College Juniors Find a Place They Can STANDOUT at P&G

Summer interns account for 50 percent of P&G’s new hires in the U.S. and Canada, so it’s important that we attract top, diverse talent to our intern program.

How do we do it? By hosting a STANDOUT: Emerging Leaders Camp each summer.

An immersive experience, STANDOUT gives more than 200 incoming juniors interested in careers in Brand, IT, HR, Internal Business Services, Product Supply, and Research & Development* the chance to get to know P&G and their fellow undergrads – up close and personal.

In true camp style, attendees spent three days in the ‘wilderness’ of our virtual headquarters chatting with one another, uploading selfies, attending talks with our execs, and meeting P&Gers who are working in their fields of study. All leading up to an interview on the last day for a spot in our 2022 Summer Intern program!

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Can a virtual event really deliver a ‘wow’ experience? Let’s see what a few campers had to say. Please meet...

Someone friends describe as enthusiastic and hard-working, Alexa is majoring in Computer Science, College of Engineering.


Someone friends describe as enthusiastic and hard-working, Alexa is majoring in Computer Science, College of Engineering.

Day 1 – Meet P&G’s C-Suite

CEO David Taylor, Chief HR Officer Tracey Grabowski, and Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard and other leaders shared stories about their P&G careers and about the good our brands and our company do in the world. And students got the chance to ask our CEO questions.

“After describing his career in product supply and brand management, the CEO highlighted how important it is to find the courage to be uncomfortable. He inspired me to continue finding ways to challenge myself – and I understand that it takes some bravery to do it.” Ana

“Marc Pritchard's talk was definitely my biggest take-away from the 1st day. Through his work and the videos, he shared with us about brand and company programs, he was able to tell the story of what P&G, their products, and people stood for.” Gabby

P&G virtual auditorium

Day 2 – Function Up

Students chatted with employees doing the day-to-day work in their field of study to learn more about what the job entails. They also had a chance to chat with our current Summer interns.

“I liked having a better idea of what I could be doing in my career. What stood out was being able to talk to current interns about what they were doing at P&G. They were initially intimidated by data, a big company and important people, but realized they never had to be afraid of asking questions.” Alexa

“I learned a lot about the amount of meaningful work given to sales managers. Many describe it as being CEO of their business… something I’ve always aspired to be. I also liked learning how Sustainability and Sales merge – like how Tide is partnering with NASA to create a way to wash clothes with little water and implement the technology in countries with water scarcity.” Ana

End to end experience

Day 3 – Get Professional

Following a coaching session from P&Gers on how to have a successful interview, campers got to put those tips into practice as they vied for a spot in next summer’s intern class.

“The coaching on the CAR (Case; Action; Results) method of answering questions let me know what to expect. I could think of my experiences ahead time, and how my actions resulted in something worthwhile, so I didn’t have to take a few minutes to think during the interview before answering.” Alexa

“It was the least nervous I’ve ever been in an interview. I could tell the two guys who interviewed me enjoyed working together and got along. They really listened to what I had to say. They showed interest in my answers and asked me follow-up questions to learn more… it felt like a conversation more than an interview.” Gabby

The Virtual Experience

Gabby summed up what we heard from other campers, “We weren’t a really large group and we didn’t have a connection organization, but P&G still brought its top people to the event – giving their time, energy, and resources, so we could get the full P&G experience.”

“P&G made it a priority for us to connect. The virtual model made us feel immersed even though we were miles away. Two employees in Sales actually graduated from my college, so I feel I already have a home at P&G.” Ana

“The virtual format was more interactive than I expected. From splitting into video chats on the first night, to time set aside to network with other attendees and P&G people, and the chat box on the platform, I made a lot of connections. And I’m still active in the STANDOUT GroupMe app.” Alexa

Alexa, Ana and Gabby are three of the campers who are filling 20 percent to 25 percent of the positions in our Summer 2022 intern class. We can’t wait to welcome them to P&G next year—and we’re hoping we can do it in person!

Learn more about our STANDOUT: Emerging Leaders Camp here.