’s Widen The Screen Films Hit the Big Screen Once Again

Learn how we’re expanding the creative pipeline for Black creators at events like the TIDE Film Festival.

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Pampers Bolsters Commitments to Black Maternal Healthcare


Pampers Bolsters Commitments to Black Maternal Healthcare

Pampers is committing to double the number of maternal healthcare staff we help deliver implicit bias training to in 2022, which we estimate will positively impact over 20,000 birthing parents each year.

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Disability Awareness


Four Ways P&G is Stepping Up to Inspire and Enable Disability Confidence

We’re creating a disability confident culture where we tackle bias, build empathy, and create value for each one of our employees.

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Native American Network: Honoring History, Leading with Love

Our Native American employees are connected through our Native American Network—bringing together our employees from diverse cultures to Lead With Love within our company and our communities.

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P&G and YWCA USA partner on the Level Up! Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit

North America President Monica Turner and other P&G leaders encourage economic empowerment for women entrepreneurs.

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Advancing Equality and Inclusion in STEM

Our people, brands and partnerships celebrate and inspire the next generation of tech talent

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P&G Announces Results for First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2022

Procter & Gamble delivered solid results in our first quarter of fiscal 2022 in a challenging cost and operating environment.

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2021 U.S. Effie Awards Names P&G Among Most Effective Marketers

Learn why our collective marketing and brand building efforts receive multiple accolades at this year’s U.S. Effie Awards.

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Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program Meets 19 Billionth-Liter Milestone

Since the not-for-profit program started in 2004, we have worked closely with more than 150 global partners to provide 19 billion liters of clean water in more than 90 countries around the world.

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P&G's 2021 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

P&G held our 2021 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, held virtually again this year to protect the health and well-being of P&G employees and shareholders and to enable a broad range of shareholders to participate without traveling.

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Our Progress on Sustainable Forestry

P&G shares an update on our efforts this year to protect our forests, helping to ensure no one has to choose between the products they use today and what they hope to preserve for tomorrow.

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Meet One of the Hispanic Suppliers Behind Family Care at P&G

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re highlighting some of our Hispanic and Latino employees and suppliers who embody and advance our commitments to curiosity, compassion and creativity.

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Celia Tomlinson, Bounty Line Leader


Celebrating National Manufacturing Day

We’re celebrating the people who have artfully and skillfully produced P&G's trusted brands for 184 years.

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P&G Celebrates International Podcast Day

On International Podcast Day, we’re sharing some of our favorite podcasts that provide insightful, thought-provoking insights.

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Safeguard WAGS KV


Safeguard Hand Soap and Walgreens Collaborate with Americares to Bring 10 Million Handwashes to Communities in Need

Safeguard is teaming up with Walgreens in a new collaboration with Americares to launch the Hope is in Your Hands Program, which will provide 10 million handwashes to communities and families in need.

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Meet the Leaders Driving Innovation from the Inside Out – In Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re highlighting some of our Hispanic and Latino employees who embody and advance our commitments to curiosity, compassion and creativity.

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Supplier Diversity


Accelerating our Supplier Diversity Efforts

We are committed to increasing our global spend with diverse-owned and women-led businesses from our previous target of $3 billion to $5 billion annually by 2030.

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Creating A More Inclusive & Accessible Workplace

When Makee Manzano applied to work at P&G Philippines, P&G’s inclusive culture made a good impression on him—even during my application process. Read about his P&G experience.

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P&G + Me: Giving our Best to One Another Every Day

We’re inspiring our employees to bring their full selves to work and to help one another through our new EVP “P&G + Me = Mutual Success.”

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A Closer Look at P&G’s Net Zero 2040 Ambition

We announced our ambition to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across our supply chain and operations by 2040, from raw material to retailer. But what exactly does it all mean? Let’s break it down.

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P&G Accelerates Action on Climate Change Toward Net Zero GHG Emissions by 2040

Today, we announced a comprehensive plan to accelerate action related to climate change.

