P&G and INROADS Build a Legacy

Researcher Tulani develops new technologies for Mr. Clean. Quality Assurance Leader Anita oversees production quality for Olay and Old Spice. Finance Director Eugene watches the bottom line for P&G Mexico. These are just a few of the many highly-talented professionals who started their career as Interns, and are leading teams at P&G today.

P&G began working with INROADS in the 1980’s with the goal to grow and develop talented, diverse youth in the U.S. Students of varied cultural backgrounds have joined P&G as Interns and worked across all functions and business sectors. Without the support of INROADS, P&G couldn’t have placed as many outstanding ethnically-diverse students into internships, nor developed them to achieve career success at P&G.

“For decades, P&G has embraced diversity and inclusion as a powerful strategy to win. It’s no secret the more diverse and inclusive we are as a company, the better we’re able to represent and meet the needs of the diverse consumers we serve,” says William P. Gipson, P&G’s Chief Diversity Officer. “The success of our company depends on it.”

Building a pipeline of talented professionals takes years of dedication. Recently in Washington, D.C., P&G and INROADS took time to celebrate at their Annual Benefit Gala, a premier occasion to acknowledge many outstanding leadership contributions and initiatives that have built a legacy.

P&G and INROADS Build a Legacy

P&G’s Barron Witherspoon congratulates INROADS honorees at the INROADS Benefit Gala in Washington, D.C.

P&G and INROADS group photo

Attending the recent INROADS 2018 Gala in Washington, D.C., were proud P&Gers (left to right) Walter Knox, Tyson Betts, Keris Clark, Barron Witherspoon, Tameka Williams and Brandon Vick.

P&G is honored to have sponsored this Gala, and will continue working with INROADS to fill the talent pipeline.