P&G Innovation Contributes Hand Sanitizer to Battle COVID-19

Hand sanitizer bottle

Hand sanitizer is essential in the fight against COVID-19. P&G is leveraging people, talents and resources to serve the growing need around the world.

Since January, we’ve mobilized teams to provide the capability to manufacture and distribute hand sanitizer in five plants around the globe. Perfumers in Europe used their chemical management expertise to develop and create their own Surface Sanitizer. Within three days, a multi-functional team assembled to develop, test and produce hand sanitizer with great agility. These experts shared their learnings with manufacturing facilities leaders to scale our production capabilities.

After obtaining an approved World Health Organization (WHO) formula and recommendation for production, the team in Europe jumped into action to identify and obtain the raw materials they needed – the majority of which were already available on site. Within 24 hours, the first bottle of WHO Hand Sanitizer was produced in Gross Gerau. — Onofrio Caradonna, Europe Plant Shared Services Leader

This seems simple, but scaled production requires expertise and rigorous safety protocols throughout the process, including establishing a product supply chain for raw materials, leading product development, inventing process engineering, securing clearances from governmental bodies, creating safe packaging, and delivering the product reliably.

Following the learning from Europe, our team in Lima, Ohio, brought production online in three days! — Perfume Operations Supply Leader, Omar Bravo

Currently, we’re producing Surface Sanitizer in 55-gallon utility drums for distribution to relief organizations; we’re providing Safeguard Hand Sanitizer as a consumer-sized product for hospitals, health authorities and for use at our own facilities.

Soon, our manufacturing capacity will expand to five additional locations across the globe the globe and plan for a capacity and plan for a capacity of 45,000 liters per week when fully operational.

That’s what we call a #ForceforGood