Meet the Hispanic Designer Behind the Creative for Some of P&G’s Iconic Brands

Peter Roman

Do you ever wonder what goes into designing the visual identity of a brand? P&G designers help lead all aspect of the visuals that a brand creates - from color selection and logo development to packaging design and the advertisements and visuals that reach consumers on TV, online and in-store.

It’s a tricky balance to continuously create innovative designs for a brand, it’s products and campaigns, while staying true and consistent to the elements that drive a brand’s recognizability among consumers.

Meet the in-house Hispanic designer who not only leads creative for some of P&G’s Personal Care and Beauty brands, but also brings his cultural values and knowledge base to help brands successfully execute campaigns that connect with multicultural audiences.

Peter Roman, Senior Designer for Personal Care, Beauty.

How long have you worked at P&G? 3 Years

What are the responsibilities in your current role? I am a creative director with extensive multidisciplinary graphic, packaging, digital and brand design experience. Specifically, I’m a creative lead on our Secret, Gillette and Safeguard brands. As an in-house designer, I provide creative leadership, including strategy and design direction, to P&G’s in-house agency, Beauty House. I am responsible for connecting the creative approach to the business strategy.

Why did you choose P&G as a place to work? I first moved to Cincinnati in 2008 to work with a global brand agency, where P&G was one of my clients and I worked on Tide, Old Spice, Vicks and Pantene. After working with various design studios, small and large, I felt I needed more. I wanted to be part of an organization that was challenging and that mirrored values that are important for my career - where people are collaborative and trust each other. I was looking for a place where diverse talent and people are respected and where there is room to develop and grow.

How has your Hispanic/Latinx background helped you contribute to your team/work? While I’m a native New Yorker, born and raised by Puerto Rican parents, I was exposed to two different cultures growing up and learned to bridge the gap between them. As a member of both the Diversity Beyond the Numbers team within P&G’s Personal Care business and our U.S. Hispanic Center of Excellence, I get to build our knowledge base, serve as a “sounding board” for brand teams on multicultural executions and plans, and help provide valuable support that drives a culture of inclusion across the business.

What’s one Hispanic value that you feel prepared you for your role at P&G? My Hispanic upbringing placed a strong importance on the concepts of self-respect, dignity and pride, which are key to my core values. Although I was raised to respect elders and authority figures, I was also taught to not be afraid to challenge the status quo when appropriate. I consider myself open-minded and adventurous, which are traits that P&G values in its people.

What is some of the work that you’re most proud of at P&G? I’ve worked on many projects, and some of the most recent work that I’m proud of include:

Old Spice GentleMan’s Blend - Red Collection

Old Spice GentleMan’s Blend and the updated design of the Red Collection – the staple of the brand’s iconic status.

Blink Cincinnati 2022

This year, P&G is the official sponsor of Blink Cincinnati 2022, the nation’s largest light, art and projection mapping experience. I’m part of the core team that helped develop the concept for our involvement in the festival’s parade.

Peter Roman's family

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not working? Mostly, I like spending time with my wife, kids and dog. We enjoy cooking and going out to exploring all the new restaurants in Cincinnati. Recently, we’ve gotten into gardening. I find it meditating and relaxing—plus, I love seeing our work come to fruition. I love hiking, biking, and something new for me: pickleball. It’s as fun and easy as people say it is. Lastly, my passion is traveling. It takes our family out of our daily routine and into new surroundings and experiences, all while resetting our body and mind.

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