The Envelope, Please: Introducing P&G’s 2017 Best of Brand Award Winners

Last week, P&G recognized and celebrated nine of our brand teams from around the world whose results from last fiscal year were best-in-class at delivering value to our consumers and shareholders. They set a higher standard of performance we expect on our brands to grow the market, share, sales, and profit.

Best of Brands exhibit

P&G’s ambition is to be the best at building brands. We have 65 leading brands that 5 billion consumers trust and use around the world—brands that win hearts and minds because they’re the best choice every single day.

Here's a rundown of the winners:


Braun has delivered four consecutive years of strong value creation with several countries posting winning results. They do this through exquisite product and package design, leading-edge communication in digital, and superior execution in physical stores, omni-channel and e-commerce. One shining example is the Braun Series 9 Shaver, designed for every face:


Bounty delivered top- and bottom-line growth in a highly mature market. The committed people of Bounty did this despite three natural disasters last fiscal year that impacted the supply chain. The brand’s superior absorbency continues to make chores easier with a product that delivers “more life per roll."


SK-II invites women into the brand with beautifully-crafted human stories to attract women to its bold promise to “change destiny” of their skin and lives. One recent example is based on an insight that many women in Asia feel they have an “expiry date” for the different stages of their lives. SK-II challenged this stereotype and encouraged women to follow the “I never expire” credo.


Tide’s results were outstanding this year, and the brand is one of the best examples of inclusive and multicultural brand building. This 70-year-old brand is consistently the laundry market leader among every individual multi-cultural group in the U.S., as well as among boomers and millennials. Some of Tide’s diverse advertising spots include Like Mother, Like Daughter; Megamodern Family; and this one - Tide #1 Detergent.


Vicks knows that a cold can come at an inconvenient time, but there are some days where you just can’t take a sick day. And who tires of sleep? Vicks re-launched VapoRub to help the entire family, including babies, sleep. ZZZQuil tapped into something we all experience: the people throughout your day who still keep you up at night.


Downy/Lenor’s results accelerated behind an insight that the smell of your clothes give away what you’ve been doing. In multiple countries, the brand returned to irresistible product superiority by innovating on fragrances that are as high-quality as a prestige fine fragrance with the ‘Happiness’ premium and the ‘Eau de Luxe’ super-premium line-up.


Always is superior in every element—product, beautifully-designed packaging, brilliant in-store execution, consumer and customer value, and highly engaging proven-effective advertising on all forms—pads, liners, and adult incontinence. And they continue to change the meaning of “like a girl” to mean amazing things with their latest execution #LikeAGirl Keep Going, which focuses on the fact that too many girls at puberty have a paralyzing fear of failure.


Cascade’s mission is simple: make washing dishes in an automatic dishwasher a truly automatic consumer experience! The brand delivers superior cleaning—even on tough food stains—and they communicate brand performance across all touchpoints with Cascade being “tougher than your toughest messes.” Here’s their “Throw it All In” spot.


Puffs had a historic year, bringing the focus back to the nose. Their new campaign brought back one of the category’s most iconic assets—the Puffs Pals. “Dakota’s Dragon” is first new TV spot of the campaign and was successfully launched before the cold and flu season.