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Image of 1894 Vicks Jar


From A-choo to A-ha! Unlikely Innovations

There’s a whole lot that goes on behind-the-scenes with Vicks product development, especially when it comes to our ingredients.

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P&G Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

“Comunidad. Together We Progress. Together We Shine” celebrates the strength, resilience and warmth of the Hispanic community, and their outstanding contribution to the growth of our company and the U.S.

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P&G Presents at the Barclays Global Consumer Conference

P&G leaders highlighted our growth strategy and latest results at this annual global conference.

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Tide Teams Up with NFL for 2021 Season to Convince America to Wash in Cold

Procter & Gamble Tide has teamed up with longtime partner, the NFL, to launch an unexpected campaign aimed at moving 80 million NFL fan households to energy-saving cold water,

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United Recovering Learning


P&G Supports "Recovering Learning" to Help School Dropouts in Latin America

School closures and the economic recession as a result of the pandemic health measures have taken a heavy toll on children and young people around the world.

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Pearl and Henry Stills


Black Filmmakers Shift Pain to Progress As 8:46 Films Debut on BET and CBS

8:46 Films are coming to screens across the U.S. — on BET August 30th and CBS on September 4th

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P&G’s 2021 Annual Report

Building on the momentum we created prior to the pandemic, P&G delivered strong results fiscal year 2021 through an integrated strategy executed with excellence by P&G people everywhere, while operating with excellent discipline in a challenging and volati

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Achieving disability equality


New Podcast Series “Equal Too” Fosters Game-Changing Conversations about Achieving Disability Equality

Meaningful conversations about inclusion can only occur when equal voices are represented.

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Using Science For Good— An End To Animal Testing Globally

Our goal—a world without animal testing—is getting closer thanks to the commitment of our scientists and brands.

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Malcolm Gladwell


Laundry Done Right: Malcolm Gladwell Explains Cold Water Wash

Malcolm Gladwell visited Ivorydale to discover Tide’s long-term commitment to cold water washing as well as the consumer habit change necessary to break through to meet our sustainability goals.

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Engage, Act, and make an Impact

Whether we’re celebrating the first female line leaders in our Saudi Arabia operations, the team behind our #WidenTheScreen initiative to increase the visibility of Black creators, or the internal work our teams are doing to advance Disability Confidence

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Delivering on Diversity

Our Black-owned External Business Partners are delivering on diversity by putting it at the forefront of their businesses. Together, we’re committed to creating change through more jobs, opportunities and business ventures.

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The Science Behind Your Summer Essentials

As you prepare for a summer full of outdoor adventures, learn about the science behind some of your favorite P&G summer essentials.

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Empowering and Innovative Voices Shine at Signal 2021

P&G put the spotlight on global newsmakers and innovators during its tenth annual Signal Conference.

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Join us to Act for Equal. Make a commitment for gender equality.


Three Ways P&G is Choosing Equal at the Generation Equality Forum

Now more than ever, P&G and our brands remain committed to being a force for good and a force for growth around the world, with gender equality as an ongoing priority.

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Brent Miller is P&G’s first-ever Global LGBTQ+ Equality Program Leader.


Be Seen, Be Heard: Driving Visibility of the LGBTQ+ Community

Growing up, Brent Miller never saw himself represented in the media he consumed. As P&G’s first-ever Global LGBTQ+ Equality Program Leader, Brent makes it a priority to accurately portray all people in everything we do.

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Tribeca festival 2021 team photo


4 Ways P&G Stepped Up to #WidentheScreen at the 2021 Tribeca Festival

Tribeca 2021 proved an important step forward in our commitment to Widen the Screen

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Meet the Female Entrepreneurs Powering the Green Transition

As part of our commitment to gender equality and sustainability, we’re stepping forward with partners to mentor and support the women entrepreneurs powering Europe’s green economy.

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Pastor Rudy Rasmus, cofounder of Bread of Life, partners with Matthew 25: Ministries and Procter & Gamble to serve poor and underserved people in Houston.


