Safeguard Philippines Serves Frontliners through the BayaniHands Project

Philippines Safeguard Video

Safeguard Philippines is supporting the nation’s healthcare frontline workers by teaming with the Philippine Red Cross to create the P&G Safeguard’s BayaniHands Project for the Red Cross. Coined from the Filipino term ‘bayanihan’, or the communal unity of working together to achieve a common goal, the brand is encouraging Filipinos to become everyday heroes by embracing the power of safe hands and come together as a nation helping each other. The BayaniHands Project encourages consumers to support the Red Cross frontline workers’ efforts by donating online through an e-commerce platform.

Safeguard launched the campaign with a heart-warming online video that tells the story of Filipino bayanihan in these unprecedented times. Shot entirely while adhering to Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) protocols, the team pieced together a story that stems from the spirit of bayanihan with clips shot by different filmmakers across the region. The effort proves that when clean and safe hands come together to help, soothe and protect, we become a force for good.