P&G is Stepping Up for Hispanic Communities. ¡Estamos contigo, estamos unidos

Updated 12/7/2020

As people everywhere battle COVID-19, P&G is stepping up to support communities around the world who have always supported us. In the US, this need is especially poignant in minority communities that are disproportionately impacted by the pandemic because of their crucial role in providing the essential services, we all depend on to help keep America running.

Data from Economic Policy Institute reveals over 83% of working Latinos are not able to work from home as they are major providers of front-line and essential services. This is why P&G joined forces with We Are All Human Foundation to kick off the “Hispanic Star Time of Action,” an initiative aimed at bringing together individuals and corporations to benefit Hispanics affected by COVID-19 by donating, volunteering or sharing information for faster recovery. The initiative was kicked off in May, continued through Hispanic Heritage Month, and is ongoing.

To support the effort, P&G produced and helped launch the film "Estamos Unidos.” Created as a Círculo Creativo initiative, led by its Co-Chairman Luis Miguel Messianu, and executed by alma, the film illustrates the vital roles that Hispanic Americans are playing during COVID-19 and invites everyone to join the Hispanic Star movement. The Hispanic star Alliance brings together more than 200 Hispanic organizations and top leaders; more than 175 companies’ signatures of the Hispanic Promise; more than 5000 ambassadors ready to take action; and 24 (and growing) local Activation Hubs across the Country that work together for bigger, faster impact.

Our Estamos Unidos campaign has helped strengthen P&G’s partnership with leading non-profit organizations providing relief to Hispanic American essential workers by supporting Hispanics in Philanthropy, United Farm Workers, Justice for Migrant Workers, the Dolores Huerta Foundation and Hispanic Star. Our support has helped power 15 activation hubs across 75 cities and mobilizing over 2,000 volunteers. Across these efforts, we have helped raise over $ 2 million dollars, as well as donated over 5 million products for immediate relief, reaching over 325,000 families.

The Hispanic community will continue to be at the forefront of the relief and recovery efforts and will continue to help shape America’s future. P&G remains committed to serving Hispanic Communities by working with Hispanic Star and a variety of organizations to shine a light of hope to those in need and let them know we are here for them and we are ready to act. We will keep helping and empowering the Hispanic Community with our network of partners across the country so that - sooner rather than later - they can be ready to shine, again.

We don’t win this alone; we win this together. ¡Estamos contigo, estamos unidos!

You can read more about our other US and global relief efforts here.


P&G is Stepping Up for the US Hispanic Community - ¡Estamos Unidos!

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