Meet Pastor Rudy, an Inspiration to Poor and Underserved People in Houston, Texas

Pastor Rudy Rasmus knows firsthand how it feels not to be understood. Today, he dedicates his life to helping those less fortunate feel loved, included, and a sense of dignity.

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5 Cleaning Hacks that Preserve Water, Energy and Your Stuff

Since the pandemic—and doing more of everything at home—it probably feels like you’re cleaning more, too. Our scientists provide five easy cleaning hacks to help with your personal footprint.

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Stacey Locke, a forestry steward who works with Procter & Gamble.


Meet The “Mother of Forests” Advocating for Responsible Forestry Practices

Stacey Locke still remembers the first time her grandmother brought her to their family’s forest. Fifty years later, she is one of the land stewards who supply wood pulp used to make our Charmin toilet paper.

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Can washing your clothes on cold with Tide and Ariel do a world of good?

The most significant environmental impact your laundry has is the energy used to heat the water in your washing machine. That’s why Tide and Ariel are leading the way to a more sustainable future by encouraging people to switch to cold-water washing.

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Downy Infusion Scents Ranked #1 on IRI’s 2020 New Product Pacesetters List in the Nonfood Category

Several of our brands and products were recently recognized on IRI’s 2020 New Product Pacesetters and Rising Stars lists that celebrate the year’s most successful product launches in the U.S. – with more of our products landing on the list than our top sev

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P&G proudly supports equity and inclusion initiatives that support a broad range of diverse people, groups and companies, including veterans.


Veteran-Led P&G Supplier Gives Back

Magellan Transport Logistics, a veteran-led P&G supplier, is one of many of our supplier partners who shares our commitment to supporting veterans to help P&G consumers and the community.

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3-year-old sisters Brooke and Breanna Bennett stand back-to-back holding Women In Training donation bags


P&G and Katie Couric Media Debut a Leading with Love Series

To help tell inspirational stories of everyday people making meaningful impact in their communities, P&G has partnered with Katie Couric Media to launch a five-video series titled “Leading with Love.”

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13-year-old sisters Brooke and Breanna Bennett stand back-to-back holding Women In Training donation bags


These 13-Year-Old Sisters Are Helping to End Period Poverty

When Brooke and Breanna Bennett learned that some girls miss school because they lack access to the period products they need, they decided to do something about it.

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Emily, executive director of the Shenandoah Valley LGBTQ Center, took the helm of the organization in 2018. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, fundraising for the center became a huge concern.


“A Beacon In The Middle of the Shenandoah Valley” for LGBTQ+ People

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, fundraising became a big concern for the Shenandoah Valley LGBTQ Center. Funding from P&G’s Can’t Cancel Pride initiative helped the center to reopen like it was “shot out of a pinball machine.”

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Crystal Chambers


Meet Crystal — Who Makes a Difference Every Day for the Children in Rural Tennessee

Crystal Chambers believes her job as a Community Engagement Coordinator for Save the Children is best job in the world—a job that allows her to “be like Santa Claus.”

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P&G Pride Sponsorship


Leading with Love During Pride Month 2021

Pride has a different look this year, featuring less masks and more in-person celebrations. However, the meaning and purpose behind advocating for and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community is just as – if not more – important.

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Reflect, Reimagine, Rise – Asian Pacific Americans logo


P&G Recognizes Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

P&G aspires to create a better world for all of us. In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, we took a few steps to support, raise awareness and help celebrate the AAPI community.

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Six people showing how together we can end period stigma


Always Doubles Down on Their Efforts to Tackle Period-Related Challenges

Ahead of Menstrual Hygiene Day, Always participated in a U.S. Congressional event and released new global data to break period stigmas with shocking stats about menstrual health and hygiene.

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Image of the P&G logo and the Gartner Masters Award logo.


P&G Earns Seventh Straight Gartner Supply Chain Mastery Award

For over a year, our supply chain has been tested to the extreme by disruptions created by the pandemic. That’s why this seventh straight award is a truly honor for our Product Supply team.

