Three Ways P&G is Accelerating the Scale of Recycling and Sustainable Packaging on America Recycles Day

On this America Recycles Day, we are moving toward our 2030 goals by innovating packaging that uses less or fewer materials, can be refilled or reused, and which can be easily recycled.

As part of our commitment to offer all reusable or recyclable packaging by 2030, our brands are reimagining the way they deliver the products people love in packaging that has been reduced, reused again or recycled.

Infographic “Innovating Packaging That Uses Less”

The scope of the 100% reusable or recyclable goal includes consumer packaging only, as this is what we believe is most meaningful to drive change in our industry. Shippers and boxes that transport products to our retailers, which are predominantly widely collected and recycled cardboard corrugate, are not included in our tracking. On this basis, our percentage of recyclable or reusable consumer packaging is currently at least 55%.

Engaging consumers to reuse and recycle at home and across communities

In addition to making our products easy to reuse or recycle, we’re also partnering with experts to accelerate reuse and recycling in local communities. We’re doing this by eliminating confusion around how, where and what to recycle, improving local recycling systems and championing waste-free e-commerce. In fact, Herbal Essences is drawing attention to recycling via its latest package which carries the “How2Recycle” label which informs people what steps to take when the package is empty.

Herbal Essences Product Image

We are also helping ensure consumers have access to recycling programs by partnering with The Recycling Partnership, a national nonprofit working to transform recycling in communities across the U.S. Together, we are making it easier for Americans to recycle by providing education on what and what not to recycle, expert technical assistance and free online tools to help improve communities’ recycling programs long-term. The Recycling Partnership recently announced new grants to improve polypropylene curbside recycling—an important step in increasing the recovery and reuse of this common plastic.

Infographic: “Enabling Consumers to Reuse”

Keeping waste out of nature

P&G is using our size, scale and expert partners to help create solutions that keep waste out of nature. We’re collaborating with our partners to find new ways to improve the plastic recycling process, extend the plastic lifecycle and scale innovations that transform the way we reduce, reuse and recycle.

Keeping Waste out of Nature

Our collaboration with partners like Eastman is making it possible to recycle materials which were previously left as waste. The launch of new Herbal Essences packaging, made with Eastman Renew materials, timed to coincide with America Recycles Day on November 15, is the first step the companies are taking to leverage Eastman's molecular recycling technologies and advance their shared commitment to the circular economy. By leveraging recycled content, we are helping to divert waste from landfills and nature.

Spearheaded by P&G, HolyGrail is an award-winning technology designed to solve one of the largest obstacles to recycling — ineffective sorting at recycling and sorting facilities. HolyGrail uses digital watermarks to create intelligent packaging that promotes higher-quality recycling and more accurate and efficient sorting of recyclables, which means more high-quality plastics can be reused. This technology is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, including the Efficient Solutions Label from the Solar Impulse Foundation and “Best in Show” award at the Packaging Consortium’s Global Leadership Awards.

HolyGrail has expanded and advanced to HolyGrail 2.0, led by AIM, the European Brands Association, and powered by The Alliance to End Plastic Waste, with more than 130 companies across the value chain participating.

We believe that through packaging innovation, industry collaboration and making proper disposal and recycling habits easy to adopt, we can and will achieve our goals.

For more information about our sustainable packaging program and other efforts to protect the planet, our common Home, please visit https://us.pg.com/mapping-our-impact/.