Employee Successfully Pivots Career from Admin to Supply Chain Technician

When Omayra Serrano moved from New York City to Dayton, a mid-sized city in Ohio, to be closer to her family, she thought she would continue working in the field of administration. But, an unexpected opportunity — and a leap of faith on Omayra’s part — turned into a new career pathway at our Dayton Mixing Center.

Watch how Omayra Serrano took her career from ‘here’ to ‘there’ as part of an American Graduate series by public television station CET/THINKTV.

Like Omayra, job-seekers around the world are increasingly pursuing careers in supply chain operations. Our mixing centers represent the final stage of our manufacturing chain: getting products to the point of sale. From running high-speed packing equipment, controlling process from a computer terminal, and performing preventive maintenance on equipment, our technicians keep production flowing while making sure shoppers get the high quality they expect from P&G products.

Omayra Serrano considers deliverables at her job at Procter & Gamble’s Dayton Mixing Center.

But don't think of the work as only traditional warehousing, forklifts and maintenance. From the semi-hauler check-in process to creating customized orders and special in-store displays – and fulfilling retailer e-commerce orders – we are transforming this environment with state-of-the-art analytics, robotics and automation. As a result, truckloads have less empty space, and retailers selling our products get the right ‘mix’ of P&G brands their shoppers want. The strategic location of the centers ensures that our products arrive quickly in-store, online or in home.

Omayra Serrano operates a forklift at Procter & Gamble’s Dayton Mixing Center, where she works as a supply chain technician.