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Blog Thumbnail - Workplace Polices Practices


Supplier Spotlight: SHI Lives Commitment to Equality & Inclusion

We’re shining a spotlight on SHI and majority owner Thai Lee as one example of many suppliers we are proud to partner with because of their shared commitment to equality and inclusion.

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Take on Race


Take on Race—A Commitment to Systemic Change

The events of the past year, and the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on communities of color, have brought into sharper focus how inequality has been woven into the fabric of society. At P&G, we’re stepping up our efforts to make equality and inclusion

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P&G Transforms Clinical Trials with Home As Clinics®

Led by P&G’s BioScience R&D team, Home As Clinics® is a digital platform that enables us to conduct site-free, end-to-end, remote data collection to test and refine a wide range of consumer products—everything from skin care to diapers—safely, quickly, and

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P&G ArtsWave Giving Campaign will keep the Arts “Free For All!”

The sustained leadership and support of P&Gers benefitted the annual employee giving campaign for ArtsWave, an organization supporting the arts community in Greater Cincinnati.

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Compassion in Action Meets Acts of Good: Joining Forces with Archewell Foundation

P&G announces a multi-year, global partnership with Archewell Foundation, an impact-driven non-profit created by Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, in service of building more compassionate communities.

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P&G Celebrates ‘Partner of Year’ Honorees

P&G’s Partner of the Year Honor recognizes the significant value that our partners bring to every aspect of our business operations, ultimately benefitting our consumers. Learn about the eight companies earning our Partner of the Year award.

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Dr. Brittney J. Fusilier pictured with her family in her newborn’s nursery.


Celebrating Parents With A Million Acts of Love

In honor of Mother’s Day, Pampers is uplifting parents and remind them of their infinite capacity for love with a Million Acts of Love.

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Athletes for Good Fund logo


P&G Launches Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Campaign

Our Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 campaign is inspired by accomplished athletes who are achieving athletic greatness, and stepping up for good to make a positive impact in their communities.

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Picture of Lela Coffey, Vice President of Brands for P&G North America Hair Care


Diversity Beyond Numbers

Lela Coffey, Vice President of Brands for P&G North America Hair Care, shares some of the insights and learning that inspired P&G Responsible Beauty’s 4R Framework to authentically connect with diverse consumers.

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Still image from the activist film #SaveRalph, a cruelty-free campaign led by Humane Society International


P&G Helps Save Ralph

P&G has invested more than years and $460 million in developing non-animal alternatives and advocating for their use around the world. We are proud to partner with Humane Society International to #SaveRalph and our shared goal of ending animal testing.

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P&G’s annual Global Supplier Citizenship Summit was held in April 2021.


Procter and Gamble Supplier Diversity

P&G continues to add diverse companies to our supply base to support our commitment to Equality & Inclusion, Community Impact and Environmental Sustainability.

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How P&G Is Helping To Build A Digital Advertising Future That Respects Consumer Privacy, Provides Transparency And Consent

Consumers are at the heart of P&G’s brand building. That’s why we are doubling down on transparency, and consent-based consumer data collection, leveraging industry best practices. This is becoming part of the value equation of a trusted brand.

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Image of woman entering conference room.


Celebrating our Neurodiverse Talent

On World Autism Awareness Day, Procter & Gamble leaders reflect on what we have learned and achieved since our Neurodiversity Program started four years ago.

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The Right to Vote

Over the last few days, the issue of voting access has become sharply in focus.

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P&G’s View on Race

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P&G Brands Step Up on Sustainability

Read how six Procter & Gamble brands are making a positive impact toward our Ambition 2030 sustainability goals.

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Five-year-old Mahia experienced a safe drinking water shortage after Hurricane Eta hit Honduras in November 2020


Clean Drinking Water for Children

On World Water Day, we show how the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program has helped families like Leda’s in Honduras by delivering more than 18 billion liters of water throughout the world since 2004.

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International Forestry Day


P&G Family Care Accelerates Forest Conservation Efforts

Forestry actions and accelerated commitments from Charmin, Puffs, and Bounty help bring to life P&G's Ambition 2030 goal of protecting and enhancing forests — raising the bar on conservation, transparency and accountability.

