Black Filmmakers Shift Pain to Progress As 8:46 Films Debut on BET and CBS

Tune in on Monday, August 30th on BET and CBS on Saturday, September 4th

From the Red Carpet to Your Living Room!

Earlier this summer, we premiered 8:46 Films at the Tribeca Festival as part of our commitment to #WidentheScreen and advance black stories and storytellers. And we’re back to announce that 8:46 Films are coming to screens across the country thanks to BET, BET Her and CBS.

The Time We Will Take to Tell a Better Story

8:46 Films is a collaboration with SATURDAY MORNING, a collective of Black creative executives, Tribeca Studios and P&G. Four inspirational stories told in the length of time it took to take a Black man’s life – and accelerate a movement that would change the world. Filmmakers Zoey Martinson, Camrus Johnson, Gibrey Allen and Marshall Tyler were inspired to take 8 minutes and 46 seconds instead to tell stories of joy, love, and resilience, fuel the creativity that has always upheld the Black community in the darkest times, and build a legacy of hope.

Meet one of our 8:46 filmmakers, Gibrey Allen. His film “Pearl & Henry” is a part of the four that will debut on BET.

Meet Gibrey Allen, 8:46 Films Director, “Pearl & Henry”

Pearl and Henry Stills

“Growing up in Jamaica, there was always the moment of silence when we've lost a loved one. The entire school, church, or group huddled together and took that time in memory and quiet reverence. That quiet reverence is the seed to Pearl and Henry.

Take the 8 minutes and 46 seconds where George Floyd slowly and painfully loses his life and use it to highlight the intimate love and joy between a black couple in the golden years.

A day in the life of Pearl and Henry taking care of each other, showing the beauty of the mundane day-to-day when spent with the person you truly love. Even as the world is changing around them, their devotion to each other supersedes all.”

Read four ways P&G stepped up to Widen The Screen at the 2021 Tribeca Festival.

Can’t Wait to Watch? Don’t Forget to Tune in!

  • BET: Monday, August 30, 2021 at 8PM ET/PT
  • CBS: Saturday, September 4, 2021 at 8PM ET/PT
Together we can make a change in our world and continue to tell stories of the vast richness of the Black experience.
Learn more about our 8:46 films here.