Advancing Equality and Inclusion in STEM

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Our people, brands and partnerships celebrate and inspire the next generation of tech talent

National STEM Day is celebrated every year on November 8 to encourage kids to explore their interests in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and math. At P&G, we have a particular interest in STEM given our reliance on a highly skilled STEM workforce – like engineers, scientists, IT experts, innovators – to drive technology-based innovation that powers our brands and grows our business.

Our commitment to creating a more equal world – with equal voice, equal opportunity and equal representation for all individuals – includes a special focus on STEM. We are focused on removing barriers to education for students especially girls and U.S. minorities where we see the largest gaps in representation in STEM fields. Our aspiration is to drive awareness through the voice of our brands, combine this with the passion of our employees and investing in partners to help build a healthy diverse pipeline.

Despite making up nearly half of the U.S. workforce, women are still vastly underrepresented in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workforce.

Discovery Education Partnership and P&G Employees Inspiring Younger Generation:
Through our partnership as part of the STEM Careers Coalition, we focus on improving diversity and access to opportunity in the STEM fields, supporting K-12 STEM education for under-resourced schools. The plan is to reach 10 million students in 5,000 schools over the next few years.

As part of the STEM Careers Coalition, Discovery Education produces videos highlighting various people in the STEM field to inspire students and share the skills, knowledge and interests needed to pursue careers in STEM. Read more here on how our employees inspire the next generation of STEM experts.

Olay #DecodeTheBias
Olay has committed to #FacetheSTEMGap by helping to double the number of women in STEM and triple the number of women of color in STEM by 2030. During National Coding Week (September 13-19), Olay partnered with Joy Buolamwini, founder of the Algorithmic Justice League (AJL) to launch #DecodetheBias, a campaign to raise awareness about coded bias in the beauty industry.

Decode the bias

As a part of this campaign, Olay partnered with Black Girls CODE, to provide 1,200 girls of color an introduction to coding through their 2022 summer camps program. By sending 1,200 girls to code camp we can help #FacetheSTEMgap and provide girls of color the resources and the spark that might encourage them to enter the field. You can learn more about #DecodeTheBias olay.com/decodethebias.

In addition to our work with our brands and partners, we are stepping up to help ensure all students, regardless of background, get the right STEM experiences. We are exposing young, diverse high school and college students to career opportunities at P&G to gain knowledge and experience and build a career in the field through student programs, internships, entry level roles and more. To find out more about our programs visit pgcareers.