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Taking Steps to Stop The Hate

A message from our CEO David Taylor on P&G’s action to stop the hate.

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P&G is a proud sponsor of the TIME Voices of the Future Women’s Summit.


International Womens Day 2021

In honor of International Women’s Day and Equality & Inclusion Month at P&G, we’re stepping forward with our brands to continue to support, celebrate and act for women around the world

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Araceli Leonidas Los Izotes


Protecting Our Water Future

At P&G, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to do our part in the conservation and restoration of water — the world’s most precious resource.

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Stop Asian Hate


P&G Echoes Call to #StopAsianHate

P&G executive leaders reiterate P&G’s commitment to equality and inclusion in response to the disturbing wave of anti-Asian violence in North America.

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Soledad O'Brien


P&G Presents Disrupt and Dismantle

In the innovative investigative series Disrupt and Dismantle on BET presented by P&G, acclaimed journalist Soledad O’Brien tackles environmental racism, gentrification, the school-to-prison pipeline, infant mortality, police reform and multi-generational

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Equality for all


P&G supports Equality Act

P&G has publicly supported The Equality Act since 2016. With a passage in the House, we would be one step closer to guarantee non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ+ people and to strengthen our civil rights laws for all Americans.

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Global Citizen World Recovery


P&G And Global Citizen Team Up on World Recovery Plan Sustain Post-Pandemic Recovery

P&G has teamed up with partner Global Citizen on the World Recovery Plan, a set of renewed commitments for a fairer, more equal future for everyone. P&G is supporting these efforts because our goal is to Lead with Love in every community we touch.

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A boy writing his homework standing behind a desk


P&G Takes A Million Steps To Close the Digital Divide

The COVID-19 pandemic has broadened the digital divide in the U.S., especially in communities of color. Through our One Million Connected Devices Now partnership, we will deliver one million computer devices to support students this academic year.

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Tonia Elrond


Employee Story of Survival Inspires All During Heart Month

February is American Heart Month and this deeply personal employee story sheds light on the importance of heart health, knowing the signs of heart attack, and how she’s making every beat count.

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Diversity in STEM: P&G Opens Eyes to the Possibilities

P&G relies heavily on a highly skilled STEM workforce, so we’re working hard to support STEM education. We envision a world where ALL students are given the opportunity to explore a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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Three Ways that Olay is Working to Bring Visibility to Women and Girls in STEM

This is a top priority for Olay: Close the gender gap in STEM. Olay’s mission is to close the gender gap in STEM by doubling the number of women in STEM careers and tripling the number of women of color in STEM by 2030.

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Black History Month Campaign reinforces #RootedInScience as Foundational Link to Black Heritage and Black Hair Care

P&G’s US Multicultural Hair Care team just launched the #CrownsofHeritage program presented by Pantene Gold Series and Head & Shoulders Royal Oils.

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Chore Gap


P&G Brands Dawn and Swiffer Invite Americans to Come Together and Close the Chore Gap at Home in New Campaign

Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict & husband actor Cory Hardrict, actor Max Greenfield, actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and former NFL Player & ESPN Analyst Tedy Bruschi join effort to promote equality at home

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P&G Apply today


CES 2021 Wrap-Up: P&G Virtual LifeLab Everyday Impresses While Oral Care, Home Care and Sustainability Innovations Shine

While the Consumer Electronics Show looked a bit different after CTA made the decision to go all-virtual for the first time in the show’s history, P&G showed up and stepped up to demonstrate how we are defining and growing brands that consumers love and

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The Pause thumbnail


Accelerating LGBTQ+ Leadership During a Pandemic

Looking ahead to #LeadwithLove during another groundbreaking year

Lead with Love logo


Lead with Love: P&G Commits to 2,021 Acts of Good

At P&G, we’ve supported communities and consumers through unexpected challenges for more than 180 years – and stepped up to provide significant support for COVID-19 relief, equality and the environment in 2020.

