Stepping Up: Celebrating Brand Mastery Society Inductees and 2020 Best of Brand Awards

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, hosted P&G’s Brand Awards annual event as a virtual celebration, spotlighting our best brand mastery leaders and awarding 17 brands for achieving stellar of growth results

This week, we hosted our annual Best of Brand Awards to recognize the leaders and brands that are delivering ground-breaking design, innovation, and strategy, enabling us to create irresistible experiences enjoyed by our consumers, every day. We also inducted 8 new Brand Masters, leaders who represent the best of P&G brand builders…demonstrating sustained excellence, pioneering new innovations, helping to build mastery in others, and contributing superior value to consumers and for the company through our brands over multiple years.

The brands named “Best of Brands” have repeatedly won the hearts and minds of consumers by proving they’re the best choice through our strategy of superiority – with irresistibly superior products. They have irresistibly superior packaging, supported by superior brand communication and superior retail execution, and deliver superior consumer and customer value. These five vectors of superiority come together to create an irresistible superior consumer experience.

Best of Brand Aw Logoroundup

Shared Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard on the virtual all-company live-stream, “Let me express my deepest thanks to all brand builders for Stepping Up and delivering excellent results in what has been a time that none of us could have ever imagined. There is no question in my mind that P&G people are the very best in the world. You are doing amazing work, and it is making a huge difference. Let’s keep focused on what matters and continue to accelerate this momentum to deliver winning results year after year after year for sustained brand building excellence!”

Marc Pritchard

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer

This year, we have 118 brand/country combinations that cleared the bar during the past year to become a finalist – growing the market, share, penetration, sales and profit. These brands represent nearly $2.3 billion dollars in sales during last fiscal year.

Congratulations to the following 14 brands receiving a Best of Brand Award! Here are a few highlights:


Vicks and Downy/Lenor were both awarded the highest honor for delivering sustained results in multiple markets around the world for at least three consecutive years. Old Spice took the top spot for a decade of excellence due to their amazing winning streak of 10 years of growth.

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