Powering Forward for the Next Generation of Leaders

Celebrating the bold, brilliant and breakthrough leadership of our African Ancestry employees and champions

P&G is a company of great brands and exceptional people. Our people are a Force for Growth and a Force for Good – serving our consumers, customers, society, shareowners and each other. We aim to create a company and a world where equality & inclusion are achievable for all.

Building equality & inclusion into our business enables us to reflect the diverse people we serve around the world, at every level of the company. We aspire for everyone to bring their unique selves to work, for every talent to be used and for every voice to be heard. A culture where all employees can learn, grow, succeed and thrive is the foundation for our long-term success.

Our African Ancestry employees and consumers have been integral to our company’s growth and impact. P&G’s African Ancestry Leadership Network (AALN) was the first employee affinity group in our company. Today, the AALN — a strong community of over 2,300 AA employees and champions — has made a significant difference on our organization. This community is accelerating how we deliver superior experiences to authentically delight and serve all consumers.

AALN Power Forward

This week at our 2022 AALN Summit, we celebrate our progress and share our path forward to create a more inclusive society. Our theme is “Power Forward: Bold, Brilliant, Breakthrough” — continuing to normalize equality and lead lasting, systemic change.

Our aspiration is holistic and integrated across four key areas: our employees, our brands, with our partners and for our communities:

  • Employees: We are creating possibilities and pathways for employees to have an equal opportunity to succeed. Our workforce is meaningfully more diverse today than in 2015. Today, our African Ancestry employees comprise 11% of our total US workforce and 9% of management.
  • Brands: We build the world’s most trusted brands by serving people in an inclusive way. As an example, P&G’s Widen The Screen is an expansive content creation, talent development and partnership program that celebrates and enables Black creators to share the full richness of the Black experience.
  • Partners: We build equality & inclusion into key areas of our supply and value ecosystem. P&G’s Supplier Diversity program in the U.S. aims to increase our spend with businesses owned and operated by diverse suppliers.
  • Communities: We continue to support communities to achieve true equality and equity. As an example, P&G partners with MORTAR and Kroger to help Black entrepreneurs grow their businesses, enabling economic inclusion in the community.

These are only a few examples of the work our people do every day — driving growth and creating value for our employees, through our brands, with our partners and in communities. While we are excited about our progress, we also know more has to be done to create a more inclusive society.

We will continue to leverage our collective power to make a meaningful impact and lead positive change — not only for us, but for everyone who comes after us.

Together, we will Power Forward.

Monica Turner
President, P&G North America and AALN Executive Leader