P&G logo


Election 2020

P&G Chairman, President and CEO David Taylor shared the following message with P&G’s US employees today

Microban 24


Microban 24 Sanitizing Spray Approved by EPA to Kill the Virus that Causes COVID-19

The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved Microban 24 Sanitizing Spray as effective at killing SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Zevo Product Lineup


PG Ventures Builds Brand with Buzz

The Smithsonian Institution estimates that insects outnumber humans 200 million-to-1. Across much of the US in 2020, consumers have been feeling it.

PG Field Day


P&G and Responsible Forestry

Our shareholders have asked us to issue a report assessing how we can increase the scale, pace, and rigor of our efforts to eliminate deforestation and the degradation of intact forests. We look forward to sharing this information on

Scott Vanice


Inclusive from Day 1

This post comes from a US employee, Scott Vannice. Not only is he a leader in our Information Security department (shout out to Cybersecurity Awareness Month!), he’s a leader for Deaf culture within our company.

Danny Lakes


How it feels to be included.

More than 4,500 employees have joined an internal company Yammer group to celebrate authenticity and each person’s ability to contribute uniquely to their team, P&G, and society at large.



Powered by Purpose

Our people are on the frontlines of leading this effort to serve as a Force for Good, Force for Growth in the world. They are the innovators, the enthusiasts, the creators who bring our ethos to life. To share their stories more broadly, we developed the

Pg Logo


Counting down to Election Day – and Participating Every Day

At P&G, we aspire to build a better world for everyone who shares it. That’s why P&G is encouraging and supporting employees to exercise their right to vote by participating in the upcoming U.S election.On November 3, we will elect a President, US Senators

We See Equal Logo


Choose Equal. Can the COVID-19 Crisis Be a Breakthrough for Gender Equality?

In downturns and disasters throughout history, gender equality has been set back as women have stepped forward. There’s a growing volume of data that suggests women will be disproportionately affected by the current global crisis.

Signal 2020


Signal 2020 Steps Forward and Makes an Impact

Over the course of two days and five sessions the Signal 2020 Conference #PGSignal commenced on July 15 & 16.

Worldwide partner


P&G Announces Extended Olympic Games partnership

Today we announced the extension of our Olympic Games partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) through Los Angeles 2028, including new global rights with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the Paralympic Games.

It's our home logo


It’s Our Home: P&G Announces New Climate Commitment

Our Ambition 2030: Carbon neutral for the decade

Can't cancel Pride


Can't Cancel Pride


Girls Who Code


Summer Program Opens New Opportunities for Girls in Tech

Perhaps learning to code isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when most people think about summer fun, but for more than 30 girls in Greater Cincinnati, that’s exactly how they want to spend their summer.

One World impact


P&G Partners with Global Citizen in One World: Impact Series

In April, P&G teamed up with Global Citizen to present One World: Together At Home, a global special celebrating and supporting healthcare workers, and uplifting the local and regional charities that are providing food, shelter,

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Perspective on U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Employment Equality

On June 15, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that an employer who fires an individual merely for being gay or transgender violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In 1992, P&G become one of the first

Queen collective



New Short Films, “Tangled Roots” & “Gloves Off” to Premiere, Saturday June 13, 2020 on BET

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Equality. Justice. Action.

Far too often, the burden of seeking equality rests on the shoulders of those most marginalized. This simply won’t work. The change we need is broad and deep and requires us all to be active – as friends and colleagues, and as allies and advocates.

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We Have Work To Do – Together

P&G Chairman and CEO David Taylor shared the following message with P&G’s US employees today:

Pride month


P&G and GLAAD’s New Study Reveals the Power of LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Advertising

At P&G, we have the opportunity to use our voice to address bias and create productive conversations. This commitment to using our reach as a force for good and a force for growth rings especially true as we prepare to celebrate Pride Month during

Queen Latifah


P&G, Queen Latifah & Tribeca Studios Champion Diverse Women Storytellers with Year Two of the Queen Collective

P&G will once again celebrate the hard work and creativity of three diverse women storytellers whose documentaries will premiere as a part of the second year of the Queen Collective June 2020.

