Supporting Employees So They Can Serve Consumers

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P&G people are coming together to support each other and operate our business in new and innovative ways. More than 280 of our Global Business Services team members continue to deliver Payroll & Benefits to tens of thousands of P&G colleagues across multiple geographies and pay cycles, as well as fulfil our tax obligations around the globe.

The team operates from two primary hubs in Manila and San Jose and has people in 14 countries – with almost everyone adjusting to working remotely.

Jon Browne, director of Global Compensation and Benefits Delivery and Operations, said that while dedication to P&G employees and their families is in the blood of the Payroll & Benefits operations all the time, the crisis has only added to the team’s focus.

“I am proud of how the team continues to step up and maintain the focus, controls, and community necessary to deliver pay and benefits for P&G, enabling our colleagues to focus on critical tasks such as buying, selling, making, packing and shipping … serving customers and consumers,” he said.

Operating during the current crisis poses many challenges, said Stelz David-Petrache, Payroll & Benefits Operations Group Manager in Manila, where employees are not currently permitted to come into the office. On top of the other obstacles they were already dealing with, the team in Croatia experienced an earthquake, forcing them to pivot and revisit plans and deliverables daily.

“All of us are humbled and appreciate the importance of our role now more than ever – taking pride in delivering pay of P&G employees across the world so they and their loved ones can cope in this time of health crisis and the rest can focus on driving our business and delivering the needs of consumers.”