Dawn ducks


P&G Good Everyday: Turning Everyday Actions into Acts of Good for the World

P&G is not just a big corporation. We’re a group of individuals with friends and neighbors and families, just like our consumersToday, we are excited to announce the launch of P&G Good Everyday. P&G Good Everyday is a new consumer rewa

Stepping up


Stepping Up for our People during COVID-19

COVID-19 has not only changed how we work and keep our workplace safe—but how we care for employees’ well-being. For example, P&G employees who are medically quarantined, or sick and unable to work due to COVID-19, are paid during their time away.

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P&G is Stepping Up for Hispanic Communities. ¡Estamos contigo, estamos unidos!

As people everywhere battle COVID-19, P&G is stepping up to support communities around the world who have always supported us.

Take On Race


Take on Race: Advancing Racial Equity Together

P&G is advancing the leadership commitment of CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion by launching Take on Race: Advancing Racial Equity Together.

Tapping into technology


Tapping Into Technology To Care For Customers & Each Other

One reality of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it has forced unprecedented, rapid changes to the way we live – at home, in our communities and at work. Technology has been an important enabler as we all navigate these changes, whether it is to get needed

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In service to people everywhere who are caring for their families and communities — all day, every day, P&G people are stepping up and serving others as a force for good.

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Leading an Evolution: LGBTQ+ Inclusive Brand Building in Partnership with GLAAD

Last week, P&G welcomed GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis to Cincinnati as part of our annual Diversity and Inclusion Week.

Negro college fund


United Negro College Fund Honors 75 Year Legacy with P&G

On Thursday, March 5, CEO David Taylor accepted the UNCF Keepers of the Flame Legacy Award on behalf of P&G and our longstanding partnership with the United Negro College Fund. As a legacy partner to UNCF, we celebrate not only this distinct recognition

Girls scientists - STEM


Innovating for Talent: Getting Girls Interested in STEM

Women make up half of the total U.S. college-educated workforce but only 28 percent of the science and engineering workforce, according to the National Science Board.

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CES Wrap-Up: P&G Brands’ Brushes, Baby Care and Bots Win CES Accolades

Oral-B iO, Lumi by Pampers, Charmin Named Best of CES

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CES Day Three: P&G Sees Tech as an Equalizer, Envisions the Future of Blockchain Policy, Welcomes “Best of the Best” Tour Groups

Today P&G hosts conversations in the P&G LifeLab (Sands Expo, Booth 42131) about the ways technology is enabling greater fairness, equality and transparency,

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CES Day Two: P&G Spots Future Entrepreneurs, Advances Diversity in Tech and Drives Creativity to Reinvent Consumer Experiences

We're opening the LifeLab for a second day- and today, we're focused on finding the next big idea.

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CES Day One: P&G Showcases Insights and Analytics Fueling the Future of Consumer Products; Advocates for Consumer Privacy Protections

We are CES ready! Procter & Gamble executives today welcome thousands to the P&G LifeLab booth, showcasing how the company’s decades of consumer insights, application of advanced analytics and its consumer-centric approach to innovation

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P&G Again Reinvents Consumer Experiences at CES 2020

Oral-B, Pampers, P&G Ventures and Charmin Among Brands Showcasing New Technology Elevating Everyday Consumer Experiences

The Look TAB


Continuing Conversations on Race

Constructive dialogue on important issues is a critical step in creating solutions that improve life in communities around the world.

P&G Wind Farm


P&G Purchases 100% Renewable Electricity in U.S., Canada and Western Europe

P&G achieved a significant 2020 sustainability goal ahead of schedule. We are proud to share that we are purchasing 100% renewable electricity in the U.S. and Canada, and extended it to Western Europe.

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Just this week, P&G’s Family Care brands set new industry-leading commitments for their paper products to protect, grow, and restore forests globally. These new commitments span all P&G Family Care brands, including Charmin,

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P&G to Invest in FGV’s Remediation Efforts in Support of Human Rights

At P&G, respecting human rights is fundamental to how we manage our business. We support the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and expect our business partners to operate in the same manner.